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10 Best Tools for Getting Rid of Weeds

The right tool for weeding makes the task easier and more effective. These are some of the best weeding tools.

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Best Multi-Purpose Weeding Tool

Tackle the toughest weeds with the CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator garden tool. The revolutionary arched blade is designed to cut through any type of soil to make short work of pulling weeds. It gets easily around weed-infested vegetables without damaging the “good” roots.

The CobraHead not only weeds, but it also helps you dig, cultivate, plant and more! It will probably be the most-used tool in your shed.

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Best Weeding Tool for Dandelions

Experienced gardeners know the best way to remove dandelions from lawns is by loosening the soil first, then gently pulling them out by hand. The Edward Tools weeding tool is a remarkably balanced hand tool with a bulbous metal base that uses leverage action — it pops dandelions up and out of the ground effortlessly.

Made of rust-proof stainless steel with a solid wooden handle, this amazing device works wonders to rid your lawn and garden of dandelions and other big, difficult weeds.

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Best Weeding Tool for Thick-Stem Weeds

If you’re facing the prospect of clearing thick, overgrown brush, the Joshua Roth Japanese weeding sickle is made just for you. Invented in Japan, the half-moon-shaped blade is forged of high-carbon steel with forward weight and an extremely sharp edge. Together these features make it easy to whack down stubborn stalks in minutes instead of hours.

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Best Deep-Root Weeding Tool

“The 100 percent USA made Power Planter DIY Guru Auger is a great weeding tool for deep roots, or rocky or clay soil,” says Katie Dubow, gardening expert and president of Garden Media Group. The solid-steel auger attachment for your drill (3/8-in. or larger) does most of the work for you.

“In the twisting process, it loosens any type of soil making it a breeze to remove weeds,” Dubow says. “It also pulverizes any remaining roots, reducing the chance of future weeds.” And it comes with a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

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Best Extending Weeding Tool

Go where no weeding tool has gone before with the Corona ComfortGEL extendable-handle weeder. Telescoping up to 40 inches, the sharpened fork-tip can reach under shrubs and garden benches, between fence posts and into other hard-to-get-to places.

Toil in the soil for hours — the trapezoid-shaped handle design and ComfortGel grip is virtually blister-proof. When a short-handled tool just won’t cut it, the Corona will.

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Best Claw-Style Weeding Tool

Billed as the original stand-up weed puller, the Grampa’s Weeder lets you pluck pesky weeds out of the ground without bending over and hurting your back and knees.

This weeding tool is perfect for extracting crabgrass, thistles and other rooting invaders from your lawn. Just center the tool over the weed, press the forked end into the ground and tilt the handle (closing the claw). It grabs tightly onto the root and with a lift, and out it comes!

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Best Weeding Tool for Lakes and Ponds

Clear the shoreline around docks and beach areas for boaters and swimmers to enjoy with the easy-to-use Jenlis Weed Razer ST.

Toss the Razer into the water and reel it back in — it’s light enough to throw easily, yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the lake or pond. Its V-shaped head and rustproof stainless-steel blades slice through aquatic vegetation and weeds including milfoil, cattails, lily pads, grasses and more.

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Best Weeding Tool for Flower Beds

When weeding your flower beds, you need something slim that won’t disrupt the flowers’ roots. The Radius Ergonomic Weeder is the ideal tool for that.

Measuring less than three inches wide, its serrated blade plunges into the soil with ease, and its ergonomic design won’t stress your wrists. Member tested and recommended by the National Home Gardening Club, it’s the best choice for small spaces.

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Best Weeding Tool for Kids

Little ones are more likely to get down in the weeds with Mom and Dad when they have child-sized equipment. The G & F JustForKids garden tools set includes a trio of tiny wooden and metal tools (a hand rake, shovel and trowel), along with a cheery canvas tote to carry them.

Apart from their scaled-down size and rounded corners, the tools look and work just like grown-up ones. For ages five and up.

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Best Weeding Gloves

If you spend a lot of time gardening, you know garden gloves are essential weeding gear. NNBB garden gloves with fingertip claws are made of strong, flexible rubber latex to protect hands from sharp thorns and spiky thistles.

But that’s not all. They also help you get a grip on weeds, thanks to their claw-like fingertips that help you dig down into the soil to reach the roots. The fingertips are also great at making holes for planting.

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