10 Accessories That Will Make Your Home Feel Cooler

Don't wait until the first hot, humid day of the season to think about ways to keep cool. Chill out and order a few of these accessories now before the heat gets to you.

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Fan for All Seasons

Most fans make you feel cooler by moving air around, but this dual-purpose Dyson fan blows cold air (or hot air in the winter). And you’ll love these safety features: There are no fast spinning blades for small fingers and paws, and if the machine is tipped over, it will automatically shut off.

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Cooling Mattress Pad

No one likes to wake up overheated, and luckily the ChiliPad can prevent that! Its water-based system can cool down one side to 55 degrees F while warming the other up to over 100 degrees F! This is perfect for couples who share a bed but prefer drastically different temperatures. The only cons are maintenance (you have to make sure that the water reservoir is full before falling asleep) and a pretty steep price point. But, for some, a night of temperature-regulated sleep is priceless.

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Moisture-Wicking Sheets

Another way to keep cool while sleeping is with these moisture-wicking sheets. These sheets are ultra-soft and, according to the manufacturer, “Our sheets won’t change your body chemistry, but they WILL help manage perspiration better to keep you cooler and drier.”

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Misting Fan

This 3-speed outdoor fan has the power of an industrial fan and its misting breeze can cool the air by 25 degrees F. It’s weather, UV and rust resistant, and its handle makes it easily portable. Before you start your next summer project, be sure to get this first.

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Cooling Towel

Keep these magical cooling towels on hand and grab one any time it’s hot and you need a quick cool-down. The best part? You can use them over and over again.

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Chill Collar

You aren’t the only one trying to escape the heat! You pup might need a little help cooling down too, so get this cooling collar and you’ll be ready for the first scorcher of the season.

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Cooling Blanket

Surprised to see a blanket in a collection of things designed to keep you cool? Well, this blanket is made from bamboo microfiber that is soft and, according to the manufacturer, “Bamboo has good ventilation, it is amazingly cool in summer (average 3°F cooler).” And, this blanket comes in cool blue, pink, green and yellow.

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Heat-Reflective Window Film

One thing you can do to keep the inside of your house cool is install almost invisible heat-reflective window film that rejects up to 57% of solar energy, keeping your house cool. Installation is an easy DIY project that really pays off.

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Frosty Mugs

When the heat is unbearable, one of the best ways to cool down is with nice cold beverage! Keep your drinks cold (because who likes warm or watered-down soda or beer, blech!) with these double-wall gel frosty freezer mugs. They’re perfect for in the house, on the deck, or next to the pool.

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Best of all Bed Fans

If you’re the person who needs a fan pointed at them the entire time you sleep, but your partner could do without, then the BedJet is for you. Controlling the temperature is a breeze—either use the app or remote control to change the temperature at any time. You can even set an alarm to wake you up with a shift in temperature. There’s a reason that this product has so many 5-star reviews on Amazon. Said one reviewer, “I have not slept so comfortably in years. This magic machine has put an end to uncomfortable night sweats—it keeps me wonderfully cool.”

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