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13 Hilarious April Fool’s Day Pranks You Should Try at Home

Scare, surprise and downright annoy your family, friends and co-workers with these April Fool's Day products.

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Phony Parking Tickets

For the friend who always seems to get away with illegal parking, put them in their place this April Fool’s Day by slapping a big fat $100 fine on their windshield!

Also be sure to check out these 100 DIY car maintenance tasks.

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Phantom Keystroker

Prank a co-worker this April Fool’s Day by purchasing this flash drive. It makes their mouse move randomly around the screen, causes the caps lock to act possessed and even types out strange things such as, “I can see you typing.” Speaking of the keyboard, here’s how to erase marks on it.

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Unrippable Toilet Paper Roll

Wake up before the rest of the family or get into the office before your co-workers to replace a regular roll of toilet paper with this unrippable roll. It’s sure to throw people off guard as they struggle to tear off a square! It’s so frustrating, the unrippable roll will make them yell and you laugh! It wasn’t funny at the time, but now these homeowners can laugh at their DIY disasters. And so can we!

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Fake Electrical Outlet & USB Wall Plate Sticker

If you work from a coffee shop, you know how important getting your devices charged up can be. Get there early, plug in your laptop and phone, and then place this fake electrical outlet sticker on the wall. Snicker on the inside as you see frustrated strangers try to charge up with no luck! Check out these 11 epic electrical fails.

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Infrared Remote Control Cockroach

Spook your family members with this fake cockroach. The best part about this April Fool’s Day product is that it moves just like the real deal! Use the included remote control to activate the cockroach’s body. It’s sure to cause a scream or two! If you have a real pest problem, try these 11 strategies for DIY pest control.

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Pretend Mold Sandwich Bags

Prank your kids by packing their lunch with these fake mold sandwich bags. While the food will remain totally safe and fresh inside the bag, the outside looks disgustingly moldy thanks to a graphic printed on the bag. Here’s why you should never wrap your leftovers in foil.

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Nail Through the Finger

Does someone in your family always warn you to “Be careful!” when doing DIY projects? Prank them this April Fool’s Day with this gag. The nail bends around your finger, with the bandage making it look like it has gone right through. The fake blood adds even more shock value! Learn how to prevent common injuries by using your power tools safely.

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Scary Peeper Electronic Window Tapper

Scare someone this April Fool’s Day with this motion-sensing, window-tapping peeper. Place near a window where they’re sure to spend a few minutes. They’ll look up from doing a task, like washing the dishes, only to see a creepy looking person peeping in and tapping at them! Speaking of spooky things, check out these 100 scary home inspector nightmare photos.

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Bloody Wrench Headband

Prank people this April 1st with this gruesome headband. It will fool the cautious person in your life into thinking you’ve actually hurt your head in a horrible plumbing accident! Sorry to burst your bubble, but you need to stop believing these 10 plumbing myths ASAP.

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Cracked Screen Decal

When your friend steps out of the room for a minute, stick this cracked screen decal on their smartphone. When they come back, they’ll be shocked to see their phone cracked while they stepped out. Act totally nonchalant and pretend like you have no idea what happened. It will totally infuriate them. Here’s what to do with all your old chargers, wires and cables.

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Itching Powder

Sprinkle this powder liberally on the inside of someone’s sweater before they pull it on for the day. They’ll go into an itching fit. Point, laugh and yell, “April Fool’s!” Speaking of clothes, be sure to avoid these 10 laundry mistakes.

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Fake Bat

Pest problems are gross, unhealthy and can be difficult to get under control. Give the horrifying April Fool’s Day prank of a bat problem! Hang this fake bat on the inside of a sheer window or shower curtain and give someone a good scare. Here’s how to prevent a real bat problem.

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Bogus Chocolate Brownies

Place a delicious plate of chocolate brownies on your co-worker’s desk when they go to the bathroom. They’ll be surprised and excited by the gift on their desk until they decide to bite into these realistic looking brownies! FYI, these fake brownies are made in the U.S.A.! 15 DIY Pranks to Pull on April Fool’s Day

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