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Best-Reviewed Snow Blowers on Amazon

Get your hands on the best snow blower out there, with positive feedback from Amazon reviewers. Check out these snow blower reviews.

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1 / 10

WEN Snow Blaster 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

This WEN electric snow thrower can clear up to 1150 cubic inches of snow per auger rotation, allowing you to easily and quickly remove snow. The machine also has a round wide-mouthed chute, which reduces snow build up and keeps blockage to a minimum during operation.

Amazon reviewers love the WEN Snow Blaster. One person said about this electric snow blower:

“I would say it can do about 10 inches of snow at a time. The most I pushed it to do was around slightly below 2 feet (snow was literally up to the shoot’s top!). It still moved the snow, but required bumping into the snow a few times before clearing the area. Still much easier than shoveling. It cleared my entire driveway in 3/4 passes going out periodically through the blizzard during the day. Throwing distance was plenty far to clear snow to the side of your average single-family home driveway. Very easy to turn on and adjust the shoot. Clears powdery snow completely, no need to go back over with a shovel.” Are you ready for winter? Here’s your checklist.

2 / 10

Husqvarna 24-Inch Two-Stage Electric-Start Snow Blower

This electric snow blower is great for large driveways and paths, making it ideal for homeowners who seek a high-performance machine to get the job done efficiently. Notable features include the adjustable height on the handle for comfortable use, the friction-disc transmission for smooth operation, heated handle grips, LED headlights and electric starter. One reviewer gives this machine the best snow blower title:

“At this price point, you simply cannot find another 24-inch snowblower, with all-metal housing, with hand warmers, with a headlight, and with electric start. Furthermore, it’s a Husqvarna. I have purchased numerous Husqvarna power tools over the years and have been satisfied with all of them,” says an Amazon reviewer. Check out these incredible snow removal tools.

3 / 10

Snow Joe 15-Inch Electric Snow Blower

Great for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways, the Snow Joe 15-Inch 11-Amp Electric Snow Blower is a powerful machine. No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain, while the 2-blade cold- and abrasion-resistant plastic auger can cut 15 inches wide by 8 inches deep with each pass.

“We recently got 3 feet of snow in a week and between work, busy lives, and the wind, we couldn’t keep up with the shoveling,” says a reviewer. “This little machine makes life so much easier. The first time we used it, one of us was shoveling the snow in front of the blower since there was too much snow collected to just power through (nearly two feet of packed snow). Now that we are caught up on the snow removal, there is no need to shovel the snow in front of the blower. I woke up to 4″ of this white gold on the deck and had it all cleared off with the snow blower in less than 15 minutes, no fussing around or broken back!”

Not convinced? Read our Snow Joe iON+ Cordless snow blower review to see if it’s a better fit for you. Or, you can also check out our list of the best electric snow blowers of the year.

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4 / 10

Snow Joe Ultra 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower with Light

This snow blower is capable of moving up to 720 pounds of snow per minute, making it one beast of a machine! The rotor consists of four blades, is made of heavy-grade steel, and cuts a full 18-inch wide by 10-inch deep area of snow with each pass. Another notable feature is the easy-glide wheels that make the machine simple to turn and maneuver.

“Now that I have an entire winter under my belt with the Snow Joe, I can honestly say that it performed well above what I ever expected from a plastic, electric unit,” begins an Amazon reviewer. “We got some pretty impressive snows last winter, up to 26 inches at a time of wet and heavy snow. The fist time we got 12 inches, I expected to have to call my brother-in-law and have him lend me his gas unit. But the Snow Joe handled it. I had to take two passes to get the full 12 inches, taking about 6 inches, then backing up and getting it clean to the concrete. But compared to a shovel, or the hassle and cost of a two-stage gas unit, it was great.” Here are 10 clever snow and ice removal hacks.

5 / 10

Briggs & Stratton Single-Stage Snow Thrower

This single-stage snow thrower is small but mighty. It’s light and easy to handle, is auger-propelled and has various convenient features, including electric start, manual chute rotation and quick deflector. For those who want a no-fuss, simple machine, this one’s for you.

“This is an awesome little snow blower. The first big snow storm of the year we got 6 inches of heavy snow and this snow blower went through it without any issues,” explains a reviewer. “A couple of weeks later we got another storm with 10 inches of snow and the snow blower had no issues throwing the snow. For a snow blower this size it has plenty of power.” Here’s what you need to know about installing a new snow blower belt.

6 / 10

PowerSmart Lithium-Ion Cordless Snow Blower

This snow blower is ideal for taking care of business without a lot of fuss. You can fully charge it in 70 minutes and expect 25 minutes of run time. It also has a clearing width of 18 inches and height of 11 inches. The chute rotates 180 degrees manually, and the throwing distance is 30 feet.

“If you’re a homeowner that has maybe gotten up there in age, and can’t handle a big machine, this is the way to go. Perhaps you have poor mobility and can’t pull the rope on a gas snow blower. Or maybe you just have a small property but can’t break your back shoveling anymore. This cordless snowblower would be the right choice,” explains an Amazon reviewer. Check out this DIY snow blower chute sweeper.

7 / 10

Troy-Bilt Squall Electric-Start Single-Stage Snow Thrower

This Troy-Bilt snow thrower clears up to 21 inches wide and 13 inches deep in one quick pass. The one-stage machine features 8- x 2 -inch wheels and an EZ Chute Controller, which allows you to adjust the direction of the snow discharge.

“Our old machine finally gave up in one of the last snowstorms we had in Minnesota, and we couldn’t find any store with inventory left,” begins a reviewer. “Amazon to the rescue! Got this in 3 days, just before another significant snow, and it worked like a charm. Hubby got our long driveway plowed in no time and is very happy with this purchase. He’s almost hoping for one more blast (but I can wait until next year!)” Take a look at these snow blower oil change tips.

8 / 10

Poulan PRO 24-Inch Two-Stage Electric-Start Snow Thrower

This snow thrower uses a two-step process to clear snow. The powerful engine is meant to work in even the most intense winter conditions, and the strong ribbon augers break through snow and ice, propelling it back into the impeller blades, which efficiently push the snow up and out of the chute. See why one reviewer deems it the best snow blower for tough jobs:

“Just wanted to write about the great job this machine did here in the northeast. During the blizzard, we ended up getting 32 inches of snow in one day! I tried shoveling during the storm but it was useless it was falling so fast, so I waited til Sunday when it stopped and dug out the Poulan Pro,” explains an Amazon reviewer. “This thing was a beast! It easily cleared the heavy snow and blew it over the fence into the yard. Not once did it struggle. It started up on the second pull and earned its keep. I cleared about half a city block in a few hours which was more than I expected this machine to handle but it did and it did it in stride. I’m very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light- to medium-duty blower.”

9 / 10

Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

This Greenworks snow thrower has a 13-amp motor that delivers powerful results for a alternative to gas-powered machines. Other notable features include the adjustable 180-degree directional chute that makes snow throwing manageable, as well as the machine’s ability to discharge snow up to 20 feet, and the 7-inch wheels for greater mobility.

An Amazon reviewer says: “Life saver during the blizzard! 30+ inches. Had to knock down snow before blowing but never could have dug ourselves out without it. We were worried it wouldn’t work because of the price but worked like a charm.” You should consider coating your snow shovel with car wax. Here’s why.

10 / 10
Shovelvia merchant

Earthwise Cordless Electric Snow Shovel

The Earthwise cordless snow blower is great for quick and easy snow removal from decks, steps, patios, sidewalks and driveways. The 14-inch wide shovel is capable of throwing snow up to 32 feet and it’s cordless, lightweight and convenient to store.

“This thing has worked wonders for me both in dusty snow and heavy snow,” says a reviewer. “For heavy snow I recommend spraying the snow shoot and teeth with a non-stick spray (like PAM for cooking). This causes the snow to not stick to the shoot and cause blockage/build up. I have zero complaints about this. I also have their electric lawnmower and the batteries are interchangeable which is great.”

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