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25 Things to Pack for Every Picnic

In addition to great food and a fabulous spot, you'll want a few other items to guarantee picnicking success. Don't forget to pack these essential things to bring to a picnic!

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Beach chairvia

Quik Shade Beach Recliner Shade Chair

If you want to plan the perfect picnic, first thing’s first: Bring something comfortable to sit on! We love this folding chair ($36) because it reclines and has an optional shade sail. These chairs are great for watching outdoor sports, but these sports chairs knock it out of the park.

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Luxury Picnic Blanketvia

Luxury Picnic Blanket

If sitting on the ground is more your style, do it right with a luxury picnic blanket ($29). It’s comfortable and practical, made with durable backing coated with waterproof protection. This picnic blanket would fit in perfectly for any glamping adventure.

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54 Quart Steel Belted Coolervia

54-Quart Steel Belted Cooler

Keep your picnic food safe and cold with a high-capacity, heavy-duty cooler ($95). You can fit up to 85 cans in this bad boy, and it’s rated to keep ice frozen for four days in temperatures as high as 90°F! If you’re heading out to camp this summer, you’ll want to know these 16 essential camping hacks.

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Marine Ultra Backpackvia

Marine Ultra Backpack

You don’t need a cooler to have a great picnic! Picnic with hands-free convenience by packing everything into this insulated backpack ($51). It has plenty of pockets to store your plates and flatware, too. Discover portable fire pits to create more ambiance for your picnic.

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Plastic Beverage Tubvia

Plastic Beverage Tub

This beverage tub ($18) will come in handy for large picnics, family gatherings or backyard barbecues. It’s large enough to hold drinks for a crowd, and the handles make the lightweight plastic easy to carry. If you’re grilling out, learn the 30 grilling tricks you wish you knew earlier.

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Presto Nomad Traveling Slow Cookervia

Presto Nomad Traveling Slow Cooker

OK, this is pretty cool: a slow cooker ($94) that looks and travels like a cooler? The lid even seals when the handle is in place! Talk about a great opportunity to whip up one of our most-shared slow cooker recipes and take it on the road. Find the perfect setting for a picnic with one of these 14 gorgeous picnic tables.

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Textured Stoneware Lasagna Panvia

Textured Stoneware Lasagna Pan

You can use a regular ol’ casserole dish, or you can picnic in style with this stoneware pan ($20). It’ll be perfect for making one of Grandma’s favorite casseroles.

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Hot Date Casserole Carriervia

Hot Date Casserole Carrier

Don’t get caught serving a cold casserole at your next picnic! This carrier ($35) not only protects its contents from the elements, but it also keeps your dish warm for two to three hours. Check out our favorite barbecue tips for the perfect outdoor get-together.

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Kate Spade New York All in Good Taste Serve and Store Bowlsvia

Kate Spade New York All in Good Taste Serve and Store Bowls

Forget use-and-toss plastic ware: Serve your food in these patterned all-in-one bowls instead ($45). They double as a storage container; just lid ’em up and they won’t spill in the car. When you’re ready to serve, pop off the lids and place them directly on the table.

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Insulated Stainless Steel Stemless Cupvia

Insulated Stainless Steel Stemless Cup

There’s so much to love about these insulated cups ($15)! They’ll keep your drinks cold for up to nine hours, or hot for as long as three. They’re designed for wine but, since they have a lid, you can use them for the kiddo’s drinks, too. Imagine storing your wine in one of these incredible wine cellars.

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Party On Cocktail Tumblersvia

Party On Cocktail Tumblers

These are our favorite cups for enjoying mocktails and cocktails in the great outdoors. They’re stylish and sleek, and their 16-ounce capacity makes them functional for a variety of beverages. Pick up a set of two ($20) instead of choosing disposable plastic.

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Heavy Duty Red White and Blue Outdoor Drink Holdervia

Heavy Duty Red White and Blue Outdoor Drink Holder

Some of my favorite lawn chairs don’t have a drink holder, so these stakes ($31) always come in handy! Set them up next to your chair, the grill or to hold your drink while you’re playing your favorite outdoor games.

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Paper Hot Dog Traysvia

Paper Hot Dog Trays

For a quick and easy way to serve up picnic food, look to these nostalgically designed hot dog trays ($2). They’ll remind you of being at a ball game no matter where you are! You won’t believe what makes a great condiment organizer that you already have at home.

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Royal Blue & White Raffine Napkinvia

Royal Blue & White Raffine Napkin

If you don’t want to deal with washing cloth napkins, these paper linen napkins ($9) are your best alternative. They’re made from fluff pulp, which means they’ll give you the feel of cloth with the convenience of paper—all while being biodegradable and compostable!

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Pinstripe Paper Strawsvia

Pinstripe Paper Straws

Skip the plastic this year and use paper straws ($3) instead! In addition to the navy blue star pattern, they also have red- and yellow-stripped straws. If you want some more ways on how to reduce your plastic use, here are some easy ways to reduce plastic bag waste at home.

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bambu Veneerware Organic Bamboo Sporks, 24-Packvia

Veneerware Bamboo sporks

We absolutely love this bamboo alternative ($13) to taking our heavy cutlery on a picnic. It’s lightweight but durable, so it won’t snap under pressure like plastic forks. Plus, it happens to be totally adorable, too!

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Galvanized Flatware Caddyvia

Galvanized Flatware Caddy

If you’re packing a picnic for a crowd, you’ll want a caddy ($25) to organize your flatware and napkins. The large slots make it easy to fit additional items like condiments or salt and pepper shakers, too! If you like this caddy, you’ll love this rustic-looking beer caddy that comes with a bottle opener.

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JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker - Bluevia

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker

A picnic’s not a picnic without some good tunes! This Bluetooth speaker ($74) can connect to two smartphones or tablets, and it packs an impressive amount of sound for its small size.

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Travel Handheld Bug Zappervia

Travel Handheld Bug Zapper

Out-of-control bugs can quickly ruin a perfect picnic. Skip the chemical sprays and kill bugs on contact with this fancied-up version of a bug swatter ($15). Try out these really cool bug repellent products that are a blast to use.

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Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreenvia

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

While we have some great homemade options for sunburn relief, I think we can all agree we’d rather not get there in the first place! This mineral-based sunscreen ($14) uses zinc oxide to protect your body from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

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O2 Cool Reverse Trigger Misting Fanvia

O2 Cool Reverse Trigger Misting Fan

Cool down with a battery-powered misting fan ($12). Just add ice water and enjoy up to 1,000 mist sprays. No A/C at home? No problem, try these 13 ways to keep your home cool during summer.

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Hester & Cook Paper Table Runner 20" x 25' Roll - Seafoam Classic Stripevia

Classic Stripe Paper Table Runner

If you don’t feel like dragging out the linen tablecloth, fancy up your picnic table with this paper table runner ($28). It’s made from recycled materials and doubles as a gift wrap if you have any left at the end of the season.

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Picnic Tablecloth Weightsvia

Picnic Tablecloth Weights

No one wants the tablecloth to blow away in the middle of the picnic! Weigh it down with these adorable, little Red Solo Cup weights ($15).

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Americana Bamboo Torchvia

Americana Bamboo Torch

Light up your picnic area with festive bamboo torches ($22). If you fill them up with Bitefighter Torch Fuel, they’ll also keep the mosquitoes away!

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Shaderz American USA Flag Sunglassesvia

Shaderz American USA Flag Sunglasses

These plastic sunglasses ($8) are the perfect way to protect your eyes in patriotic style. They’re UVA and UVB rated, and they have that classic look that never gets old.

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