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7 Best Gas and Electric Hedge Trimmers of 2021

If you want the best hedge trimmer you can find but aren't sure which one to buy, learn about seven of our favorites and why we like them.

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Choosing a Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are power tools with coarsely toothed, reciprocating blades designed to trim hedges, bushes, shrubs and small branches. They can be electric or gas-powered. Electric models can be battery-powered or corded. Corded models require a nearby electrical outlet.

Which type of hedge trimmer you choose depends on the type and quantity of trimming you do, along with your physical strength, noise tolerance and mechanical aptitude.

In my experience, most battery-powered trimmers are not as powerful as similarly sized gas models, although they’re much lighter and improvements are being made all the time. Gas models are plenty powerful, but also much louder and heavier than electrics.

Like battery-powered models, corded electric trimmers are usually lightweight and don’t need batteries and chargers. Disadvantages include dealing with a long cord and needing to stick close to a live electrical outlet.

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Best Medium-Length Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

This battery-powered hedge trimmer from DeWalt is more powerful, lighter weight (7-1/2 pounds) and has a longer run time than most other models. The 20-volt, five amp-hour battery has enough power to take on branches and bushes 3/4-inch in diameter or larger with no problem. The 22-inch blade provides plenty of reach while remaining mobile.

Amazon reviewers praise the unit’s fast and powerful cutting action.

“Cuts through the toughest hedge like butter,” writes one reviewer. “I got this to replace a different brand, which I thought was alright, but my hedge grew too thick for it to cut anything but the new growth. It is about 11 feet tall, so you can imagine how thick.

“With this DeWalt I was able to quickly and easily cut through all the branches (many are the full 3/4 inches max thickness) and easily take 12 inches off the top and sides.”

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Best Miniature Hedge Trimmer

If you need a hedge trimmer for small, light jobs, try this battery-powered trimmer from Zaker. Unlike other miniature hedge trimmers, it has a 180-degree swiveling handle, surprisingly long battery life (up to 40 minutes of heavy trimming on one charge) and comes with a handy grass clipping hedge trimmer attachment.

The two-pound tool is light enough to be used one-handed, but powerful enough that its eight-inch trimming blade can cut through branches up to 8/10-in. thick. Amazon reviewers are pleasantly surprised by this trimmer’s power given its small size.

“I didn’t know what to expect from such a small hedge trimmer, but this little thing is GREAT!” writes one reviewer. “I have a full-sized corded trimmer that is just too awkward and heavy for me, so I thought I would give this a try. It did as good a job as the big one, with no cord to have to work around.”

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Best Medium-Length Corded Hedge Trimmer

Attention to detail is what sets this medium-length corded electric hedge trimmer apart. The built-in T-handle and lightweight design (16 inches long and a little more than four pounds) make it more maneuverable than many comparable models, and the dual-blade action cuts way down on vibration.

While many electric trimmers feature a one-finger-operated trigger, this one has a full-length trigger, allowing you to squeeze with all four fingers for significantly less hand fatigue.

Amazon reviewers appreciate the light, maneuverable design. “This is lightweight and incredibly easy to use!” writes one reviewer. “We have a palm tree we have to trim at the base. Now, we can hold up the palm branches and trim away easily. After starting the trimmer, you can use it with one hand. I am VERY happy with this product!”

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Best Long-Bladed Corded Hedge Trimmer

In the market for a corded trimmer, but need one with more reach than the medium-length model? This one from Greenworks offers a better combination of blade length and cutting power than many others.

Its four amp-hour motor can handle branches up to 5/8-in. in diameter. The 22-inch blade extends your reach substantially, and the amazingly light overall weight (less than six pounds) makes this one of the most maneuverable tools for its size. Plus, the manufacturer offers a four-year warranty.

Amazon reviewers are amazed at this trimmer’s cutting power.

“This bad boy cuts just about anything I place in front of it,” writes one reviewer. “For the price, what you get is outstanding.

“So far I’ve used it three times and each time it has completely devastated any sort of vegetation in its path. It slices through bushes, small tree limbs, some sort of grass looking shrub, and I’m willing to bet it will chew through the electrical cord if I let it.”

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Best Overall Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

This is the gas-powered hedge trimmer I use regularly at my place. I’ve tried many trimmers over the years, and in my experience this one offers the best combination of light weight, powerful cutting and easy startups.

It takes only a few seconds to cut through hard branches one inch or more in diameter. Thanks to its light weight (about 12 lbs.), I can handle nearly two hours of continuous trimming before my arms begin to tire. This tool also has the least vibration of any comparable gas-powered unit I’ve tried.

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Best Long-Handled Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

With battery-powered hedge trimmers, it’s hard to beat the combination of long reach, light weight, adjustability and cutting power this unit from Greenworks offers. Its 20-inch blades can handle branches up to 3/4-in., and the long handle can swivel into seven positions, making it easy to cut at the optimal angle. It also comes with a four-year warranty. reviewers really appreciate the finely incremented handle angle adjustment. “The ability to adjust the angle of the trimmer is simple and makes the work so much easier,” writes one user. “This is a well made trimmer that cuts any job down to size.”

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Best Value Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

If you want the best possible bang for your buck in a gas-powered hedge trimmer, check out this one from DeWalt.

At only $249, it comes with a surprisingly peppy 27cc engine. It’s easy to start and it rotates 135 degrees, allowing much finer adjustment than most gas-powered trimmers. It’s also easy to convert into other tools, like a string trimmer or pole saw, if you have those attachments for the engine. reviewers appreciate the adjustability and easy conversion into other tools.

“It was a lot easier to use than my old trimmer and I was able to hedge from all angles because this trimmer was designed with 135 [degrees] of movement,” writes one reviewer. “I like [that] the attachment can be converted into the other lawn care products that are sold separately. I highly recommend this tool!”

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