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7 Best Compost Bins

These quality products make home composting easier than ever.

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Compost BinMartin Poole/Getty Images

Choosing the Best Compost Bin

When learning how to compost, getting the right ratio of greens to browns is vital. So is knowing which items can’t be composted at home, such as pet waste. And buying the right composting tools, starting with the best compost bin for your situation, is the key to success.

Consider where you’ll keep your compost, how much space you have and how much maintenance you want to perform. Here are a few of the best compost bins for every situation.

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Best Wood Compost Bin

Sometimes simple is best. This traditional compost bin is made of naturally pest- and rot-resistant cedar wood and can be customized with additional segments. Shown here is a three-phase system made from Greenes add-on kits. Multiple sections allow you to separate compost based on its level of doneness.

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Best Small Compost Bin

This attractive little bucket is actually a compost bin in disguise. Its capacity is a little more than a gallon. Aeration holes, bamboo details and an included filter make it one of the best small compost bins available. It’s even dishwasher safe.

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Best Two Stage Tumbling Compost Bin

A compost tumbler makes it easy to turn and aerate your compost pile. This two-stage compost tumbler has a 65-gallon capacity, which can be split into two chambers for smaller, more frequent batches of compost. reviewers say it takes some effort to put together. But once assembled, it works well.

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Best Pest Resistant Compost Bin

Like a traditional wood compost bin, this FreeGarden Earth compost bin requires manual turning with a pitchfork or compost aerator. But unlike a wood bin, this one is fully enclosed and pest resistant. The twist-locking lid’s adjustable vents allow airflow. The entire bin is made from recycled materials.

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Best Vermicomposting Bin

Some of the best compost bins use worms to speed up the composting process. This is called vermicomposting. It doesn’t take as long as regular composting, and vermicomposting bins are typically shallower. The VermiHut Plus Worm Compost Bin uses vertical space to produce more compost, stacking five vermicomposting trays.

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Best Hidden Compost Bin

If you want to make fewer trips to the compost pile, an under-sink compost bin is the way to go. This is one of the best kitchen compost bins because it doubles as a hidden trash bin when not used for composting.

It can be stuck to a wall, hung from a cabinet door or set on a surface like any other waste bin. When the bin is full, simply add its contents to your larger compost bin. You can purchase compost bags to line it.

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Compost tumblerFamily Handyman

Best DIY Compost Bin

If you’re up for a DIY project, Family Handyman has two compost bin plans. One explains how to build a traditional wood compost bin, the other how to build a compost tumbler. Both projects can be done in a day.

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