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10 Best Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

Give your bathroom a fresh look with these bright bathroom lighting ideas from Instagram.

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Matching Bathroom Sconce LightsCourtesy @e_c_interiors/Instagram

Matching Bathroom Sconce Lights

Symmetry and cohesiveness are the names of the game in this elegant powder room by @e_c_interiors. The classic cone shape of these sconce lights add the perfect dose of vintage charm and functional light. A matching gold framed mirror, faucet and hardware complete the look.

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Modern Bathroom ChandelierCourtesy @etchdesigngroup/Instagram

Modern Bathroom Chandelier

A bathroom chandelier can provide a breathtaking focal point in your bathroom, proven in this space by @etchdesigngroup. The white bubble chandelier pops against the dark walls, guiding the eye up to the tall ceiling and highlighting the beautiful freestanding bathtub.

Keep in mind: The National Electric Code for the U.S. says that hanging fixtures should be at least eight feet above the top of the bathtub rim. You’ll need a high ceiling to pull this off.

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Farmhouse Vanity LightCourtesy @raisedranchrefresh/Instagram

Farmhouse Vanity Light

This farmhouse-style vanity light, chosen by @raisedranchrefresh, contrasts the modern mirror. Most vanity lights, like this one, can be mounted with the shades pointed up or down. For ambient light, point the shades up. For task lighting, point them down.

Task lighting is preferred above a mirror to allow optimal light for grooming. But you can also set the light on a dimmer if you occasionally prefer a softer glow. It’s one of our favorite bathroom lighting ideas because it’s so versatile.

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Bathroom Mirror SconcesCourtesy @kristanandcompany/Instagram

Bathroom Mirror Sconces

These matching sconces chosen by @kristanandcompany not only look beautiful, but are in the best position to cast flattering light when using the mirror. Lighting from the side instead of overhead eliminates shadows and lights your face directly, which gives you a better view while doing hair and makeup.

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Bold Bathroom ChandelierCourtesy @ny2nash/Instagram

Bold Bathroom Chandelier

A stunning bathtub chandelier adds a luxe vibe to this bathroom by @ny2nash. With the rest of the bathroom finishes and colors mostly classic and neutral, the chandelier is the perfect opportunity to make a bold choice. Here’s a similar light fixture if you want to recreate this look.

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Crystal Bathroom ChandelierCourtesy @westbankhouse_victorianreno/Instagram

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Crystal Chandelier

A crystal chandelier brings ambient light and makes your bathroom feel like a luxurious getaway. In this bathroom by @westbankhouse_victorianreno the chandelier is the cherry on top of an already gorgeous space. Consider putting a bathtub chandelier on a dimmer for when you’re in the mood for a relaxing soak.

(Note: You probably noticed, as we did, this light fixture does not appear to meet the National Electric Code that says that hanging fixtures should be at least eight feet above the top of the bathtub rim. If you go this route, be sure you have a high enough ceiling and everything meets code.)

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Flower SconcesCourtesy @clairekellyinteriors/Instagram

Flower Sconces

These whimsical flower shaped sconces function as a light source and add to the d├ęcor, doubling as pieces of sculptural art. You can make a big impact if you think creatively about bathroom lighting, as shown here in this sweet space by @clairekellyinteriors.

For another sculptural lighting idea, doughnut lamps might be a viable bathroom lighting choice.

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Bathroom PendantsCourtesy

Bathroom Pendants

Pendant lights are a great alternative to vanity or sconce lights and give you a more custom look. This bathroom by utilizes three pendants above the double vanity. Use clear glass shades, as shown here, for the brightest light.

One thing to remember with pendant lighting: medicine cabinets. Pay attention to the clearance needed to open the cabinet door to avoid hitting the hanging pendant.

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Bathroom Lights Mounted On MirrorCourtesy @timberidgecustomhomes/Instagram

Bathroom Lights Mounted on Mirror

A large mirror can make your bathroom look bigger. To avoid needing a smaller mirror to accommodate vanity lights, consider mounting lights directly on the mirror, as shown here in this space by @timberidgecustomhomes.

To go the DIY route and achieve a similar look, you’ll need to cut a hole in the mirror and allow access to the electrical boxes.

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Recessed Lighting In The ShowerCourtesy @franklin.and.main/Instagram

Recessed Lighting in the Shower

For lighting the shower, a recessed light or two is the best option, as shown here in this bathroom by @franklin.and.main. Recessed lighting keeps the space nice and bright while withstanding all the moisture. Look for a light rated for wet locations. We also recommend a glass lens instead of plastic, which might yellow over time.

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