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5 Main Benefits of a Smart Sprinkler System

Want to help out your lawn, your wallet and the environment? Get a smart sprinkler controller.

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Get a Greener, Healthier Lawn

The main goal of any sprinkler system, smart or not, should be to make your lawn as green as can be. Smart sprinkler systems accomplish that goal by employing technology to benefit the health of your lawn. The ability to set up watering schedules that take into account wind conditions, rain and low temperatures gives smart sprinkler systems flexibility that standard sprinklers just don’t have. The best smart systems even incorporate information like soil type and sun exposure so that the grass receives exactly what it needs to thrive.

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Reduce Household Water Waste

According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  in American households “as much as 50 percent of the water we use outdoors is lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff caused by inefficient irrigation methods and systems.” Because smart sprinklers only give your lawn the amount of water it actually needs, they can lower your water consumption right off the bat. And because they automatically skip watering if it’s raining or windy, smart sprinklers are a better choice for the environment.

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Save Money on Your Utility Bill

If lowering your household water waste and helping out the environment isn’t enough of an incentive, consider this: Some modern smart sprinkler systems can chop off as much as 50 percent off your water bill. With water utility costs on the rise across the nation, using less water can be just as good for your wallet as it is for the earth.

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Avoid Over-Watering Fines

Depending on where you live, watering too much or on the wrong day of the week could land you a pretty hefty fine. A smart sprinkler system can be easily programed to follow whatever guidelines and regulations your homeowner’s association or municipality requires so you stay out of trouble.

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Full Control Through an App

Smart sprinkler systems give you full control whether you’re in your basement or on vacation in the Caribbean. As long as you’ve got access to your phone or a tablet, you can control your sprinkler. Plus, if you’re already controlling your TV, your thermostat and your lights through apps on your phone, what’s one more download?