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Rockler Visited Family Handyman, This is What We Learned

The DIY gurus at Rockler stopped by to show us some of their greatest hits and up-and-coming standouts. This is what stood out to Family Handyman editors.

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rockler bench cookies and accessoriesFamily Handyman

Bench Cookies are the GOAT

We have always looked at Rockler’s Bench Cookies and wondered how something so simple can do so much. Are they really that good at safely holding a part in place while routing? Will the cushions deteriorate over time? What is the point of the extensions?

We were dumbfounded when we used them and learned that they are everything you want and more. The extensions are great for clearing a jigsaw blade, the cushions clean easily with compressed air and routing with them is a dream. But Rockler has come out with even more accessories for their brilliant Bench Cookies, including finishing cones to use while painting or staining and attachments that grab onto a 2X piece of lumber, great for latching onto sawhorses. Bench Cookies are incredibly versatile, and we’re always finding more uses for them.

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rockler locking castersFamily Handyman

We’re done shimming casters on workbenches

For years we have told you to build your workbenches on casters and shim them when you start working. Not anymore. Rockler has taken away the need to search for shims with their Workbench Caster Kit. We cannot wait to put these on one of our workbenches to aid in all the moving around we do here at Family Handyman.

Build this storage cart that will look great with these casters on it.

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rockler silicone glue kitFamily Handyman

Gluing clean-up will be your favorite part of a project

The messiest part of being a maker, the part that always bothers me hours after I finish, is cleaning up glue. Since being introduced to Rockler’s silicone system, which includes a 3-piece application kit and a project mat, cleaning glue is a breeze. Dried glue peels off of the silicone so quickly and cleanly, it’s baffling.

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rockler dust separatorFamily Handyman

Wood turning might be bigger than we thought

Dust separators have been around for quite some time and, just like the others on the market, the Dust Right dust separator from Rockler will help you keep your shop in tip-top shape. But that isn’t what got our attention with this product…It is the popularity of wood turning. Rockler has seen a significant increase in wood turning purchases to the point that they told us many hobbyists will only turn wood because it requires minimal tools and space. Either way you cut up your wood, this dust separator will save your shop vac or dust collection system from clogged filters and endless repairs.

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rockler ceiling track systemFamily Handyman

Is this the future of home workshops?

We here at Family Handyman are very interested in keeping cords, air tubes and dust hoses away from our workspace and our walking lanes. Rockler’s Ceiling Track System might be the best way to do that. Simply mount the durable PVC track (no, it’s not aluminum) to your ceiling and start running cords to where you need them the most. They have added right angle connections and locking mounts to the suite of products. We’re curious as to how this system will evolve over the next few years, but it’s looking like a DIYer’s best friend.

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rockler corner clamping jigsFamily Handyman

Right-angle jigs

These are the perfect jigs for beginners as well as experienced cabinet makers. I can’t tell you how many times at the beginning of my woodworking journey that I ruined a project by missing a screw or brad nail because I was more focused on holding the parts together. The Clamp-It Corner Clamping Jig and clips will take the guesswork out of building. The clips are also great for mocking up projects to see how everything is coming together. The Clamp-It assembly tool also works well for creating perfect corners.

These tools will work great for some of these cheap kitchen cabinet upgrades.

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rockler lock-align systemFamily Handyman

You actually do need drawer separators

Sure, drawer separators like Rockler’s Lock-Align Drawer Organizer System are cool, but do you really need them? If you’re a tool collector like us, the answer is definitely yes. This system is customizable, so you can build it out to suit your needs and get your shop in order.

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