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9 Halloween DIY Window Decorations for 2022

Whether your style is cute or creepy, there are lots of great Halloween window decor options to make your home feel festive.

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Buying Halloween Window Decor

Even your windows can get in on the Halloween celebration if you do a little homework. It may seem obvious, but do stop to make sure the Halloween decoration will fit in the window — take a moment to measure before you buy. And if the decor is lighted, double-check that there’s an electrical outlet nearby. Calculate the length of any extension cords needed, too.

It’s also a good idea to scan online reviews to see if others found the installation particularly easy or tricky, or if they experienced issues with the decorations falling off or causing damage when removed. Their insight and tips, or your informed troubleshooting, could save you time and headaches.

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Two-Piece Halloween Giant Bloody Window Posters

These creepy bloody window posters, which come in a set of two, will make your home look like a haunted house plagued by demons. These posters can be trimmed to fit your windows. To install, all you have to do is spray them with a little water.

DIY Tip: Recreate the same “bloody” window writing with a red window marker.

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Spider Web LED Lighted Window Décor

This Spider Web Lighted Window Decor will look great in your window at night. It features purple, green and white LED bulbs that outline the spider and its web. Just be sure there’s an outlet nearby where you can plug it in.

DIY Tip: If you already have strands of LED lights, you can make a DIY spider web in your window with help from cable ties.

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Vinyl Witch Window Décor

This Vinyl Witch Window Décor from Martha Stewart comes with a light-up 3D moon for a magical Halloween display that you can put right next to your Halloween door decorations. The witch is made from vinyl that will stick to your window by itself, but the moon needs to be mounted using the included adhesive strips.

DIY Tip: If you have a vinyl cutting machine such as a Cricut, you can create the same type of vinyl silhouettes yourself.

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Scary Peeper Halloween Decoration

This creepy clown is sure to give your neighbors a fright! The Scary Peeper Halloween Decoration is easy to mount to your window using the included suction cup, and its lenticular eyes seemingly follow people as they walk by. Plus, reviewers say it’s surprisingly realistic, especially from a distance.

DIY Tip: Drape a dark piece of cloth over the clown’s head to give his cloak a more realistic appearance.

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Blob Man Halloween Decoration

This creepy blob monster is sure to give trick-or-treaters a fright. The Blob Man Halloween Decoration is a vinyl decal that comes in several sizes and colors. You can easily mount it to any window or sliding glass door.

DIY Tip: Cut out a few bats from construction paper and mount them to the window, circling around the blob’s head.

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Bloody Weapons Garland

For full-on creepy haunted house vibes, you can hang this Bloody Weapons Garland across your front windows. The string of blood-stained saws, knives, cleavers and scissors is 7-1/2-ft. long. You can easily hang it with a few nails or stick-on hooks.

DIY Tip: Use window markers to write a cryptic warning under the garland, like “Beware the Butcher!”

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Halloween Lace Skull Window Curtain

Spruce up your windows for the Halloween season with the ZeeDix Lace Skull Window Curtains, which come in a set of two. Each panel is around 38 inches wide, making them ideal for most standard windows. The lacy fabric features a skull and bat motif with creepy fringe.

DIY Tip: Check out our guide to the proper height to hang curtains.

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Boo Breaker Halloween Decoration

How cute is this 3D ghost? This Boo Breaker Halloween Decoration includes two pieces — one for each side of your window — that create the illusion of a ghost passing through the glass. The pieces attach to the window with suction cups for easy installation and removal.

DIY Tip: If you need a ladder to install the outside half of this decoration, be sure to remember all ladder safety protocols.

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