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Stuff We Love: Best-Selling Products of 2019

We love tools and products that make any job around the house easier. These are our top reviewed and ultimately our best selling products of 2019. Check out this stuff we LOVE.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.

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best of the best top selling products of 2019

We love tools and products that make any job around the house easier. These are our top-reviewed and ultimately our best-selling products of 2019. Check out this stuff we LOVE.

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Briggs & Stratton Oil Extraction PumpFamily Handyman

22. Briggs & Stratton Oil Extractor Pump

This oil extractor pump works great for equipment that isn’t especially designed for easy oil changes like lawn mowers, snow blowers and pressure washers. It’s impossible to change the oil in any of them without making a colossal mess, so this oil extractor pump is a real game changer. Just stick the hose down in the reservoir and pump out the old, dirty oil.

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stuff-we-love-stanley-power-clawFamily Handyman

21. 3-Outlet Clamping Power Strip

The Stanley 32050 FatMax Power Claw is a clever power strip built into a clamp. It can grab on to a stud, rafter, sawhorse or ladder. Hang it wherever you need power. This strip works great at keeping extension cord connections off the ground. That’s convenient, but it makes even more sense if you’re working outside on a wet surface.

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smoke and carbon monoxide

20. First Alert Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Have you updated your smoke alarms recently? Do they include carbon monoxide detectors? This Amazon bestselling device does both, and when it needs new batteries, it lets out a lifesaving chirp. Now, read 12 more fire safety tips your whole family should know.

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19. Vegetable and Onion Chopper

There are a lot of chopping gadgets on the market, and not all of them are winners. But the Mueller Pro Vegetable Chopper is one impulsive buy you won’t regret. With over 6,000 4-star or above customer reviews, it’s a safe bet. We love the one-push slicing action and the built-in storage container. Are you a kitchen gadget addict? Here are 12 kitchen tools from Amazon that are too fun to pass up.

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mini air jack airshimFamily Handyman

18. Mini Air Jack and Leveling Tools

This inflatable shim has a variety of uses, from holding a window in position by yourself while setting permanent shims to propping a door slab during installation, aligning base cabinets or leveling appliances. The air shim is easy to pump and can hold up to 300 pounds. Here’s how to shim gapping doors.

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ch hanson magnetic stud findervia

17. Magnetic Stud Finder

Whether you’re hanging pictures or installing trim, an essential to-do during many DIY projects is finding a stud behind drywall. The CH Hanson magnetic stud finder will help you do just that while saying sayonara to lights, beeps and batteries. It uses strong rare earth magnets to locate screws that hold the drywall to the studs, once you find a screw you know where the stud is. If you’re looking for a basic tool to locate studs, look past the electronic stud finders that are hit or miss, and pick this magnetic version up for $8 on Amazon.

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We love inexpensive tools, but these are the ones you should definitely consider splurging on!

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leveling toolFamily Handyman

16. Ultimate Hang-Stuff-On-The-Wall Tool

This Kapro 313 Measure Mate 24-in. layout and marking tool wears a lot of hats: It’s a horizontal and vertical level, a measuring stick, a straightedge for cutting picture mats and a centering tool. It even has a pull-out clip on the end to help hold screws and tiny nails while you install them.

To hang a shelf or rack with hidden keyhole mounts (which must be spaced the exact distance apart), align the two sliding markers with the keyhole slots, then position the level at the appropriate height and transfer those measurements to the wall. Your mounting screws will be dead level and correctly spaced. It’s great for cutting cardboard; the triangular shape keeps your fingers up and out of the way of your blade.

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Flashlight via

15. Blacklight Flashlight

Have you ever been tempted by the row of handy flashlights displayed at the cash register? Maybe you think you don’t need a mini flashlight, but this TaoTronics Black Light Flashlight is an impulsive buy you won’t regret. Use it to find pet urine stains, harmful pests like scorpions, or garden bugs that are eating up your vegetables.

Check out these must-have products for DIYers.

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14. Sturdy Claws Garden Genie Gloves

These odd gloves look like something you’d impulsively order late at night from an infomercial. But, in fact, the Sturdy Claws Garden Genie Gloves are extremely useful and highly recommended. The unique claws make gardening and weeding a breeze. In addition, the latex fabric is durable, waterproof, and puncture resistant.

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13. Vampliers Patented Screw Extraction Plier

Suck out stripped out screws with a pair of Vampliers. These suckers have unique vertical and horizontal serrations on the inside jaws, which make it easier to grab a corroded or rusted out screw. These pliers are strong, too, made from carbon steel. Find out how to remove a lightbulb with pliers.

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roller ready paint roller cleanerFamily Handyman

12. Fast Roller Cleaner

There are several products for cleaning roller sleeves on the market, but the Roller Ready tool stands out because it’s so simple to use. It fits in the chuck of your drill, letting you spin off water as you rinse and clean your roller sleeve. The fully submersible, smooth design (no nooks and crannies for paint to get in) makes it really easy to clean when you’re done.

To clean a roller, slip the sleeve onto the Roller Ready, spin it in and out of a bucket of water several times to rinse out the paint, then spin out the water. The sleeve will be dry and ready to use again in no time. You’ll find the hard-plastic version for $18 and a Pro Version made of aluminum for $30 on Amazon.

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kitchen gadgets under $20via

11. Kitchen Gizmo Snap ‘N Strain

Sometimes straining pasta gets a little steamy but the Kitchen Gizmo Snap ‘N Strain makes it easy to strain and keeps the steam out of your eyes. The Snap ‘N Strain will fit on nearly all round pots, pans, big bowls and small bowls.

Here are 10 kitchen gadgets you can get at the hardware store.

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Lint via

10. Lint Lizard

Avoid the danger of a dryer lint fire with this As Seen on TV product. The Lint Lizard vacuum hose attachment makes it possible to collect dust and lint that a typical dryer lint collector can’t. The handy device measures more than 3-1/2 feet long, so it can clean out all of those tough-to-reach places. If your dryer breaks down, you can probably fix it yourself. Here’s how to fix your dryer.

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drop Stop car gap fillersvia

9. Drop Stop

One of many Shark Tank products that fixes a common problem, Drop Stop attaches to the seat belt of your vehicle to catch items that can fall between the seats. It moves with the seat so you won’t have to readjust or reinstall every time someone moves the seat. Each package includes two Drop Stops, one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger side. Never lose your phone, license or snacks again! Clean the inside of your car with these top 10 car cleaning tips.

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Buff polish car headlightFamily Handyman

8. Headlight Restoration Kit

Have your car’s headlights gotten dim? Sometimes it’s actually an electrical problem. But sometimes a headlight restoration kit will quickly have your lights shining like they did when your car was new. If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, check out this easy repair: How to Repair a Dim Headlight.

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USB via

7. High-Speed USB Wall Charger

Have you ever started to leave the house, only to notice your phone is almost dead? Enter the Anker PowerPort 2 Elite. This high-speed charger will get your phone to 100% in no time. Go ahead and add it to your cart, you know you want to! You don’t have to spend a lot for quality. Here are 12 products under $100 that will last you a lifetime.

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drill brush cleaning toolAmazon

6. The Drill Brush

Do you love spotless cleaning? This is the perfect gift for clean freaks. Make cleaning easier by simply letting the drill brush do the work. Chuck the drill brush into your drill and save the elbow grease. You’ll find drill-ready brushes for all kinds of scrubbing from Drillbrush. Here are examples of creativity at its finest in these 22 new uses for old tools.

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siding removal toolFamily Handyman

5. Siding Removal Tool

Vinyl siding repair is tough, but not indestructible. If a falling branch or a well-hit baseball has cracked a piece of your siding, you can make it as good as new in about 15 minutes with a zip tool and a replacement piece. It’s as simple as unzipping the damaged piece and snapping in a new one.

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separate switch power stripFamily Handyman

4. Surge Protector and Power Strip

This surge protector is perfect for home, workshop and office electronics of all kinds. It provides individual outlet control to prevent idle equipment from wasting energy. This surge protector also defends computers and other expensive electronics from damaging surges and disruptive line noise.

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Glisten Dishwasher magic disinfectantAmazon

3. Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not dirty. Glisten is a foaming cleaner that helps remove all that odor-causing buildup in your dishwasher. Use it weekly or as needed. This cleaner removes rust and buildup caused by hard water, grease, detergent, food residue and harmful bacteria.  These are the best cleaning products for people with allergies.

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Fluidmaster 550DFRK-3 DuoFlush Complete Fill and Dual Flush Conversion SystemAmazon

2. Fluidmaster DuoFlush System

A dual flush conversion kit will take your standard 1.6 gallon per flush toilet and turn it into a dual flush toilet, meaning it will give you the choice between flushing the whole tank for solids or half a tank for liquids. You can save money on your water bill and save the planet at the same time. If your flushing flapper is failing, it’s the perfect time for a toilet upgrade. This Fluidmaster complete system comes with the their fill valve and the DuoFlush valve and handle. It’s fast and easy to install and does not require any sort of tank removal. It takes less than 20 minutes, just take the old guts out and install the new ones. Find it for about $25 on Amazon. If you run into a running toilet problem, we’ll show you how to fix it yourself.

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gonicc pruning shearsAmazon

1. Gonicc Pruning Shears

Our top selling product of 2019 were these pruning shears. The Gonicc pruning shears are high-quality, durable, comfortable and are a must-have for any gardener.  The blades are made with a teflon and titanium coating, which makes them extremely sharp and prevents tree pulp build-up and any rust from forming on the blades. The handle is high quality aluminum, wrapped in a layer of PVC, which makes them very soft and comfortable to use.

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