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Best Synthetic Car Waxes for 2022

Synthetic car wax lasts longer than natural wax, but with so many options, choosing can be tough. Here are six top-performing synthetic car waxes.

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What is Synthetic Car Wax?

Synthetic car wax is a mixture of chemical polymers designed to improve the sheen and resilience of vehicle paint. Like its natural counterpart, synthetic wax comes in paste, liquid and spray-on versions.

Unlike natural wax, many synthetics are designed to bond chemically with car paint, providing deeper, longer lasting protection. Results aren’t as shiny as natural carnauba wax, but the increased durability makes synthetic wax perfect for those who don’t have time to re-coat their vehicles very often.

Want to give synthetic car wax a try? Keep reading for six of the best synthetics you can buy.

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Mothers California Gold Synthetic Car Wax

This liquid synthetic wax is known for its great shine and ease of application. Many car waxes are quite labor intensive to apply, and even more so to buff to a finished sheen. Not this one.

“I’ve always been a fan of Mothers products not only because they work well, but also because they are all super-user friendly and this wax was no exception. The product spread fairly easily and removal was a breeze. It didn’t matter if I waited 15 minutes or just 5 minutes… the product wiped off effortlessly,” wrote one Amazon consumer.

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Carfidant Premium Liquid Wax Kit

This liquid wax kit is a great find for vehicle owners who don’t want to invest lots of time or money in waxing. For $23, you get a bottle of wax, specially made foam applicator pad and an ultra-soft microfiber towel for hand buffing. This kit has everything needed to give your car a striking sheen and fairly long-lasting protection.

One Amazon consumer reported, “I bought this wax for my husband. He was so happy to try it out. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as he’s so picky with his car products. He has a Mustang and he only trusts certain brands. He actually told me this was the best wax he has ever used on his car!”

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Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All

This kit from Aero Cosmetics provides a waterless wash and protective waxy coating in one easy application. Originally developed for cleaning and protecting aircraft, the product simply sprays on and wipes off, taking dirt and grime with it, and leaving behind a glossy layer of protection. It’s great for cars, boats, RVs, motorbikes, planes and more.

Buyers, including this Amazon consumer, are particularly impressed with the product’s water-shedding properties. “…this works better than any other waxing method I have ever used on my car. I have used stand alone wax and soap with wax in it and this stuff makes the water bead better.”

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Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax

Unlike almost all car waxes, this synthetic paste wax can safely be applied in direct sunlight. Most waxes don’t handle sun well during application, baking dry in just a few minutes, and becoming difficult to buff off and streaky. Use Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax and you won’t have to wait for a cloudy day or stay in your garage to wax your car. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best car wax removers.

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All American Car Care Products Banana Wax

I have found that at $40 for a whole gallon, this liquid wax gives some of the best and shiniest results for the price. Like many synthetic liquid waxes, it goes on and buffs off quickly and easily. Plus, the manufacturer is committed to producing only eco-friendly products.

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3M Synthetic Wax Protectant

This liquid wax from 3M isn’t cheap, but it looks better and lasts much longer than many others. This product includes paint bonding polymers and polish in one bottle. It’s easily applied, and if done properly, can last up to six months before re-coating is necessary.

Experienced car detailers and this Amazon consumer are believers: “I’ve been using this wax for 35 years. I’m a car guy and have tried just about every other wax out there. At the end of the day this is by far the best wax to use on any finish… Lasts longer than any other wax I’ve tried. Pricey, worth the extra cost.”

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