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9 Best Smokeless Fire Pits

If you love a good campfire but hate the sting of smoke in your eyes, our roundup of the best smokeless fire pits is exactly what you're looking for!

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Blue Sky Fireplace via merchant

How To Choose a Smokeless Fire Pit

Smokeless fire pits let you enjoy a fire without shifting around to avoid wind-blown smoke.

All work on the same basic concept: Two-walled construction draws air in the bottom of the outer wall, then vents the now-heated air into the top of the fire. This natural bellows effect creates an oxygen-rich environment, producing secondary combustion that burns the smoke particles to nothing before they can escape the fire pit.

While these don’t eliminate all smoke, they do an extraordinarily good job of reducing it to the point most people will hardly notice the occasional whiff. In short, a smokeless fire pit makes a campfire more enjoyable.

To find the right smokeless fire pit for you, consider these factors:


There’s a big range, from $70 for something basic to high-end models into the thousands of dollars. For a smokeless fire pit large enough for a group of friends to gather around, $300 to $600 is a reasonable budget.

Fuel type

A smokeless fire pit burns solid fuels like wood, charcoal or wood pellets. Most can burn multiple fuel types if needed, but manufacturers often design the venting and clean-out for one specific fuel type. Note that gas-burning fire pits are always smokeless.


If you think you’ll be taking the fire pit on a road trip, consider the weight as well as carrying convenience. Does it have handles? Also consider the ease of clean-out, because you don’t want to put an ash-covered pit in the back of your car.


Do you have a specific purpose in mind for this fire pit? Whether you plan to entertain a crowd or backpack solo through a national park will impact the size and capabilities of the ideal smokeless fire pit for you.

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Colsen Tabletop FireplaceMegan Mowery/Family Handyman

Best Affordable Smokeless Fire Pit

At less than $100, the Colsen tabletop fireplace proves that even those on a budget don’t need to settle for an unattractive, barely-functional fire pit. Its small size also makes it a great portable fire pit, and its minimalist concrete design spruces up a patio or adds ambiance to a picnic table.

Family Handyman’s senior affiliate editor, Megan Mowery, can vouch for the product firsthand. “I love that it runs on just rubbing alcohol, so I don’t have to keep any specialty fuel on hand,” she says.” “And assembling the fireplace couldn’t be easier. All I had to do was take it out of the box and fill it with the rubbing alcohol I already owned.”

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The Blue Sky Outdoor Living Pfp1513 Portable Smokeless Fire Pitvia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit on Amazon

The Blue Sky Outdoor Living PFP1513 portable smokeless fire pit is an excellent entry-level product. It weighs less than 19 lbs. and measures 12-1/2-in. in diameter, big enough for two or three campers to gather around.

It burns wood pellets, making it easy to bring a fire pit and fuel along on your adventures. Pellets are made of mostly wood-manufacturing byproducts like sawdust and small wood chips. Tightly compressed, they burn well.

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Solo Stove Lite Smokeless Fire Pitvia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Backpackers

If you want an ultra-light efficient burner for camping, the Solo Stove Lite is a great choice.

This model is intended for a solo backpacker or camper who wants enough heat to boil water, cook dinner and maybe roast a marshmallow or two. Weighing in at a shockingly light nine ounces, the Lite burner is a phenomenal addition to your camping kit.

Camping with a friend? Then scale up to the Solo Stove Titan or Campfire. It puts out more heat with slightly more carry weight.

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Huckberry Scout Firepitvia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Durability

What if you want a campfire that can take some abuse? Light your firewood without durability concerns with the Burly Scout fire pit.

The Scout’s 17-inch diameter is larger than most other portable units, but the designers didn’t sacrifice convenience! The white oak handles make it easier to pick up and move. Good thing, because this fire pit is not light. At 43 pounds, it offers a commanding presence in a busy campsite or on your patio.

It’s heavier due to its scaled-up size and thicker steel than you’ll find on most other dual-walled fire pits. That means it can take a beating. And as long as you clean out the ashes and allow rainwater to drain out the bottom, it should last for years.

For smokeless fire pit that maintains a factory fresh look, Burly offers the Gather. A larger, heavier log burner, it’s coated in high-temperature paint that can be touched up.

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Tiki Brand Fire Pit Via Amazonvia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Stylized Looks

Sure, aesthetics are subjective. But the distinctive segmented ribs of the Tiki Patio Fire Pit give it a matte-black tiki-torch feel that adds a sense of fun to any outdoor gathering spot. Just imagine sitting around this fire pit, enjoying some beverages (with or without tiny umbrellas) and watching the flames dance skyward, all without the smoke-avoidance shuffle.

The wood- or pellet-fueled fire gives off heat in a four-foot radius, making it a perfect party centerpiece. Even better, it’s got an easy-access ash pan so after-party clean-up is a breeze.

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Breeo X30 Insert With Searplate And Firemaster Packagevia merchant

Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Cooking

This splurge is the Cadillac of fire pit cooking. The Breeo X30 insert makes maximum use of every conceivable cooking surface. It includes the smokeless fire pit and an insert ring, and it’s also available in two smaller sizes if space or budget are concerns. Breeo web site reviewers say it arrives quickly, starts fires quickly and produces virtually no smoke.

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Biolite Firepit Smokeless Firepitvia merchant

Best High-Tech Smokeless Fire Pit

The idea of a high-tech fire pit seems contradictory, but once you see the BioLite FirePit+ you’ll understand its appeal. We love the all-mesh body that showcases its flickering flames; the rectangular design that holds standard-size firewood logs; and the ability to burn charcoal when you’re ready to grill.

The real standout feature? The battery-powered three-speed fan that lets you control the amount of air pumped into the fire. There’s also a corresponding smartphone app so you can tend the fire without giving up your seat.

If you’re thinking of taking the BioLite on a camping trip, consider picking up the solar charger (sold separately).

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Flame Genie Firepitvia merchant

Best Pellet-Fueled Smokeless Fire Pit

While the Flame Genie FG-16-SS isn’t the only pellet-fueled smokeless fire pit on this list, it does offer a terrific balance of size, price and durability.

It’s slightly larger than the Blue Sky pellet-burner we told you about earlier. giving it bonus points for portability. The optional stainless steel finish provides an extra layer of protection.

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Countryline 3 Ft. Fire Ringvia merchant

Best DIY Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Ring

If you’re reading Family Handyman, you’re probably already considering a DIY version of these smokeless fire pits! Best to go with a pre-made fire ring that can be combined with a stone fire pit or a secondary ring.

There are lots of options, but our favorite is this 36-inch galvanized steel ring from Tractor Supply Co. It needs holes drilled along the top and bottom, but it makes an excellent, affordable way to convert an existing fire pit into a smokeless wonder.

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