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7 Genius Ideas for Getting Everyone in Front of the TV

Whether you're watching the game, a beloved movie or the ball drop on New Year's Eve, having a place for everyone in front of the TV is an important part of any viewing party. We've worked out 7 of the best ways to host a party where everyone has a seat in front of the TV.

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Rearrange the Furniture

If you happen to have an extra couch or love seat elsewhere in your home, consider altering the furniture arrangement to move out non-essential furniture and move in the extra sofa. And place seating in rows or a semi-circle to maximize the space and get everyone in front of the TV. Although, if the big game is exciting, your guests may remain on their feet!

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Add More Screens

Many homes have more than one TV, the problem is, they’re all in separate rooms, making the social aspect of hosting a crowd quite difficult. And to combat this, and ensure everyone can get cozy, move another TV or two into an adjacent room or the kitchen for the event. This DIY TV stand can hold the second screen with style. Don’t have an extra television? Strategically set tablets around the party area if you have live-streaming capabilities for multiple-screen access. And make sure they’re clean! Learn how to clean a TV screen here.

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Sofa Table Stools

When you have to bring in extra chairs, be sure to follow our tips for moving furniture to ensure the job is done safely. And a pro-tip: Bar stools lined up behind a sofa make the perfect tiered viewing area for guests without any construction work. Also, you could easily customize our pipe desk plans to create a sofa table worthy of the job.

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Do it Theater Style

You don’t need a home theater to enjoy the benefits of theater seating. And create your own custom space for your special event by stacking pallets in a tiered fashion and covering them with floor pillows and blankets for a cozy spot to lounge in front of the TV. You can also construct a small, plywood stage as an option to house existing furniture for your party.

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Project It

Why not go full man cave and project your next at-home on-screen event? And all you need is a pull-down screen, bed sheet or plain paper and a blank wall. Add a digital projector, and voila! You have a large scale screen that can be seen from every vantage point, which avoids the need to crowd around a small screen. This is a great idea to fit everyone in front of the tv.

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Use Multi-Purpose Pieces

Take a page out of the dorm room idea guide and use multi-functional seating such as ottomans, poufs and bean bag chairs to make places for extra guests to sit in comfort. You can even create an ottoman by upholstering your existing coffee table with sturdy fabric to improve both the style and comfort of your home; just don’t forget to spray it with stain repellent, and use a tray for food and drink!


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Move Out

If the weather cooperates and you’ve got a crowd that far exceeds the capacity of your home, you may just have to kick everyone out(side). A DIY backyard movie theater may be just the thing epic party stories are made of. If you don’t want the cost associated with purchasing an outdoor portable projector and screen, rentals can be found for a temporary solution. Create your own screen with a bed sheet and a 2×4 frame, or stick to the inflatable variety. No matter which setup you choose, guests are sure to have an experience to remember.

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