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6 Best Smart Dog Doors

If you're tired of acting like a doorman for your pets, a smart dog door is a worthwhile investment.

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High Tech Power Pet Automatic Patio Pet Doorvia

What Is a Smart Dog Door?

Perhaps a more accurate term for a smart dog door is an electronic dog door. Unlike most smart gadgets, which connect to the internet, smart dog doors are simply more high-tech and secure versions of standard pet doors. Even with all of todays technological advancements, WiFi-enabled dog doors are rare.

In general, electronic pet doors feature automated controls that unlock a secured flap to allow your pet to pass through. This action is usually triggered by a pets microchip or a special tag you put on their collar. This ensures only your pet is coming and going through the door. Many of these products also let you lock the door when you want to keep your pet inside. Before we go on, check out these other 10 really cool pet products you can buy on Amazon.

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SureFlap Microchip Pet Doorvia

Best All-Around

The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is versatile, effective, easy to use and a steal at $150. This pet door reads your pets implanted microchip, allowing them to pass through while keeping other animals out. If your pet isnt microchipped, there are also programmable collar tags available.

This pet door can be installed in a wall, window or door. You can even program the door to lock and unlock at specified times. The only downside: The opening is roughly a seven-inch square, limiting it to small dogs and cats. Learn which 11 items are the most hazardous for your pets.

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High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Doorvia

Best for Dogs

Whether you have a Pomeranian or a German Shepherd, the Power Pet Large Electronic Pet Door will be a welcome addition to your home. At $400, this pet door certainly isnt a small investment, but youll be impressed by its durable, high-tech design. These are the best smart pet feeders.

This Power Pet product has a motor-driven vertical-sliding door thats activated by a special collar, and it only opens if your pet walks directly at the door not if theyre sleeping nearby or wandering around. The door has a wind- and weather-proof seal, and its opening accommodates dogs up to 100 pounds.

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PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Doorvia

Best for Cats

The PetSafe Cat Door is designed with felines in mind, giving them free range of the great outdoors. This small door reads your cats microchip to unlock the flap (animals without a microchip can wear special collars instead). The unit has a unique four-way lock offering locked, unlocked, enter only or exit only settings. Plus, this product costs less than $100, making it a budget-friendly option. Here are 40 amazing pet projects to show your best friend some love.

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Best for Multi-Cat Homes

What if you have one cat who goes outside and another whos indoor only? The SureFlap DualScan Cat Flap ($170), with dual-sided microchip scanning, is the perfect solution. It uses your pets microchip or collar tag to unlock the door. Because theres a scanner on the inside, only approved animals can exit your home. This keeps indoor cats indoors, while their more adventurous companions can come and go as they please. Check out our best tips for pet care and pet safety at home.

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High Tech Power Pet Automatic Patio Pet Doorvia

Best for Sliding Doors

If you fancy a sliding pet door, you need a model like the High-Tech Pet Product Automatic Patio Pet Door. The panel is incredibly easy to install no tools necessary and the door opens automatically when a pet wearing the ultrasonic key approaches it. The flap is available in medium and large sizes, but the system is expensive, starting at $600. Every dog owner will make some mistakes, just make sure you dont make one of these 53 mistakes with your dog.

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Doorman Electronic Pet Doorvia

Best for Invisible Fence Users

If you already have an Invisible Fence installed for your dog, youll want to consider the Doorman Electronic Pet Door, which comes from the same brand. The same collar receiver used with an Invisible Fence triggers the pet door. The unit can be installed on interior or exterior doors, depending where your dog needs to go. Plus: 15 clever pet products you can DIY.

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