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14 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Back to School

Whether the kids will be distance learning or in-person learning this school year, here are 14 back-to-school transition tips you can do now to prepare.

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Back-to-School Shopping

Get your kids involved when it comes back-to-school shopping and it won’t seem like such a chore. Set spending limits for items such as clothing, shoes and backpacks and allow them to pick out what they like best, either online or in a store. By doing this early, you’ll avoid long lines at stores and anxiety at home in the days leading up to the start of classes. If your child must wear a uniform, make sure they have what they need before the first day. And don’t forget to set up a comfortable home study space if they will be taking part in distance learning. To make room for those new clothes, follow these tips to decluttering the closet.

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Create a Message Center

Life gets chaotic during the school year with all those online class meetings, sports practices and rehearsals. Create a message center so everyone in the family can keep track of schedules and appointments when it’s time to head back to school. Here’s how to build your own home message center.

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Stock up on Supplies

Whether you homeschool or send your child off to a private or public school, there’s a good chance they’ll need some supplies for when they head back to school. Many schools provide a list of everything your child will need. Stock up on pencils, erasers, markers and rulers now so they are ready to go on day one. And keep your school supplies organized so you can find them when you need them. Try these 10 easy DIYs for a home office.

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Magnetic Calendar

You’ll be a pro at back-to-school organization with this magnetic calendar. Place it where you can easily add appointments, practices schedules and concert dates to stay on track. Learn how to build a family message center right here if you would prefer a DIY project.

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Create a Homework Station

Prepare for distance learning and homework by creating a comfortable environment where your student can focus on the tasks at hand. Create a space they can get their work done with little to no distractions. You can build this sleek pipe desk in just a couple hours.

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Get a lap desk

This folding lap desk is perfect for doing school assignments on the go. It can be used as a laptop stand, travel desk, breakfast table, kids study desk and much more. There is also extra storage space under the desktop and the legs fold in flat, making these trays easy to store and very portable. It’s the perfect accessory for your school technology.

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Prepare for Mornings

Start preparing for school before the first day. Now’s the time to get ready for those hectic early mornings. Get in the habit now of making lunches the night before. About two weeks before school starts, have your children go to bed a little earlier each night so they’re ready for the first day. Try these 11 ways to organize a pantry (and all those school snacks) on a budget.

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Insulated Lunch Box

Back to school also means packing your child’s lunch each morning. This insulated lunch box will keep everything cool (or warm) until they’re ready to eat. Use this DIY ice pack hack to keep your lunch cool.

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Make Sure Work is Completed

Did your child have school work to complete over the summer? Make sure they’ve done their reading and any summer homework packets. Here are 11 tips for creating a relaxing reading area.

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Create a Backpack Station

Set up a backpack and coat station. This can be installed in an entryway or mudroom and can be a designated spot for kids to hang their belongings when they get home each day. It can also help cut down on clutter. Try these 15 mudroom organization ideas.

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Wipe Out Germs

Back-to-school time often means germ season. Make sure to stock up on cleaning supplies (or make your own) to keep surfaces clean and stop the spread of germs. Wipe out germs with these 100 essential cleaning hacks.

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Make Mornings Easier with this Alarm Clock

No one will be late for class with this alarm clock. It uses sunrise simulation to wake you up gradually and also works as a bedside light. Here are 12 ingenious bedroom furniture ideas you haven’t seen.

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Choose Outfits

Get your kids in the habit of choosing clothes for the week on Sunday. Have your child lay out his or her clothes that they plan to wear the night before. Not only will this make mornings less chaotic, but it may even help cut down on your laundry throughout the week. Try these 13 laundry tips for washing your clothes.

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Bag Organizer

Keep your kid’s school bag or backpack organized with this clever insert. It has pockets for a cell phone and tablet, planner, pens and even snacks. Keep your mudroom organized with these DIY lockers.

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