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Best Affordable Drawer and Shelf Liners

Keep your cabinets and drawers organized and damage-free with our top shelf liner picks.

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Why You Should Use Shelf and Drawer Liners

Drawer and shelf liners serve multiple purposes in a home. Whether you use them in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom or office, shelf liners help to keep your spaces organized and damage-free.

When looking for the best shelf or drawer liner for your home, we recommend one without adhesive. A removable liner can be taken out when needed to clean up spills and crumbs.

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Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner

The Gorilla Grip drawer and shelf liner is the best shelf liner seller on Amazon. Made from high-quality materials, this drawer liner keeps your utensils, dishware and silverware in place.

Its strong grip reduces shifting so your fragile items won’t be damaged and prevents any items from scratching the inner surface of your cabinets. Best of all, this shelf liner is available in 20 colors, so there’s surely a shade to match your liner needs.

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Duck Smooth Top Easy Liner

Available in various colors and patterns, Smooth Top Easy Liner Shelf Liner is designed for easy clean-up while adding protection to your surfaces. The smooth top surface and grip bottom allow you to easily slide dishes in and out of cabinets while the liner stays in place.

The solid surface keeps crumbs from falling through and is easy to wipe clean or vacuum. For big messes, the liner is machine washable for quick clean-up.

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Cut to Fit Machine Washable Shelf Liner

These reversible and washable shelf liners keep your shelves clean and protected. They’re ideal for protecting glasses, produce and more. Use them in your cabinets, pantries, refrigerators and laundry rooms.

When these liners get dirty, simply throw them in the wash and put them back in place.  The cut-to-fit line pattern makes it easy to cut even pieces for any size drawer or shelf.

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Wire Shelving Liner

This wire shelf liner instantly gives your wire shelving all the benefits of a flat surface. These liners are waterproof and easily wipeable, and are custom-tailored to fit perfectly around wire shelf poles.

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Spice Drawer Liner

This soft, non-slip spice drawer liner keeps all your spices in one convenient location so you can see them all in a glance. The 10-ft. roll of liner lets you customize the length to fit your exact drawer size. And it’s not just for spices – use this liner to organize cans and jars, baking utensils and more!

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Drymate Premium Under The Sink Liner

The Drymate Premium Under The Sink Liner is the premier cabinet protection mat. This liner is designed to protect your expensive kitchen cabinets from spills, stains, leaky drains and garbage disposal failures. The super-absorbent fabric contains up to four times its weight in liquids and features a waterproof backing that prevents leak-throughs.

The backing is also slip-resistant, which helps keep the mat securely in place instead of sliding around. This material can be easily cut to fit with scissors and the edges will not fray or split.

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