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Attention, Renters! These 10 DIY Projects Will Improve Your Space ASAP

If you're a renter who loves DIY projects, these simple and affordable options are perfect.

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Floating Shelves Lead

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the easiest DIY projects that will upgrade your rental. While you can buy floating shelves, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right size, thickness and look. For the same price, you can get what you want, finishing them with a trim that will complement your space. Here’s everything you need to know to build your own floating shelves.

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Perimeter Bench

Your rental may not have the prettiest of balconies, but if you want a quick way to upgrade it, you can utilize the walls of your balcony to create a wrap-around bench. You can make the L-shaped bench as small or big as you need using concrete blocks, crates, etc. Need more bench inspiration? Here’s how to build an outdoor trestle bench.

Photo: Courtesy of Harrison’s Landscaping

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kitchenFamily Handyman

Kitchen Rollouts

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your home, kitchen rollouts are a great addition to your list of quick DIY projects. They’re especially helpful if your rental doesn’t have a lot of space to spare, since they tuck everything out of sight in the back of cabinets. Roll them out easily to have everything you need right at your fingertips! Check out these 7 roll-out cabinet drawers you can build yourself.

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bathroomFamily Handyman

Bathroom Accessories

Having major bathroom envy of someone who owns their own home? You may not want to invest in your rental, but simple upgrades like hanging shelves and mounting an additional mirror can transform your space. Just one example is installing a pullout mirror. Other great option include replacing accessories such as towel bars, light fixtures and applying a fresh coat of paint. Add a funky rug and you’re good to go! Get some inspiration from these 16 cheap bathroom updates with wow factor.

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sinkFamily Handyman

Kitchen Window Plant Perch

Don’t have the opportunity to garden at your rental? No problem! If you like having fresh herbs at your fingertips, you’ll love this kitchen window plant perch project. You simply need to install a wire shelf between the upper cabinets flanking your kitchen window, making sure the plants get plenty of sun.

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doorFamily Handyman

Above-the-Door Shelves

Just because you can’t knock down a wall to make more space doesn’t mean you can’t get clever with your rental DIY projects. The space above a doorway is largely overlooked, as it’s the perfect spot to install a cubby or shelf that doubles as storage and decor. Here’s how to build one yourself.

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showerFamily Handyman

Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

This is a small and affordable upgrade that will transform your shower experience. A curved shower curtain rod will make you feel much less cramped while showering, while also allowing you to hang towels on the outer rod. Here are more easy ways to makeover your bathroom.

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coat closet organization shelvesFamily Handyman

Twin Closet Shelves

Rentals aren’t always known for having the roomiest closets. To work with what you have, you can build closet shelves that double your storage space. You’ll be amazing at how a simple DIY project like this one can take your closet real estate to a whole new level. Here are the plans for twin shelves.

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Repurpose an Old Ladder

DIY projects don’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Sometimes an upgrade you do yourself is as simple as reimagining the decor you can have in your space. For instance, you can repurpose an old ladder into a decorative ladder, putting it against a wall in your home where you’d like to create the illusion of more space, since it will draw the eye upward. Hang soft textures like knit blankets, or stagger small plants.

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Repurposed cabinet

Repurpose Old Cabinets

Know someone who is doing a kitchen makeover? Ask them if you can grab their old cabinets and transform them into a tall and trendy bathroom cabinet that you can move from one rental to the next! Here’s everything you need to know about the project.

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