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20 Best Gifts for the Car Lover on Your List

Do you have a friend or family member who loves their car but doesn't have a garage? If so, and you still haven't found that person a Christmas gift, check out these items that are welcome gifts for anyone who doesn't have a garage for their beloved wheels.

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TOSSITS Car Garbage Bags

Toss out those plastic bags you use for trash in your car and pick up some TOSSITS garbage bags. They’re made with post industrial recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. The bags come with an adhesive strip that seals in the contents and the smell. They attach easily to a headrest and have a perforated edge to make for easy tearing.

Try this hack to add a sturdy trash can to your car.

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Car Cell Phone Cup Holder Mount

This safe addition to your hands-free car accessories fits inside most cup holders. Its flexible gooseneck allows you to achieve your desired viewing position, while the one button release ensures easy attachment and detachment of the phone.

“My overall satisfaction with this phone mounting system is that it is situated much lower than the typical units that used a DVD slot, or AC blower vent to anchor the unit,” says a reviewer. “For me, that common system almost always blocked my vision out the windshield, or covered up several controls or cameras you need to see and navigate. This cup holder idea is the best. Sure it takes up a cup holder, but most cars have a dozen more you can use! I like that this unit sits low, can be mounted easily and securely, and does not block my driver’s view, or the auto controls you need.”

Check out these 100 super-simple car repairs you can do yourself.

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Enovoe Car Window Shade

Keep the sun out of the eyes of back seat passengers with the Enovoe car window shade. Enovoe says the shade blocks out 97 percent of harmful UV rays. It attaches using static cling back and comes with a lifetime, money-back guarantee.

These are 13 surprising ways you’re shortening the life of your car.

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Brush Hero

Brush Hero is the perfect detailing tool for cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles and even more. It helps you reach the tough places that other brushes can’t go. The Brush Hero comes with two brush heads – a soft and a stiff brush. It provides steady torque so cleaning doesn’t turn into a big, wet mess. Just screw it on to a garden hose and go, it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity. These before and after car detailing photos will wow you.

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Cargo Net

Whether you’re hauling brush to the composting site or bringing rolls of insulation home from the home improvement store, the last thing you want is to hit a bump and see your load bouncing down the road in the rear-view mirror. Cargo nets provide a catch-all to prevent this. They are inexpensive, easy-to-find, fit under the front seat and there are many options to choose from.

A cargo net is just one of many helpful accessories for managing cargo. Check out this collection of clever options.

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Tailgate Ladder

Getting in and out of your truck bed to unload cargo or sweep the bed can be dangerous. Enter the tailgate ladder. This clever accessory snaps against the inside of the tailgate (on most but not all truck models) for storage and then flips down when you need it.

Here are four amazing accessories to trick out your truck.

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Portable Air Compressor

Powered by the 12v outlet in your car, a portable air compressor doesn’t take up much space and can help fill low tires or more importantly fill a flat or low spare tire. Tire pressure-related tire failures are surprisingly common, so it’s always a good idea to check your tires regularly.

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Safety Absorbent

A small bag of safety absorbent can help your car regain traction when you’re stuck on ice. Cat litter also works, but floor sweep absorbent works better. (Sold at auto parts stores, it’s sprinkled on garage floors before sweeping to absorb oil and grease.) Do you have 4-wheel-drive? Make sure you know how to use it, especially in winter. Brush up on the basics of 4-wheel-drive here.

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Anti-Slip Ripple Sticky Dash Grip Mat

Keep your keys, phone, glasses and other small gadgets in sight without the car tossing them all around during sharp turns or quick stops with this anti-slip mat. Made of 3mm-thick soft latex, the pad secures your objects to the dashboard so they won’t slip or fall, while ensuring you know exactly where they are for easy access. Dashboard light out? Here’s how you can fix that yourself.

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mitten windshield scrapervia


Anyone who doesn’t have a garage and lives in a colder climate needs something to scrape their car windows. This ice scraper with glove will do the trick and keep their fingers warm as they scrape!

Are you one of the many that warm up the car in winter before you drive? Read why you shouldn’t!

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A Portable Battery Charger is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

When car sits outdoors in the cold instead of in a garage, it will possibly need a jump more often. This portable battery charger also has an air compressor and a USB port that efficiently charges phones. And, this handy gift easily stows away in the trunk. If you don’t already know how, here’s how to jump a car safely.

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Give the Gift of a Clean Car

Cars left out in the great outdoors get dirty—fast! Although a gift card to a car wash is a great gift, if the person on your gift list is more of a DIYer, consider this complete car care kit from Meguiar’s. (Speaking of DIYers, take a look at these gifts for DIY lovers, too.)

Here are 11 helpful tips for keeping cars clean.

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Maximize Trunk Storage Space

No garage? No problem. The Trunk Crate Pro keeps everything you need organized and collapses when not in use.

Although your friends and family may not have a garage, if you do, check out these tips to organize it!

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Remote Start

Especially when it’s frigid cold, anyone without a garage will appreciate a remote car starter system. This one from Compustar is highly rated and easy to install.

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Windshield Protection

Your garage-less friend may not want to completely cover their car every night, but this windshield cover will be a welcome gift. It’s designed to protect the windshield from snow and ice and from damaging UV rays from the sun. And, the elastic straps fit inside the closed car doors to help prevent theft. Here’s how to protect your windshield with a glass treatment.

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Emergency Kit

This car emergency roadside assistance kit will come in handy for anyone stranded in their car. With a flashlight, tow straps, tools, and even an emergency vest, this is a great gift for any driver on your list, whether they have a garage or not! This roadside emergency guide offers important safety info.

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Collapsible Shovel

In the winter months, a snow shovel is a must especially if you don’t have a garage. This collapsible snow shovel is a thoughtful gift because it stows easily in a trunk. Read more snow and ice removal hacks.

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FIXD Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool and Code Reader

If you ever have trouble deciphering all those dashboard alert lights, then the FIXD scan tool and code reader is a good gift idea. It provides live diagnostic data and maintenance reminders. You can even use the app to monitor multiple vehicles. Here are tips on how to use a diagnostic code reader.

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Don’t Forget the Kids

If you have family or friends who have kids, consider giving them the High Road Car Organizer. Kids can easily store their books and toys, and it also has a cooler for snacks and drinks. It really doesn’t matter if you have a garage or not—this is perfect for any family on the go! Here are more gift ideas for the kids on your gift list!

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