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8 Best Shoe Organizers for Your Closet

Bring order to the shoe pile-up with these best-of-the-best organizers that target closet shoe storage.

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How to Prevent Shoes from Taking Over Your Closet

Clothes can be hung neatly on hangers. But shoes, in all different sizes and shapes, are another storage story. If you’re facing a shoe pile-up, take control with a simple game plan.

  • Sift through every pair. Donate what you no longer wear and toss those that have reached the end of their useful life.
  • Pull out off-season shoes. Relocate them elsewhere, such as in an underbed storage bin.
  • Assess what’s left. Take note of the number of pairs still needing a home and how many pairs of each shoe type are in your collection, then hunt down organizers tailored to your collection and storage space.

Check out these best-in-class solutions and conquer shoe clutter, once and for all.

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Best All-In-One Shoe Organizer

Nearly any type of shoe will fit on the Simple Houseware Six-Tier Shoe Rack Storage Organizer. The shelf-style unit holds a whopping 18 to 34 pairs of shoes, with enough clearance between shelves for taller, bulkier shoes. Each shelf bears up to 30 lbs.. A series of pockets along the side is ideal for flats, and the fabric “slings” where the shoes sit are machine washable.

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Best Adjustable Shoe Organizer

Storage needs can change over time, and the Yamazaki Home Adjustable Shoe Rack keeps up. It expands from 16.1 in. to 27.6 inches, and units can also be stacked together.

“It’s extremely versatile and can often be added to or repurposed as your needs change,” says Emi Louie, a professional organizer and Master KonMari Consultant. “It’s the kind of piece that you could easily take to a new home or move from a mudroom to a child’s closet as they grow.”

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Best Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

With a slim profile and plenty of length, this Over the Door 26-Shelf Mesh Shoe Organizer truly maximizes space.

The roomy compartments accommodate larger shoes the way a pocket-style shoe organizer doesn’t. A mesh front keeps shoes visible while providing a bit more polish than the plastic pockets commonly found on over-the-door organizers. Plus, a bonus shelf along the top is a great place to stash belts or ballcaps.

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Best Hanging Shoe Closet Organizer

When bifold or sliding closet doors rule out back-of-door storage, a rod hanging organizer is a smart alternative. With two sizes of pockets, this Household Essentials 10-Pocket Three Shelf Canvas Hanging Organizer can be used to store shoes and folded sweaters, depending on your storage needs. Two hooks — one on each side — distribute weight evenly and can hang on a closet rod or a wire shelf system.

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Best Shoe Storage for Heels

“Move your infrequently used shoes from your everyday shoe rack to the top shelf of your closet,” suggests Shannon Krause, chief operating organizer at Tidy Nest, who recommends these boxes to her clients. “Clear containers allow for easy visibility.”

They’re great for storing lesser-worn heels, keeping them stable and protected, but with easy access thanks to the drop-front design. They also stack neatly together, and can be grouped along a shelf or right on the closet floor.

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Best Shoe Organizer for Boots

Krause says that boot storage is a top complaint among her clients. Her answer: These boot shapers. Simply slide them into the boot shaft to hold them upright, keeping the space neat and your boots crease-free. The shapers also have hooks that can be hung from a closet rod if you have more hanging space than floor space.

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Best Shoe Organizer for a Small Closet

The narrow Yamazaki Home Slim Shoe Rack steps in to maximize every inch in a tiny space. “This shoe rack has an especially slim profile — it places shoes at an angle, which means it can be placed in a narrow space that wouldn’t typically be usable for shoe storage,” Louie says.

Tip: Place this rack within easy reach for frequently-worn shoes and shift your extra shoes to another spot.

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Best Closet System Shoe Organizer

Closet systems are investments that pay tidy dividends. The Elfa system from The Container Store includes pull-out shoe shelves with angled “pockets” that hold everything from flats to athletic shoes in place. Kelly McMenamin, an organizing coach with Pixies Did It, recommends the system because it can be mixed and matched with different shoe storage add-ons to meet your specific needs.

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