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9 Bathroom Home Improvement Upgrades

These home improvement ideas take a bathroom from drab to glam in no time. From the simple to the extravagant, there’s an upgrade for every bathroom on this list.

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Bright modern bathroom with glass showerPC Photography/Getty Images

The Best Bathroom Home Improvement Upgrades

Bathroom home improvement upgrades can be big or small, depending on how much time and money you want to invest. Something as simple as a bidet attachment or fresh wall paint can be a major improvement. New flooring and fixtures are bigger commitments, but they’re also bigger upgrades.

Here are some of the best bathroom home improvement ideas to consider for your bathroom remodel.

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toilet with dual flush systemCunaplus_M.Faba/Getty Images

Dual-Flush Toilet

A bathroom remodel or upgrade is the perfect time to implement water-saving measures. If you’re replacing your toilet, a dual-flush toilet is an easy way to save a ton on your water bill. Dual-flush toilets can perform a half-flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid. They’re great for the environment and your wallet.

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smart home system on wall outside of bathroomzhudifeng/Getty Images

Smart Bathroom Home Improvement

There are plenty of ways to include modern technology in the bathroom, from shower speakers to smart toilets (check out the top smart toilets for this year). For a bathroom tricked out with the latest and greatest modern technology, consider upgraded fixtures.

A smart faucet is a good place to start. If you like that, there are showers that remember your preferred water temperature, heated toilet seats and plenty of other smart bathroom home improvements.

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Modern bathroom lightingJacek Kadaj/Getty Images

Upgrade Lighting

Upgrading the lighting can change a whole room. When you’re trimming a beard, grooming eyebrows or applying makeup, good bathroom lighting is essential. That makes lighting one of the best bathroom home improvements, particularly if you aren’t doing a full remodel.

The existing flooring, fixtures and décor look a hundred times better in a well-lit bathroom. Consider a bathroom chandelier, old Hollywood vanity light, backlit mirror, wall sconce or shower light.

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close up of woman's feet on bathmat on bathroom floorAJ_Watt/Getty Images

Heated Floors

Here’s a bathroom home improvement that screams “luxury.” Heated floors make a world of a difference on winter mornings. They protect bare feet from the shock of cold tile. If you’re tearing out the floor anyway, it’s the perfect time to install a floor heating pad.

If your bathroom needs extra heat but you don’t want to install a heated floor, a heated bath fan or other bathroom heater is a good alternative home improvement.

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Shelving unit with toiletries in bathroom interiorLiudmila Chernetska/Getty Images

Bathroom Storage

Storage is a bathroom home improvement that never goes out of style. Whether it’s a cabinet above the toilet or an under-sink organizer, there’s usually a way to add more bathroom storage space. Add drawer organizers, cabinet dividers and vertical space wherever possible to keep clutter tucked away and off the bathroom counter.

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Contemporary Bathroom with green window treatmentsguysargent/Getty Images

Window Treatments

If your bathroom has windows, new bathroom window treatments upgrade the space instantly. Opt for smart blinds to adjust lighting and privacy from another room, or consider moisture-resistant curtains in a color that complements your overall bathroom design. Faux wood or vinyl blinds are good moisture-resistant options.

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green shower tile in modern bathroomPC Photography/Getty Images

Bathroom Tile

Bathroom tile trends change quickly, so it can look outdated in just a few years. New tile is a messy and sometimes expensive bathroom home improvement, but it’s one of the most noticeable design changes you can make.

Go trendy with eye-catching, jewel-toned shower wall tile. Or pick something classic like an understated natural stone or white porcelain floor tile.

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gold bathroom shower headcbarnesphotography/Getty Images

Bathroom Fixtures

There are plenty of ways to upgrade bathroom fixtures. Changes in color and style trends, as well as improvements in smart technology, mean there are more options on the market than ever before. Matte black and gold are modern and of the moment. Chrome and brushed nickel are timeless options that will stay in style for years.

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modern bathroom with navy blue vanityLumiNola/Getty Images

Bathroom Vanity

Like many of the ideas on this list, upgrading a bathroom vanity can be as simple or extravagant as you want. A quick coat of paint is often enough to refresh the space, particularly in a statement color like mint or salmon. Installing a new vanity and sink is a bigger project, but it’s still a bathroom home improvement you can DIY.

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