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Best Stick Vacuums for 2020

Get on the stick with your cleaning routine using one of these new school vacuums.  

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links.

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When was the last time you vacuumed a set of stairs with your old canister vac?  Or tried to reach those annoying cobwebs in the corners of your ceilings? These are just two chores that can be challenging with an old school vac. There’s a new school of capable stick vacuums that not only excel at the usual touch-up cleaning, but pack the power to be a primary home vac. Here are the best stick vacuums I’ve found, grouped in relevant categories. Find one that works for you and you may find yourself tossing your old vacuum to the curb.

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Best Cordless Stick Vac: Tineco A10 Hero+

You can’t beat the convenience of cordless. This Tineco Hero is not only one of the best in its class, it also makes my most-for-your-money list. With features and performance comparable to stick vacuums that cost twice as much, this cleaning machine is a great value. Here’s what you get:

  • High performance 350W motor;
  • Lightweight at only five lbs.;
  • Detachable battery that delivers 25 minutes of runtime;
  • Handheld option;
  • Three specialized brushes;
  • Four-stage fully sealed HEPA filtration.

Everything with this vacuum is well thought out, even its handy storage & charging dock. Plus, though powerful, it’s super quiet. That all makes for a clean and tranquil home.

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Best Corded Stick Vac: Shark Rocket Duo Clean

If you’re looking for the limitless run time and power of a corded vac with the compact convenience of a stick vac, this Shark Rocket is the best choice. It has the feel and features of a high-end canister vac without the hose or dust bag. Features include:

  • Different brush-rolls for carpet and floors;
  • Handheld option;
  • Easy access to the brush-roll for maintenance;
  • Pet multi-tool to capture embedded pet hair;
  • LED lights on the floor nozzle and handheld to spot debris in vacuum path.

The brush design on this Shark not only excels with carpet but also sucks up large debris with ease. With its 30-foot cord and large dust bin, you can tackle any large area in one pass. I like that the motorized floor nozzle also attaches to the handheld option, making easy work of vacuuming the stairs. This Shark is definitely a killer when it comes to cleaning!

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Best Budget Corded Stick Vac: Eureka Blaze

Most vacuums at this price point are not even worth considering, but the Eureka Blaze consistently earned high marks for its formidable cleaning power. If you live in a smaller space and are on a budget, this the perfect stick vacuum. Features include:

  • Three-in-one design — hand-held vacuum detaches and works by itself or with floor nozzle;
  • Unique swivel steering design improves maneuverability and cleaning efficiency;
  • Nozzle head picks up larger debris with ease;
  • Washable filtration system captures fine dust particles;
  • 18 ft. power cord and extra-large dust cup.

The versatility of this vacuum makes it great. The handheld with the crevice tool gets under those couch cushions, and the floor nozzle attachment adapts perfectly for stairs. Put it together as a stick vacuum and it handles hard floors and carpet remarkably well. So if you’re on a shoestring budget and have high standards for a clean abode, this is the vacuum for you.

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Best Budget Cordless Stick Vac: Hoover Linx

You used to pay a lot for a quality battery powered vacuum. Not so with the Hoover Linx. This stick vacuum will “hoover” a small space in one charge and has plenty of power to get the job done. Features include:

  • Detachable lithium-ion battery. If you get two batteries you can easily clean a larger home with no down time;
  • Reclining handle allows you to reach further and get underneath furniture;
  • Edge cleaning bristles clean those hard-to-reach edges;
  • Wind tunnel technology creates strong channel of suction to lift deeply embedded dirt.
  • Lightweight at under 10 lbs.

The powered brush roll on this Hoover does a great job on carpet, and its low profile design is great for those dust repositories under your furniture. All in all this is an amazing cordless option for less than $150.

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Best With No Budget Stick Vac: Dyson V-11 Outsize

If you’re a clean freak and will spare no expense in keeping your house spotless, then you’ll want to “outsize” your cleaning abilities with this Dyson V-11. This is the future of the vacuum. Its features include:

  • Extra large dustbin for longer cleans between emptying;
  • Dyson DLS™ technology adapts motor speed and torque to changes in floor type, extending runtime;
  • LCD screen displays runtime, performance and maintenance alerts;
  • Dyson’s only vacuum with two batteries, up to 120 minutes of runtime;
  • HEPA whole-machine filtration traps most of particles, dust and allergens;
  • Five Dyson-engineered tools including a mini-motorized upholstery tool;
  • Converts to a handheld for cleaning cars, stairs and upholstery.

Not only is this stick vac packed with a ton of great features, its cyclonic design generates an amazing amount of suction. Dyson claims it is the most powerful of their entire line of acclaimed vacuums. If you want the best of the best, for the cleanest of clean, look no further. This is the Holy Grail of stick vacuums.

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Best Tool System Stick Vac: Makita 18-Volt LXT

If some of you are tool fanatics like myself, you already own at least one cordless tool. My favorite electrician, who always cleans up after himself, let me use his Makita LXT vac on the job one day. I was so impressed I bought one for myself. That vacuum got hijacked to be our touch-up vac at home, so now I need to buy another for my job sites. Basic features include:

  • Thirty minutes of run time from a fully-charged 18-Volt 5.0Ah LXT battery;
  • Bagless two-stage cloth filtration system allows for easier cleaning and quicker debris disposal;
  • It’s light, weighing a little more than three pounds with battery;
  • Large dust bin for longer time between waste disposal;
  • Three-year limited warranty.

It wouldn’t surprise me if a large percentage of bachelor carpenters make this their primary household vacuum. It’s powerful, reliable and gets the job done with the same batteries found in your favorite cordless drill.

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Best Touch-Up Stick Vac: Hoover ONEPWR Blade

I recently got a robotic vacuum. It’s amazing, but limited. If you need a secondary vacuum to complement your robovac, or another mainstay vacuum, this new Hoover ONEPWR Blade will handle all those tough-to-get places as well as the occasional touch up. Features include:

  • Removable lithium-ion battery offering 35 minutes of run time;
  • Multi-surface floor nozzle;
  • LED floor light;
  • Detachable head for use as handheld vacuum.

Hoover’s DustVault technology is what makes this stick vacuum so efficient. It captures the majority of dust and fine particles with no loss of suction. This means quality cleaning on demand so you can tidy up those spots that got missed and the occasional mishap messes.

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Best Stick Vac For Pets: Black & Decker Power Series Pet

If you have fuzzy friends in the house you know the added challenge of keeping a clean house. The Black & Decker Power Series Pro Pet vacuum is designed specifically for managing pet hair and messes. Features include:

  • Two-in-one vacuum with removable canister;
  • Dust compactor allows canister to hold more;
  • Auto sense adjusts suction from bare floor to thick carpet;
  • Battery sense shows remaining battery;
  • Filter sense alerts you to clean the filter;
  • Anti-tangle rubber bristles for deep cleaning on floors;
  • Multiple accessories for pet hair.

The power of this vacuum and a run time of up to 60 minutes provides efficient eradication of pet hair. And the dust bin compactor means fewer trips to the trash can. This all equates to more quality time with your canine or feline companions.

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Best Stick Vac for Allergies: Dyson V8 Absolute

If you suffer from allergies, be sure that your vacuum isn’t aggravating your condition. The Dyson V8 has one of the most efficient contained filter systems available on a stick vacuum. Other features include:

  • Lightweight and versatile;
  • Direct drive cleaner head drives stiff nylon bristles into carpets to capture deep-down dirt;
  • Washable lifetime filter;
  • Powerful Dyson digital V8 motor.

Not only is the HEPA filtration of this Dyson the best, but it also has unparalleled power for this type of vacuum. It’s bold of Dyson to call this vacuum the Absolute, but its smart design and quality features make it worthy of that title.

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Best Stick Vac Overall: Roborock H6

RoboRock is known for making amazing robovacs, and this is their first venture into the world of handheld vacs. After three years of research and testing they recently released this vacuum, and it’s a force to be reckoned with. Its performance factors and features rival the highest-rated stick vacuums out there. Here’s what you get:

  • Ninety minutes of run time in Eco mode;
  • Lightweight and well-balanced at just three lbs.;
  • Five-stage filter system captures particles down to three-tenths of a micron;
  • Quiet and powerful 420Watt brushless motor
  • Separate motorized floor, carpet and mini=brush attachments

Roborock won the 2020 Red Dot Award for product design with this vacuum. This is an everyday, do-it-all vacuum that excels in every way. Its smart design with filter efficiency, canister capacity and battery life all represent the best of the key improvements that raise stick vacuums to a new plateau of worthiness.

The Roborock H6 is expected to be available on Amazon on May 18, 2020.