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14 Painting Myths You Need to Stop Believing Today

Don’t get tripped up by these common myths next time you're ready to paint.

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paint Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock

Myth: “You shouldn’t paint in cold temperatures.”

With all of the new paint technology on the market, you can paint in any temperature. This myth derives from the idea that when surface temperatures falls below 50 degrees, traditional paints begin to lose their adhesive properties and ability to dry. However, today, cold-weather paints are available at your local Home Depot. These paints can help prevent low temperature obstacles and extend exterior painting into the colder months. Their tougher film protects them from wind, UV rays, and moisture from rain and snow; making them ideal for application in cold climates, even as low as 35 degrees. Learn the best techniques for applying exterior paint quickly and thoroughly.

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Myth: “Using multiple coats of paint means you don’t need to use a primer.”

If you’re debating about using a primer, consider picking up a paint and primer in one. This will allow you to tackle two steps at once and will help you get good looking results. Primer helps the paint to stick to the walls, creates a uniform appearance, enhances sheen and helps to block future stains.

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painting a roomThe Family Handyman

Myth: “I need to hire a professional.”

Probably the easiest myth to bust, because no, you don’t need a professional! You can easily paint yourself, even if you don’t have any house painting experience. Here’s how to paint a room without making a mess, and a few other tips from professional painters that will come in handy.

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plasticJo Ann Snover/Shutterstock

Myth: “I need a clear weather day to paint to air out fumes.”

Low VOC paints with Greenguard Certification  are good for any painting space. This type of paint makes interior painting a safe project suitable for any weather. Here’s what causes paint to fail.

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roller paint wall whitealessandro guerriero/Shutterstock

Myth: “My walls are smooth, I don’t need a primer.”

We get it, you don’t want to waste money on the primer. However, using a primer goes beyond creating a smooth surface to paint. A primer can actually help paint stick to the wall better than it would over an older coat of paint, which means the paint will chip less and last longer. Plus, it just looks so much better. Don’t paint your kitchen cabinets until you check out these pro tips.

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blue painters tapeSerenethos/Shutterstock

Myth: “I need to tape all of the edges.”

Not so! Yes, tape is a great tool to use when catching drips and creating perfect lines. However, applying the tape and making sure it’s perfectly smooth does take a ton of time. So if you don’t need it (and you’re confident about your painting), just skip it! Did you know that  pros usually follow a certain order when painting a room?

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paint swatchesEQRoy/Shutterstock

Myth: “Finding the perfect color is overwhelming.”

While finding the perfect paint color may have been overwhelming in the past, it’s easier than ever now with Project Color from The Home Depot. The new features of the app allow users to match colors of their furniture or anything that inspires them. It’s as simple as taking a picture or uploading one from your camera roll to find the closest paint color available at The Home Depot. Once you find the perfect color, take a picture of the room and the app will virtually add the color to the walls allowing you to visualize the paint color change. You can also use Peel-and-Stick paint samples from The Home Depot to test out multiple colors on your own wall, helping you decide on a color without breaking out the paint brush.

Choosing paint colors can be tricky. Here are some excellent tips to help you select a color you’ll love.

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Freshen your bedroom With a New Coat of Paint CoralDotshock/Shutterstock

Myth: “I really should paint two coats.”

Forget it; don’t waste the money. Especially if you’re first applying with a primer! Depending on the paint brand you choose, you can easily get away without painting multiple coats. However, if you aren’t using a primer and going from a darker color paint to lighter, it would be good to paint a second coat. Looking to paint your doors next, these are the tips you need to know.

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paint outdoor furnitureBillion Photos/Shutterstock

Myth: “You can use the same paint on any surface.”

You may not know that there are actually different paints made for each type of surface. There’s interior wall paint, exterior paint, deck paint and even paint made specifically for furniture. To ensure the best results, it’s important to use the correct type of paint for your project.

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painting ceilingFamily Handyman

Myth: “Painting the ceiling makes the room look smaller.”

That’s right, paint away! But it’s not totally recommended to paint the entire room one color. Although accent walls are on the out-and-out, it may be worth considering an accent ceiling. Painting the ceiling a touch or two darker than the color you are using will actually make a room look taller. Not sure how to get the job done? Here’s how to paint a ceiling.

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Cover paint to keep it fresh

Myth: “I’m selling the house, I don’t need to paint.”

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders when it comes to selling a piece of property. Most people buying a home aren’t looking to renovate it a ton, unless it’s a “fixer upper” type of situation. They are looking for something that is move-in ready. Having a fresh coat of paint will help exponentially with the selling process. Check out these painting Handy Hints.

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remove paintDan Kosmayer/Shutterstock

Myth: “It’s just paint, I don’t need to fix anything.”

Paint doesn’t cover up the issues that you’re having with your walls—they are still there, and need to be dealt with! Before you set that primer on the walls, be sure to check for any damages. Here’s how to do an interior paint prep, as well as an exterior paint prep, before pulling out the paint cans.

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paint supplieskobeza/Shutterstock

Myth: “White walls are boring, sterile, and unoriginal”

Don’t completely veto the white paint quite yet. Sure, a basic white may be a bit much, but there are all sorts of shades to consider. How about a creamy white color, such as eggshell? Or exciting colors like “Champagne Ice” “Toasted Marshmallow” and “Fuzzy Unicorn”. Creamy white paint can be soothing and relaxing, and certainly brightens up any room.

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Myth: “Prepping for paint is time consuming and unnecessary.”

There are a wide variety of new and innovative products that make paint prep so much easier, cleaner and faster than ever. Products such as the 3M Hand-Masker Dispenser can even help users prep four to five times faster than traditional methods.