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15 Best Birdbaths and Fountains

Birds that won't come to feeders may visit a birdbath. We found the best birdbaths and fountains to attract birds to your backyard.

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Metal peacock birdbath

Metal Peacock Birdbath

Add a birdbath to your outdoor space that’s equal parts art and attractive to birds. This metal peacock birdbath fits the bill. Fill the glass bowl on the peacock’s back with water to create a hangout for backyard birds. The glass bowl comes off for easy cleaning.

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deck mounted birdbath

Deck Mounted Birdbath

This sturdy plastic birdbath is easy to mount to your deck railing with the included adjustable clamp — no tools required.

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Four-tier solar fountain

Solar Fountain Cascading Birdbath

Create a relaxing oasis for yourself and your favorite backyard birds! This solar-powered fountain will attract birds with its gentle sound that resembles a babbling brook. Running on solar power, the fountain charges during the day and automatically starts up at dusk.

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hummingbird birdbath

Glass Birdbath with Metal Stake

Hummingbird lovers will adore this colorful glass birdbath. You can easily move this birdbath around your yard or place it in your hummingbird garden. A 25-inch tall metal stake is included.

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Glass So

Glass Solar Fountain

This eye-catching solar birdbath will make a statement in any backyard, grabbing the attention of birds and passersby. A hidden solar panel charges the LED lights throughout the day. Dusk brings this dazzling birdbath to life.

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Pedestal birdbath

Classic Pedestal Birdbath

Made of durable resin, this classic pedestal style birdbath will withstand all types of weather to attract birds year-round. The shallow basin is ideal for songbirds.

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Hanging birdbath

Colorful Hanging Birdbath

Here’s a hanging glass birdbath that’s as much garden décor as it is a birdbath! This hanging birdbath is a breeze to refill and clean, and it’s easy to hang from a tree branch or shepherd’s hook. Bonus: If you’re already got a birdbath, use this as a bird feeder.

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Pennington 100509196 Cedar Hanging 2 in 1 Bird Bath & Feeder

Cedar Hanging Two in One Birdbath and Feeder

This affordable hanging option does double-duty in your backyard. You can use this as a birdbath with the included water tray. Simply remove it, and you have a tray bird feeder! The base is crafted of durable Eastern red cedar wood.

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Leaf Birdbath

Nestle this leaf birdbath on the ground within your flower beds. Ground-dwelling birds like sparrows and juncos will appreciate the easy access to water (it holds four cups) and the shallow basin; it’s also known to attract goldfinches. Want to make your own? Check out this DIY leaf birdbath project.

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Moose birdbath

Moose Birdbath

This two-foot-tall resin moose birdbath will add rustic charm and a touch of whimsy to your yard. It’s unusual yet functional, offering plenty of perching spots for birds. Made of weather-resistant resin, this birdbath will attract birds year-round.

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Rosalez Birdbath

This metal birdbath perches on a pair of elegant herons, with a small songbird on the basin. It would look gorgeous in any garden.

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Sunflower fountain birdbath

Sunflower Birdbath Fountain

This solar glass birdbath fountain comes with an easy-to-install pump that circulates water from a hidden reservoir. It automatically turns off when the sun goes down. During the day, the moving water will attract hummingbirds.

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birdbath kit

Solar Fountain Pump Kit

Already have a birdbath? No problem. This solar pump kit will turn your current birdbath into a fountain that is sure to attract even more birds. Placing it in full sun will make the fountain stronger.

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butterfly birdbath

Butterfly Glass Birdbath

Butterfly lovers will adore this bright, colorful birdbath. The shallow glass basin is ideal for birds and pollinators, and easy to clean. The base is included.

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Succulent Bird Nest Tree Stump Birdbath

If you adore cardinals, this is the perfect birdbath for you. It’s made of durable resin to last for years, and the natural look will blend into your landscape. You could also use this as an indoor decorative piece. A nest tops the tree trunk, with faux green succulents growing on the sides.

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Kirsten Schrader
Kirsten is the executive editor of Birds & Blooms. She's been with the brand in various roles since 2007. She has many favorite birds (it changes with the seasons), but top picks include the red-headed woodpecker, Baltimore oriole and rose-breasted grosbeak. Her bucket list bird is the painted bunting.