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5 Best Overall Laptops of 2022

If you find yourself in need of a new computer, one of these options should work for you.

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Best Laptop for K-12 Students

There was once a time when kids didn’t need technology of their own. But as more homework goes online, those days are quickly disappearing. Having the right technology for school is essential. The ASUS Chromebook is just right for K-12 kids who are distance learning. It’s less than 12 inches so it fits comfortably in little arms, and it has rubber guards to protect against drops. The spill resistant keyboard makes snack time worry-free.

Why We Love the Deal: This sturdy piece of equipment rates 4.3 stars on Amazon. One Amazon reviewer said this laptop is nearly invincible: “I’ve dropped it many times and the worst that has happened is the rubber edging will have to be popped back into place. Simple as that and it feels totally firm and solid once it’s back in place. It’s great to not have to treat your laptop like the slightest bump could damage it.” Plus, at just over $400, this laptop is great for the budget.

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Best Laptop for College Students

Choosing the right laptop for college depends on the student’s area of study. However, the Dell XPS 13 is an excellent general-purpose computer. It is bigger (and more expensive) than the ASUS Chromebook, but it’s still small enough to be toted across campus between classes, and college students are better equipped to make the investment last. Its 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD space, touchscreen, backlit keyboard and Intel Core i7 processor give it all the performance power a college student needs.

Why We Love the Deal: This is a laptop that will transition from college to the workforce upon graduation. One reviewer on the Dell website wrote about its flexibility: “Awesome machine. Picked up as my work from home/daily use option and it gets the job done…..and then some! Love how sleek it is and how manageable it is. Would definitely recommend it. Handles heavy work loads with ease!”

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Best Laptop for Small Business Owners

Lenovo laptops are known as good business computers. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is ideal for small business owners always on the go. It boasts up to 19-1/2 hours of battery life and charges rapidly, so you can head from home to the coffee shop to client meetings without being tethered to a wall outlet.

Why We Love the Deal: This is a simple, user-friendly workhorse of a laptop. “It is light weight and easy to use on the go as I do for work,” explains one Lenovo reviewer. “The keyboard on the laptop is comfortable and the battery life on this computer is amazing. I use it all day without being connected and I still will have 30 to 40 percent life left.” It comes with up to a terabyte in storage, so you can keep all your files accessible without connecting to the cloud.

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Best Laptop for Designers and Artists

Apple products are popular in creative industries. They run seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud products and other content creation and editing applications. Plus, their high-quality graphics are famous. The MacBook Pro is definitely a splurge item. But it may be well worth the money for creative professionals.

Why We Love the Deal: This MacBook received five stars from 85 percent of its Amazon reviewers. One reviewer raves about its performance compared to other computers: “Absolutely a beast of a machine. I love it. It has been pretty much perfect and its performance continues to surprise me. I have the top-specced model and it smokes pretty much everything I’ve used to date.”

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Best Laptop for Jobsites

If you work in the trades, you’ll need a heavy-duty laptop that can withstand the elements. The Dell Latitude 5424 Rugged fits the bill. Its ports are covered by a protective seal to keep them free of dirt and debris when not in use. Better yet, the screen is designed to minimize glare and remain readable in direct sunlight.

Why We Love the Deal: This laptop balances cost and performance. The original Dell Latitude Rugged costs $1,700, while the Dell Latitude 7424 Rugged Extreme lists for more than $5,000.

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