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9 Best Cat Harness Options

Does your kitty have wanderlust? Take your furry friend out for some exercise and adventure with these best cat harnesses.

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9 Best Cat Harness Optionstaste of home, (3)

Buying a Cat Harness

Many cats love being outside as much as we do. But what if you own an indoor cat who’s never experienced the great outdoors before?

Cat harnesses or vests are designed to wrap around your cat’s torso and attach easily to a standard pet leash. Harnesses help you safely hold onto your cat, whether they’re strolling around the block or prowling in the backyard. They’re a low-stress way to introduce cats to the outside world.

When shopping for a cat harness, to keep in mind the size and weight of your cat and how likely they are to wriggle out of a harness. Larger cats can often fit in harnesses made for small dogs, while wily cats should be put in escape-proof models.

Here are some important things to consider before choosing a harness for your cat:

  • Is it easy to put on and take off?
  • Are the fastenings secure?
  • Will it be comfortable and appropriate for the weather conditions (cool mesh, warm fleece, water-resistant, etc.)?
  • Is it safe at night (reflective material)?

Here are some of the best cat harnesses for 2021.

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Good2go Black Big Cat Harness And Leash Setvia

Best Large Cat Harness

Having difficulty finding a harness to fit your lanky or husky feline? The Good2Go black big cat harness and leash set helps put an end to the struggle. The lightly padded and breathable tech-mesh bodice supports a cat’s posture, while the nylon leash with a metal swivel snap attaches to the harness’s D-ring for extra security.

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Gauterf Cat Universal Harnesses And Leash,via

Best Budget Cat Harness

For the cat who rarely ventures out, you needn’t spend a lot on a super-high quality harness. The Gauterf cat universal harnesses and leash, at less than $8, is purr-fect for quick trips to the vet or groomer.

Two sturdy side buckles and a heavy-duty metal cat leash ring offer better strength and control, while the breathable mesh provides ultra cooling. Adjust the hook-and-loop strap to properly fit your cat.

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Awoof Kitten Harnessvia

Best Cat Harness for Kittens

Give your new kitten the feeling of safety and comfort with the Awoof kitten harness. Made of soft material that won’t make your “cat in training” feel restrained, the harness doubles as a car seat belt, too. It includes a reflective 48-inch leash so you can find your kitty in the dark!

One Amazon reviewer writes, “It fits my kitten perfectly. I have a small kitten, it sometimes tries to escape the collar, he fails every time. It’s escape-proof. He is used to it now, and it does not restrict his movements.”

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Rabbitgoo Cat Harnessvia

Best Escape-Proof Cat Harness

For wiggly cats with minds of their own, the Rabbitgoo escape-proof harness brings peace of mind when you’re out exploring nature.

Engineered to fit perfectly around a feline’s flexible body, the back ring is positioned to eliminate pressure on the chest and fragile neck. There’s no pulling or choking, either. With strong, reinforced stitching and a sturdy nylon strap, you’re always in control.

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Cute Bee Harness And Leash Vest For Catsvia VeganLifeCo/

Best Novelty Cat Harness

“Bee” the cutest cat and human duo on the block. The handmade VeganLifeCo harness vest and leash combines a bright yellow mesh fabric with soft hook-and-loop fasteners that won’t dig into the skin like hard plastic buckles can.

Great as a cat costume at Halloween time or for attending a “Save the Bees” rally, the vest features a zipper pocket near the cat’s “stinger” to keep favorite treats.

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Kitty Holster Cat Harnessvia

Best Full-Coverage Cat Harness

Not all cats will tolerate something binding a large portion of their bodies. For those who can, however, there’s the Kitty Holster cat harness. Without nylon straps or hard clips to cause abrasions or create pressure points, the holster offers cats full-body coverage in feather-light cotton that’s gentle on fur and skin.

“Once that cat figured out that if he put on his `jacket‘ he could go outside for a walk, his entire demeanor changed,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “He now meows excitedly when I get the Kitty Holster out, stands still while I put it on and hook up the retractable leash, and then walks right out that room like he has been wearing one of these things for his entire life!”

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Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harnessvia

Best Harness for Travel

The PetSafe Come With Me Kitty harness is extremely popular with cat owners on the go. Easy to use, the harness lets you take your cat with you to the park, in the car or through airport security unscathed.

Designed for longer-haul wear, this nylon harness features adjustable sternum slide straps with two quick-close buckles. It comes with an elastic four foot bungee leash that stretches to six feet, providing gentle give while walking. It’s available in three sizes, determined by the cat’s girth around their rib cage.

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Yizhi Miaow Cat Harnessvia

Best Cat Harness for Walking

Like humans, cats need exercise to stay healthy. Unlike traditional harnesses or cat collars, the Yizhi Miaow cat jacket provides padded support around kitty’s entire body.

One of the best walking jackets you can buy, it features Magic Tape to put on quickly and easily — no need to pull it over your cat’s head. Once on, it secures snugly around the neck and chest. Choose from five sizes and various designs so you can customize the jacket to match your cat’s size and personality.

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Voyager Step In Air Harnessvia

Best Overall Cat Harness

The Voyager step-in air harness is so popular it’s approaching 1,000,000 reviews on Amazon! It combines security with comfort, ensuring you aren’t putting too much strain on your cat’s delicate body.

This best-selling harness is intended not only for cats but for small pets in general. It comes in three sizes specifically for cats: XXXS, XXS and XS.

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