The 7 Best LED Grow Lights for Seedlings

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The 7 Best Led Grow Lights For SeedlingsVIA MERCHANT

If you’re new to starting seeds indoors we’ve rounded up the best LED grow lights for seedlings and helpful tips to get you started. When starting seeds indoors, supplemental lighting is essential.  

Plants need light and nutrients to grow. But growing plants indoors can be challenging without the help of the sun. You might be able to get plants to grow on a windowsill, but will they thrive? 

Growing vegetables from seed saves money and you can choose your favorite varieties to grow. Whether you want to start an outdoor veggie garden, grow flowers from seed or boost your droopy houseplants, a grow light can help your brown thumb turn green.

In this article we’ll focus on getting your garden growing with LED grow lights to start your plants from seed.  LED lights are becoming more popular because they are eco-friendly, use less energy, have a longer life and stay cooler than traditional grow bulbs.  

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Best Overall Grow Lights For Seedlings
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Hytekgro LED Grow Light

The two-pack Hytekgro full spectrum LED lights hang easily from a stand or grow tent. Having two lights in your seed starting setup helps you adjust the height individually as your plants grow. These lights hang from steel cables, and each light has 45 watts, brighter than a traditional 40-watt bulb. Additionally, there are an impressive 220 light-emitting diodes providing a generous three-foot spread of light. 

The versatility of having two adjustable lights lets you keep your plants indoors longer until they’re strong enough to go outdoors. And hey, who can pass up a value pack?

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Dymond Boost Grow
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Dymond BoostGro LED Grow Light

For around $20, the Dymond BoostGro full spectrum LED light is the ideal choice for seedlings. The lightweight, low-profile unit is only 1.1 pounds and can either be flush-mounted under a cabinet or hung from a utility shelf. Plus, the Dymond light is sold in three lengths to suit your needs. Up to four units can be daisy-chained together, requiring only one plug. 

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Relassy Grow Lights
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Relassy LED Grow Light

The Relassy LED Grow Light is the most flexible option, with two fixtures on adjustable goosenecks to direct the light where you need it. This 45-watt unit is ideal for small groups of seedlings or supplemental side lighting for large plants shaded from the top. This Relassy light doesn’t have a base to stand on and, instead, attaches to any table or shelf with the included c-clamp mount.  The built-in timer and adjustable brightness modes make this an all-around excellent grow light at an affordable price.

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Soligit Seed Starter Kit
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Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light

You don’t need anything too fancy to get your seedlings started. This all-in-one indoor Seed Starter Kit will get you going immediately with no grueling set-up or mounting required. The package includes a clip-on light that mounts to a table. The three-headed grow light for seedlings uses goosenecks for flexibility.  

Plus, the kit comes with a 60-cell seed starter tray with a basin and humidity dome with adjustable vents. It’s the perfect starter kit with everything you need (except soil and seeds).

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Aerogarden Harvest Seed Starter Tray
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AeroGarden Harvest Seed Starter Tray

The AeroGarden Harvest Seed Starter Tray is a convenient all-in-one hydroponic system with automatic lights to ensure a successful growing experience. Hydroponic growing eliminates soil, and instead, fertilized water circulates and feeds the plants. The AeroGarden control panel is simple to use and warns you when to add water. Just set it and forget it!

AeroGarden offers a clever 23-pod seed starter tray that fits inside the AeroGarden Harvest to accommodate the seeds of your choice. Warning; things grow fast in an AeroGarden. With the seed starter trays’ compact size, there isn’t much space for seedlings to mature, and as a result, they’ll need to be planted before the roots get tangled. 

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Viparspectra P2000
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Viparspectra P2000 LED Grow Lights

The Viparspectra LED Grow Lights have everything a budding master gardener could want. The full-spectrum LED light is dimmable and easily daisy-chained to 20 lights for future expansion. Use the dimmer on low for tender seedlings and increase the intensity as plants mature. 

The powerful 200-watt, 7.7-pound light measures 26.6 inches by 11 inches. The kit comes with two adjustable rope hangers and a dimming cable. This recently-upgraded version reduces heat buildup, keeping your growing environment cooler. 

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Igrowtek Led Light And Stand
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iGrowtek LED Light and Stand

The iGrowtek LED Light is adaptable and can be placed anywhere. It’s the ideal choice for beginners or people who don’t have a convenient place to hang or mount a light because it comes with a stand.

You can lower the fixture to the height needed for the growing cycle. Standard seedling trays will fit below the stand or be used with individual pots. Choose between 2-foot or 4-foot stands to complete your setup.

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