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Amazon Now Sells Shipping Container Tiny Homes

What can’t you get delivered to your home from Amazon? Not much anymore, considering now you can have a shipping container tiny home shipped to, well, um, your home.

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MODS International Tiny Home

MODS International has partnered with Amazon to offer a $36,000 pre-fabricated home made from new shipping containers. How much does it cost to ship a shipping container home? That'll run about $3,754.49. Thinking about a tiny home? Check out these tiny home options.
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Amazon Container House: Built to Code

The home is built to International Building Code and meets all building codes except California's, which needs fire protection and earthquake engineering. The home needs to be placed on a full slab, a frost wall or sonotube foundation.
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Amazon Container House: Fully Furnished Model

The model shown on Amazon is fully furnished, includes a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette and living area. A sewer system with easy water and electrical connections are included, as well as appliances. The tiny home is fully insulated and is heated and air conditioned. Get some ideas for a tiny home kitchen by checking out some of the best.
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Shipping Container Home: Cozy up to 320-square Foot Home

MODS International is based in Appleton, Wisconsin and can suit each build to customer needs. The model available on Amazon weighs 7,500 pounds and is 320-square feet. If you're considering downsizing, check out these tiny homes for retirees.
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MODS Helps After Natural Disasters

MODS International started in 2010 and builds emergency and special-purpose housing units. MODS International has helped with housing needs following Hurricane Katrina and tornadoes in Oklahoma. MODS International founder Doug Larson came up with the idea of making MODS units after helping clean up following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. If a shipping container doesn't shape up to your standards here are tiny homes you can buy now.
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MODS Offers Several Housing Options

MODS International also provides options for workforce housing, man camps, student housing, commercial and residential options. Take some time to learn what to know about buying a tiny home before taking the plunge.