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10 Best Grill Covers to Protect Your BBQ Investment

Take good care of your grill and it will be there for you, year after year. We've rounded up top-notch grill covers for your consideration.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Barbecue Grill Cover Protecting Kamado Style Ceramic Grill From Rain.vasare/getty images

Buying a Grill Cover

Whether you fire up your grill several times a week or just once in a while, you want your grilling equipment to be ready to go  — clean, rust-free and functional. That’s why it pays to protect your grill with a quality grill cover that shields it from rain, cold, intense sunlight, bugs, rodents and debris.

The easiest way to choose a grill cover is to buy one that’s the same brand as your grill. Weber, Traeger and Blackstone all make covers for their grills. You can usually save a little money by buying a generic cover if you know the correct measurements for your grill. Note the grill’s length, depth and height before you shop.

Check out our picks for the 10 best grill covers. Choose one, and you’ll be all set the next time you fire up the grill.

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Best Overall Grill Cover

Family Handyman senior editor Shay Tilander picked this sturdy, waterproof Ravenna grill cover from Classic Accessories for its durability and comparable quality to similarly-sized Weber covers. It comes in six sizes, so there’s one to fit most cart-style grills.

We love the smart features like venting to prevent moisture build-up, a drawstring and snap system for securing the cover, and a handy zip pocket for grilling tools.

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Best Bargain Gas Grill Cover

If you need a simple, inexpensive cover for a mid-size gas grill, you can’t go wrong with this surprisingly heavy-duty grill cover from Walmart.

It lacks some features of more expensive options, but for less than $15 you get a water-resistant cover with handles and an adjustable bottom closure. It’s not vented, however, so make sure your grill is clean and dry before adding this cover.

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Best Splurge Weber Grill Cover

If you’ve already spent a bundle for a premium Weber Summit 400 Series gas grill, you might as well protect it with a 7108 cover made to fit it perfectly. The girdle closures on the sides ensure that the grill cover fits snugly, and the light and breathable UV-resistant fabric doesn’t fade. There’s also an attached grill accessory storage bag.

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Best Blackstone Griddle Cover

With their flat profile and side shelf, Blackstone griddle cooking stations aren’t a match with many generic grill covers. Fortunately, the custom-sized 1529 griddle cover is less than $25 and offers a snug fit for Blackstone’s 28-inch griddle grills. While the wheels or legs of the grill remain exposed, the buckle closures ensure the cover stays put, even on windy days.

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Best Grill Cover for a Portable Propane Grill

While this portable grill cover from Shinestar fits several models of Coleman’s portable propane grills, its stretchy material will slip over any portable grill smaller than 35-in. x 21-in. x 10-1/2-inches. We wish this one had handles, but it gets bonus points for its lightweight, flexible and waterproof material and drawstring closures.

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Best Kettle Grill Cover

You can’t put a round grill in a square bag. That’s why kettle grills need cylindrical-shaped covers, like this affordable version from Jiesuo.

There’s a lot to like here — the durable, waterproof woven fabric; hook-and-loop straps for securing the cover to the grill; and a choice of sizes.

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Best Smoker Grill Cover

With their distinct barrel-style lid and cooking stations on the left and right, smokers aren’t necessarily a good match for a standard rectangular grill cover. Enter this bargain-priced cover from Grisun.

Vented and water- and weather-resistant, it comes with hook-and-loop straps and side handles. It’s made for an Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo smoker, but also fits other smokers of similar dimensions.

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Best Traeger Pellet Grill: BAC503 Pro Series Grill Cover

If you’ve made the investment in a Traeger Pro Series pellet grill or a similar pellet-fueled grill and smoker, you know these grill have a distinct feature — a chimney. So not just any grill cover will do. That’s why we recommend a Traeger grill cover for a Traeger grill. They’re custom-made with a built-in chimney “sock” and a section for the wood hopper.

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Best Cover for an XL Grill

If you’re used to cooking for a crowd, you’ve probably got a super-sized grill that requires a cover of equally grand proportions. This heavy-duty cover from Vailge, available in sizes up to 72 inches long side to side, fits many large premium grills from Weber, Char-Broil, Jenn Air and other brands.

Reinforced stitching and waterproof material make this grill cover a winner in our book, especially with its friendly price.

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Best Cover for a Small Grill

If grilling is a pastime rather than a passion, or you’re dealing with limited space, a small outdoor grill is probably all you need. Protect it with this basic cover from Simple Houseware, which is just enough to keep your grill clean and safe from the elements. It comes in several sizes, from 32 inches up to 72 inches.

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