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6 Best Electric Wood Chippers

Electric wood chippers reduce branches and leaves into mulch, all without the extra noise and fumes of gas-powered machines.

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6 Best Wood Chippers Ft Ecomm Via Amazon.comVia Merchant

Buying an Electric Wood Chipper

Electric wood chippers — AKA shredders or mulchers — efficiently transform bulky and cumbersome sticks, brush and leaves into a manageable pile of shredded chips. These chips can be easily disposed of or reused as landscaping mulch.

Electric wood chippers, although less powerful than gas-powered chippers, are much more affordable and require less maintenance. They’re also light and easy to maneuver. Best of all, because they lack the combustion engine and harmful fumes of gas models, they can be safely used inside your garage.

Although most electric wood chippers look similar, some may be better suited to your specific needs. Take the time to carefully consider these factors when choosing your woodchipper:

  • Weight: You’ll most likely wheel your chipper out to the yard or driveway, so pay attention to how much it weighs. If you have joint or strength issues, go with a lighter option that will be less work to pull and push into place. Keep in mind you’ll likely sacrifice power.
  • Chipping capacity: Some electric wood chippers handle larger diameter sticks than others, so make sure to choose the correct capacity for your yard waste. The maximum cutting diameter will be clearly stated on the machine. Electric wood chippers sometimes jam or clog, so it’s better to err on the side of higher capacity.
  • Bag capacity: Some chippers come with a collection bag or container that fills with chips as you work. Think about how much debris you’ll be processing and choose a bag size that suits your needs. Hard-sided containers can be easier to pour and dump into a yard waste bag than soft-sided bags.
  • Cost: Although some higher-end options can be expensive, electric wood chippers are relatively affordable, most ranging from $100 t0 $250. In our experience, the higher the price, the larger diameter branches it can handle.

Sun Joe 15 Inch Cutting Diameter Wood Chipper Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best All-Around Wood Chipper

The straightforward control panel and impressive 1.73-inch cutting diameter of the Sun Joe CJ603E Wood Chipper make it our best overall choice.

Large power buttons take guesswork out of operation, and a convenient forward and reverse toggle allows you to easily change directions in the event of a clog or jam. The seven-inch-diameter wheels and large handle also make it easy to maneuver in and out of storage, as well as around your yard.

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Sun Joe Cj601e Electric Wood Chipper Ecomm Via WalmartVia Merchant

Best Value Wood Chipper

Though priced lower than any other option on our list, the Sun Joe CJ601E Wood Chipper cuts sticks up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter and reduces debris to 1/16th of its original size. Plus, at just 25.4 pounds, this wood chipper is easy for most people to wheel around.

An included push paddle helps you direct material into the hopper while keeping your hands safely out of harm’s way.

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1 5 Hp Electric Chipper Americann Ecomm Via Patriot Products IncVia Merchant

Best Wood Chipper Splurge

The Patriot Products CSV-2515 may be expensive, but its ability to handle branches up to 2-1/2-in.-dia. could be worth it for those with heavy brush. The extra-wide hopper increases efficiency, although in our experience you should still add items slowly — especially when wet  —to prevent clogs.

The metal blades reduce branches into coin-sized chips, which are discharged into a standard waste collection bag. Oversized wheels and a wide handle make it easy to maneuver, although at 95 pounds it’s heavier than most.

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Earthwise 15 Amp Garden Corded Electric Chipper Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best Wood Chipper for Beginners

The extra-wide, top-mounted chute and hard-sided collection bin make the Earthwise GS70015 Wood Chipper easy to use and a great choice for beginners. The 10-1/2-gallon bin contains a significant amount of material, and it’s easier to dump into a yard waste bag or dumpster than a soft-sided bag.

This chipper can handle branches up to 1-3/4-in. thick, and the tamper tool helps you insert leaves and soft material without endangering your fingers.

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Wen 15 Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper And Shredder Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best Wood Chipper With Extra Safety Features

If safety is your top priority, the Wen 41121 Wood Chipper could be the perfect fit. It features an internal locking mechanism that keeps the unit from turning on when the hopper is open, greatly reducing the potential for injury. The narrow hopper entrance will only allow small items to fit through, increasing safety even more.

A metal support bar provides a sturdy foundation while you work. The 1-1/2-inch-cutting diameter can accommodate a wide range of sticks, twigs and branches.

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Landworks Electric Leaf Shredder Ecomm Via AmazonVia Merchant

Best Wood Chipper for Leaves and Light Yard Debris

If you plan on shredding large amounts of light-duty debris, you’ll want a machine with a large, flared hopper. One top option is the Landworks Leaf Mulcher Shredder.

While the 1/2-inch cutting diameter isn’t ideal for branches, the three 11-inch cutting blades are well-suited for powering through leaves and small twigs. The included 50-gallon waste bag fits a substantial amount of mulch, and a flexible hoop keeps it open and upright.

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