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Best Home Trends From the Past 10 Years and What’s Ahead for the Next 10

Will your favorite décor trends be coming back around in 2020?

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Out With the Old, In With the New

With a new decade approaching, it’s fun to take a look back at what preceded in home trends. Take a look at some of the best home trends from the past decade and what might be ahead for the next decade.

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Wood Corner Block Molding

Wood molding blocks like this one are most common in older homes, and they have a classic look that never really goes out of style. While it’s resurgence with the rustic farmhouse look is what we remember most, a little decorative trim can be a good look in any decade. Take a look at other wood trim trends.

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Moss-wreathAgnes Kantaruk/Shutterstock

Mossy Accents

Moss was a big hit for home decor in 2009, as people turned their attention to eco-awareness in the products they purchased. The color green also started to pop up in homes everywhere in the form of paint and decoration items. Next, take a look at what at a really, really green house looks like.

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Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish

This dark finish was all over in the aughts, and it’s still a popular choice for DIYers. It provides a nice change to the all-too-common brushed nickel and chrome. Plus: Here’s a list of the best bathroom and kitchen faucets out there.

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Patterned pillows on grey couch in modern living room interior with pouf and wooden table. Real

Inspo from Around the World

Style at Home noted that modern ethno was an emerging trend ten years ago. It involves adding artifacts from different cultures and combining them with classic pieces for a one-of-a-kind look. For example, Moroccan influences, pottery, African beadwork and wall coverings were big.

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Vintage chair makeover - chalk paint and new fabricKristen Prahl/Shutterstock

Take Something Old and Make it New

Upcycling can look really good if done correctly. As people became more eco-conscious in 2009 they started adding thrift store, garage sale and estate sale items that they could repurpose. Any of these items you already have in your home are great for repurposing.

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Eco-Friendly Stuff

Perhaps influenced by the financial crisis at the time, the going green trend picked up steam in 2009. Homeowners opted for more sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring.

Here’s how green living can make you healthier.

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Patchwork Accessories

Elle Decor pointed to patchwork as an emerging trend in the aughts, which included quilted accessories, fabric, flowers and color-blocked graphics.

Check out our guide on how to hang pictures, heavy mirrors, keyhole shelves and quilts.

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Decluttered Spaces

Accumulating less stuff became a focus in the last decade. But we all know how difficult it can be to keep things completely clean all of the time. One easy way to declutter is to stop buying these things. Plus: Here’s how to start decluttering your home.

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Woman sews on burlapvitmore/Shutterstock

Burlap Touches

Really popular in the farmhouse style from the aughts, burlap is still sort of in. Plus, it’s really great for DIY decor. Check out some of our favorite burlap projects here.

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Twine decorationVictoria43/Shutterstock

Twine Accents

Twine became en vogue as the shabby chic trend emerged in the last decade, but it can still look good in your home today. You can add a little twine to glass jars that you’ve planted succulents in.

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What are Home Trends for 2020?

When 2019 rolled around, we started to see the introduction of more earthy tones, sustainable design elements, along with ethnic and tribal patters, but what’s going to start trending in 2020? Take a review of 2019 home trends before diving into what’s happening in home décor for 2020.

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Earthy tonespornpawit/Shutterstock

Earthy Tones Staying Around

Max Wilker, style director at Better Homes and Gardens told Inman that he expects the “back to nature” trend to continue, saying it’s comforting and easy to work with. Brush up on the color trends from a year ago to see what else might stick around.

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Wilker expressed astonishment that black continues to trend, but he likes black because it can be used effectively to create a beautiful space. Create a stunning black and white children’s bedroom with these ideas.

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17oct912018_449760910_10 white kitchen island farmhouse style popular kitchen colorsBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Conversation Islands

Wilker also enjoys kitchen islands with an open design, so people can talk to each other versus kitchen islands where people can just speak to the person next to them. Get some ideas for a kitchen island remodel from one of these 12 gorgeous kitchen islands.

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cozy_636478214 hygge drinking coffeenito/Shutterstock


Hygge became a thing a couple of years ago and some of the principles from that style movement have continued to resonate, chief among them: coziness and comfort. That mean more inviting furniture for lounging and furniture made of natural materials. Think of a big blue plush couch and hardwood floors. Here’s an easy way to clean those hardwood floors with natural products.

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Boho Chic

It seems like some iteration of boho chic is always in, and maybe it’s become a bit of a catch-all for any décor that mixes and matches. But some textiles, pillows and wall art can help create a boho chic look. These vintage home trends are starting to make a comeback.

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MinimalistVadym Andrushchenko/Shutterstock

Minimalism With a Personal Touch

Minimalism is expected to continue to trend into 2020, but it’s minimalism with a flair of personality that will thrive. That means a lot of clean lines and neutral colors with pockets of bright color. The personal touch is seen in peoples’ homes when they display things that hold special meaning in their life, like a trinket from a trip. This man tried minimalism and saved $150,000 in a little more than 10 years.

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bamboo floorsJacob Lund/Shutterstock

Sustainable Design

As people grow more concerned about the environment, they have turned toward sustainable design with their interior décor. That means more use of bamboo, furniture made from recycled materials and repurposed items. Speaking of repurposed items, these 80 household items are perfect for repurposing.

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Integrated Living Spaces

Open-concept homes remain a lightning rod for interior design with strong opinions on either side. Here’s part of the reason why people despise open-concept homes. But some people love them because they allow for more socialization and the kitchen is often the center of activity in the house. Expect the trend to remain into 2020.

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Geometric Tiles

Spanish- and Portuguese-inspired tile is making a major statement in kitchens and baths on Pinterest boards. This unexpected black-and-white pattern brings a modern element into the design.

Here are more cool tile trends.

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