4 Best Home Emergency Kits You Can Buy Online

Why worry about building out a home emergency kit when you can buy a professionally-prepared one online?

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Courtesy of Red Cross America

First-Aid Focused Emergency Kit

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 44 percent of Americans don’t own first aid kits, leaving them woefully unprepared for any event that requires swift medical attention. In emergency situations, whether at home or in the great outdoors, treating an injury as soon as possible can make a huge difference. Having the necessary supplies on hand could be a lifesaver.

This official American Red Cross Family 115-piece Deluxe First Aid Kit comes loaded with everything you need to treat an unexpected injury, from bandages and gauze to single-use thermometers and a CPR face shield. The kit itself is built like a ring binder for schoolwork, so you can flip from section to section without digging around for the one thing you actually need.

Get the full list of included supplies and purchase the Deluxe Family First Aid Kit here.

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Best Emergency Kit for Two

Here’s the Golden Rule of emergency preparedness: Keep supplies on hand to survive for up to 72 hours, giving rescue services the time to reach you. This Sustain Supply Co. emergency kit is built for two people to do exactly that, and do it comfortably. The kit, in a convenient go-bag, contains everything one might need to stay fed and hydrated for an extended period, including a portable stove and a collapsable bowl with eating utensils.

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Courtesy of Mayday

Best Emergency Kit for Four

Nothing says “being prepared” like keeping your emergency supplies in a bucket that can double as a toilet. This industrial-style emergency kit from Mayday comes packed with food bars, solar blankets, even a pry bar, all stuffed in a bucket with a lid that’s conveniently designed as a toilet seat. Don’t worry — it also comes with the necessary supplies to disinfect the bucket.

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Courtesy of EmergencyKits.com

Best Emergency Kit for Five

This Home Pack Emergency Kit is by far the most customizable option out there, with a few backpack options and room to add extra supplies like an N95 mask and a gas and water shut-off tool. You can even order the kit with a special duffel bag for baby supplies so that no matter what, every member of your family stays safe and provided for even in uncertain conditions.