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Best Home Improvement Podcasts

As a DIYer, you probably already know about the numerous home improvement television shows available on a variety of topics. But what about podcasts? Whether you're into home repairs, home design or just want to learn some simple tips and tricks to make your life easier, here are 10 popular home improvement podcasts that are worth a listen.

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Fix It Home Improvement

This podcast covers not only DIY home repair tips and tricks, but also touches on products for your home and garden. Need to organize the garage? Recent topics have covered everything from garage organization and storage to grass seed, wood burning stoves and pocket knives.

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Young House Love

Here’s a podcast for those who enjoy home renovation. John and Sherry Petersik took their Young House Love blog to a new level with a podcast, in which the husband-wife duo discusses DIY and renovation projects at their home in Virginia. They also touch on design and digital trends.

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Home: On

Home: On host Richard Gunther focuses on smart, connected homes. Each week, he dives into gadgets and projects that help turn your home into a smart home. He also talks with guests from the smart home tech industry, including both experts and consumers.

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Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast

If you enjoy the popular television show Fixer Upper, the Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast might be worth a listen. Not sold on the paint colors used in last week’s episode? Self-described Fixer Upper fans, Gary and Kathy Leland, break down show episodes including design choices, renovation details and even real estate and property values.

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The RHS Gardening Podcast

The RHS Gardening Podcast

Want to start a garden but you’re unsure how to get started? The RHS Gardening Podcast gives advice to all levels of gardeners, including practical solutions to common problems. Topics range from growing your own flowers and vegetables to lawn care and even tips on how to get your kids involved in the process.

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Million Dollar Decorating

Million Dollar Decorating is a podcast featuring James Swan, an award-winning interior designer. The podcast covers DIY decorating ideas on a budget, along with plenty of conversations with fellow designers and guests.

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Stuff You Should Know

The Stuff You Should Know podcast covers just about everything; some episodes are home improvement based while others are just interesting facts. Have a pest problem? You may learn about the life cycle of cockroaches one week, followed by trickle-down economics, walruses and even a buried treasure the next week.

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The Money Pit Home Improvement Show

Have a question about a bathroom remodel? Not sure how to install a light fixture? The Money Pit Home Improvement podcast is a nationally syndicated, call-in radio show and podcast that covers everything about home improvement and decor. Listeners are invited to call in with their home improvement questions.

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Want to learn how to open a beer bottle without an opener? One episode of the Lifehacker podcast examined how to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper. You’ll impress your friends with simple DIY tricks you learn from this podcast.

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Fix It 101

You need to fix a leaky faucet but aren’t sure where to start. The podcast Fix It 101 examines everything from installing a ceiling fan to making sure a flat-screen television is securely hung on the wall. Listeners can call in to find out if it’s a project they can do themselves or if they should hire a professional.

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