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14 Best Grilling Accessories and Tools You Need This Season

Take your backyard barbecue to a whole new level with these 14 hand-selected grilling accessories, courtesy of a grilling enthusiast.

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14 Best Grilling Accessories And Tools You Need This SeasonVIA MERCHANT

As soon as winter is over, we love to head outdoors to fire up the grill and cook with our favorite grilling accessories. Many (myself included) don’t even wait for summer and start as early as spring.

But there’s more to grilling than deciding between gas, charcoal or pellet grills. Get fired up about outdoor cooking with an endless amount of grilling accessories like scrapers, timers and everything in between.

Bright Eyes Magnetic Barbecue Light Setvia merchant

Bright Eyes Magnetic Barbecue Light Set

We can all agree on one thing: Good lighting is essential to outdoor cooking, especially in the evening. If you haven’t figured out the perfect option yet, check out these magnetic barbecue lights. This set of grill lights easily clips to your grill to help cook in the dark. The LED lights work on most grills except those made from stainless steel. We love the flexible neck, which adjusts to give off light right where you need it.

Wondering what else comes with this light set? Six AAA batteries and a case to hold the lights, that’s what! And even better? This set has a lifetime guarantee!

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Great Scape Wood Grill Scrapervia merchant

Great Scape Wood Grill Scraper

Wire bristles from traditional grill brushes could fall off and get in your food—or worse, in your stomach. This wood grill scraper is safe, sturdy, and more importantly, wire-free. Every time you use it on a hot grill after cooking, the wood wears down a little until it has formed grooves that match your grates. The wide handle has finger grips, allowing the user to push and scrape. And at 20 inches long, you’ll have plenty of distance to keep your fingers from the fire. It’s just the right size to keep in your grill caddy, too.

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Hudson Durable Goods Chef Apronvia merchant

Hudson Durable Goods Chef Apron

Keep all your grilling accessories handy with this professional-grade chef apron. The heavy-weight material is machine washable, and includes a towel loop with four pockets. There’s also a wide kangaroo-style pouch for grill tools and a chest pocket wide enough for an instant-read thermometer and smartphone. It comes in nine colors and adjusts to most people, regardless of gender. The chef apron is made of breathable material that’s built to last and includes professional-style gunmetal grommets and double-stitched pockets and hems.

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Lanney Stainless Steel Skewersvia merchant

Lanney Stainless Steel Skewers

Forget soaking bamboo skewers in water so they don’t burn. And skip round metal skewers that let your food spin around instead of turning over. Instead, try these stainless steel skewers for grilling vegetables or shrimp. These skewers have flat shafts that are corkscrewed at the top with loop handles and a tip cover for safe storage. Angled tips won’t split pieces of food on your next kebab. And with the food-grade stainless steel construction, these rust-proof and heat-resistant skewers will last for years.

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Weber Igrill 3 Grill Thermometervia merchant

Weber iGrill 3 Grill Thermometer

Closely monitor your food so you get perfect results every time with the Weber iGrill 3. The Bluetooth-enabled device supports up to four probes (two are included) and sends information such as food temperature, cook time and even propane tank levels to your smartphone or tablet via the Weber iGrill app. Stay on top of your food without having to be right next to it with this smart grilling accessory. This grill thermometer is compatible with the brand’s Genesis II, Genesis II LX and Spirit II gas grills.

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Cave Tools Meat Clawsvia merchant

Cave Tools Meat Claws

Getting into serious, low-and-slow barbecue? You’ll want a pair of these meat claws by Cave Tools for pulled pork and smoked chicken. Meat or shredder claws have a bear paw shape to easily pick up hot food without burning your hands. They can handle a whole pork shoulder or Boston butt with ease.

And they’re not just for shredding. The sturdy shape doubles as a food lifter, so you can lift big cuts like a turkey or pork roast off the grill and onto your cutting board. The handles have nonstick grips, and you can even use one claw as a holder while you carve meat with a knife.

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Weber Lighter Cubesvia merchant

Weber Lighter Cubes

If you don’t have a charcoal chimney for lighting coals, the Weber lighter cubes will do the trick. They’re odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, as they don’t emit clouds of smoke. Place a lighter cube under a charcoal chimney instead of newspaper, and they’ll work when wet. Use them for lighting campfires, too!

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Gosun Hybrid Solar Ovenvia merchant

GoSun Hybrid Solar Oven

Tired of being tied to charcoal and propane fuels? The GoSun Hybrid Solar Oven harnesses solar power to grill, fry, steam, bake and broil all types of food outdoors. Certainly one of the coolest grilling accessories, this compact and portable solar oven features a vacuum tube that cooks food in 20 minutes.

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Kona Grilling Matvia merchant

Kona Grilling Mat

Grill late into the fall and winter with a set of non-stick grill mats. These fiberglass mats give you the grill lines you’re looking for and help prevent small pieces of food from falling through the grates. Plus, they save on scraping and cleaning the grates after grilling. These heavy-duty mats work for most grills and can be used with temperatures up to 600 degrees.

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Weber Original Burger Pressvia merchant

Weber Original Burger Press

Make perfectly-sized burgers for your next tailgate party with the ultimate burger press. It makes 1/4- or 1/2-pound patties with a dimple in the middle, which keeps burgers from drawing up into balls as they cook. Spend this spring and summer making stuffed burgers with this burger press grilling accessory.

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Looftlighter Electric Firestartervia merchant

Looftlighter Electric Firestarter

If you really hate the taste of lighter fluid, start your charcoal grill or fire pit with the Looftlighter Electric Firestarter. This safe electric lighter uses heated air up to 1200 degrees—not flames or gas—to start wood or charcoal in 60 seconds. The durable casing is cool to the touch in just a few seconds, so you won’t burn yourself after you light your grill. Choose between battery-operated or corded versions.

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Thermopro Wireless Meat Thermometervia merchant

ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer

This wireless digital meat thermometer is a high-tech grilling accessory you’ll want this season. Monitor your food up to 500 feet away while you also track the temperature inside the grill. Use the thermometer for your oven as well. Monitor different food on different parts of the grill with the two probes. The backlit display is easy to see in low-light conditions, like grilling at dusk or after dark.

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Doortex Fire Retardant Grill Padvia merchant

Doortex Fire Retardant Grill Pad

Protect your deck or patio from falling embers and dripping grease with some flare. This grill pad has an absorbent top layer made from specially treated flame-resistant nylon fibers on a durable vinyl baking. It’s machine-washable and comes in large sizes.

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Birald 34 Piece Grill Setvia merchant

Birald 34-Piece Grill Set

Need grilling tools? This Birald Grill Set has assorted accessories like long-handled tongs, spatulas, basting brushes and heat-proof gloves. It even has corn holders and a corkscrew, and everything fits snugly in an aluminum case. The tools certainly aren’t lightweight, though! They’re made from stainless steel so they won’t rust, burn or crack. And for less than $40, it’s a bargain.

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