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8 Easy DIY Faux Marble Projects

You like the look of marble, but its high-price puts it just out of reach. Depending on the surface, you may be able to fake the look of expensive marble. Here are 8 easy DIY faux marble projects to try.

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These faux marble coasters use contact paper and paint for a fun look. Change up the colors to fit your style and decor. You can find complete directions with photos at A Little Craft in Your Day.

Photo: Courtesy of A Little Craft in Your Day

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Marbled Tray

This stunning marbled tray is made with acrylic paints poured onto clear plastic! You choose whatever colors you want and every tray will be unique. Get all of the project instructions, including a video, here.

One of these trays would make a lovely gift. Here are 14 more DIY gifts you can make in a weekend.

Photo: Courtesy of Michaels

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faux marble table

End Table

You picked up an old end table at a garage sale, now what? You can paint it to look like it’s pricey marble!

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Faux Tile Tray

This gorgeous tray started out as a plain $10 tray from Target! You’ll never guess what the small, marble-like tiles actually are. Find out what they are and how to create this tray here.

Also, check out this DIY industrial serving tray that is beautiful and functional.

Photo: Young House Love

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The old desk in the corner of your den needs an update. This video from HandmadeHome on YouTube will show you how to do just that with some paint and sticky-back vinyl. Did you know you can build a simple, modern computer desk in just a weekend? Here’s how!

Photo: Courtesy of HandmadeHome on YouTube

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It looks pricey, but this artwork is easy to make. The website Cre8tive Designs has simple tips on how to turn marbled paper into elegant pieces of artwork you’ll want to display in your home.

Discover how to create more inexpensive DIY artwork in minutes.

Photo: Courtesy of Cre8tive Designs

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Marbled Coasters

In about an hour, even a beginner can make these colorful coasters. You do need an oven, in which the coasters dry at 275° F for 25 to 30 minutes. Get complete instructions here.

Photo: Courtesy of Michaels

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Marble Spray Paint

Montana Marble Effect Spray incorporates fine paint strands for a deceptively realistic marble effect. It can be applied on many different materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metal and other paintable surfaces. The can features a special calligraphy cap that can be adjusted to create a variety of different lines and the paint can be top-coated once thoroughly dry. Get all the details here.

Make a simple spray painting booth to keep paint where it belongs.

Photo: Courtesy of Blick

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