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17 Super Scary Abandoned Houses

You probably don't want to spend too much time in these abandoned homes

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Abandoned Manor in Russia

You can just imagine the spirits swirling around this abandoned palace in Russia. It’d still be cool to poke around an old palace but you’d better do it during daylight hours. This old palace is pretty big but how does it rank among the biggest home in your state?

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Abandoned-and-overgrown-mansion-in-oriental-style-in-Sukhum-AbkhaziaVladimir Mulder/Shutterstock

Abandoned and Overgrown Mansion in Sukhum, Abkhazia

The overgrowth on the walls of this old mansion in Abkhazia, which is on eastern part of the Black Sea, really conjures up images of Carcosa from True Detective. Imagine all the bugs and varmint that roam the area.

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Abandoned-corridor-and-destroyed-desks-and-lockers-in-an-old-school-building-Sofia-BulgariaStoyan Yotov/Shutterstock

School’s Out Forever

This is actually an old school building in Sofia, Bulgaria but it’s still pretty eerie looking with a thick layer of dust all over the place. Plus, it looks like people have found their way inside and perhaps contributed to the destruction of the building. You can imagine some of the stories these walls hold. This school could be remodeled into a house, like some of the crazy buildings people have built homes out of.

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Extra Credit

This is another old school but it’s located in Detroit. It’s an old catholic school and church and there are certainly some eerie aspects to the building since it’s remained unoccupied. Like the TV show, Fixer Upper? You can rent a home from the show on Airbnb now.

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Abandoned-Detroit-HomesCarlos Osorio/AP/Shutterstock

Abandoned Homes in Detroit

As the city of Detroit went through bankruptcy many people lost their homes and left them abandoned to find new jobs. There were hundreds of empty houses left in Detroit and city has worked hard to knock down the abandoned homes. These are 50 abandoned homes that would look great restored.

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Abandoned-Home-filled-with-sandMint Images/Shutterstock


Sand is really mobile and will invade homes if given the opportunity. We all know how tough it can be to get sand out of things and if there’s an abandoned house in the desert, it’ll soon become part of the landscape. Sand in a house like this is reminiscent of that scene from Beetlejuice.

You probably don’t have to worry about sand in your house but you might want to know how to get sand out of your car.

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Abandoned-home-in-Indonesia-following-a-volcano-eruptionBinsar Bakkara/AP/Shutterstock

Home Following a Volcano Eruption

This Indonesian home remained after Mount Sinabung erupted. The volcano started erupting in 2010 and has had intermittent eruptions since, the most recent coming June 9, 2019. People left behind their belongings as they fled the ash and pumice that rained down from the volcano. You won’t believe the strangest things people have found in their houses after they moved in.

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Abandoned-home-with-moss-growing-on-roofCory Seamer/Shutterstock

No Road Out

This house looks like the cabin from Evil Dead and anytime there isn’t a road out, that’s pretty eerie. If you think this is scary, then you ought to see these 110 super scary home inspector nightmare photos.

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Abandoned-hospital-in-Chernobyl-33-years-after-Nuclear-explosionSERGEY DOLZHENKO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Abandoned Hospital Near Chernobyl

These days several companies provide tours of Pripyat as radiation levels have dropped in most places. This room once served as part of a hospital for the town of 49,400.

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Abandoned-Kostrovs-Manor-at-Kasimov-Ryazan-region-on-background-of-starry-nightVladimir Mulder/Shutterstock

Abandoned Kostrov’s Manor at Kasimov, Russia

Maybe it’s the night-time setting the stars in the sky but this is a pretty imposing abandoned manor. You might expect to be greeted by Dracula at the front door. Dress up your home with some of these monstrously creative Halloween creations next year. 

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Abandoned-New-Orleans-home-10-years-after-Hurricane-KatrinaSeph Lawless/Shutterstock

Hurricane Damage

This New Orleans home took on extensive damage when Hurricane Katrina struck and as you can see, the roof already has vegetation growing and its starting to hang below the gutters. Here’s how you can prepare you home for hurricane season and your family for severe weather.

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Abandoned-school-in-Pripyat-ChernobylGraham Harries/Shutterstock

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is a ghost town that was the nearest to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant before the power plant got destroyed. This school remains relatively intact despite being evacuated more than 30 years ago.

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Ruined-abandoned-mansion-overgrown-with-weedsVladimir Mulder/Shutterstock

Ready to Fall Down

This old mansion is eerie because it looks like it’s about ready to fall down. It was likely once a beautiful mansion but these days it looks like something from The Walking Dead.

Make sure you know these 34 silent signs your house is failing so it doesn’t look like this.

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Stairs-up-inside-of-the-decadent-abandoned-old-house-in-Tbilisi-GeorgiaYana Demenko/Shutterstock

What’s at the Top of the Stairs?

Over in Tbilisi, Georgia, this old abandoned home might have some surprises at the top of the stairs. The old railing looks dangerous and it seems like bats circulate at night inside. If you suspect you’ve got bats in the attic, here’s how to get bats out of your attic.

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Castle Fit for a Noble

This property likely held someone of a noble class at some time. It’d be a real wonder if it got restored to what it used to be.

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Ram Kay/Shutterstock

Tudor Style

This place looks like it draws some style from the Tudor period and could make for a great haunted house. Instead it might be best to restore it and be able to host more than one event a year there.

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Horror Movie Set?

This old house seems like a perfect setting for a horror movie but it might make for a better renovation project. A couple of balconies and porches with lots of windows make this a unique place to revamp.