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Energy Efficient Windows

Alpen has provided windows in the Arctic Circle and to the Empire State Building. Learn more about the brand in this story.

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Alpen windows and doors

Alpen has been producing high performance super-insulated windows and door products for over 30 years for both residential and commercial buildings to keep your home or business as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. Alpen has provided windows in both Antarctica and the Arctic Circle and have supplied windows to the Empire State Building that are designed for 110-mph winds.

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Uber-efficient windows

Alpenscurrent entry level windows, theZenith Series ZR-5,perform better than most of their competitors best windows. These are a fiberglass frame window that you can get in a casement or slider style. You can expect whole window (outside frame to frame) R-values at R-4.8 to R-5.9 Foran example: standard windows with a single pane of clear glass has the equivalent R value of R-1. This Zenith Series offers options for a full frame window of up to R-10 in the ZR10 series.

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What’s so important about super-insulated doors and windows?

Windows are essentiallyholesin aninsulated wall.Theseholes in the wall areintendedto provide views, light, ventilationandegress.A window manufacturersultimategoal is to make a high performing window that insulates/performs as well as an exterior wall. This allowsbuilders and designers to have the option of usinglargerwindows, while still achieving high performanceR valuesthroughout the whole wallwhich can be very difficult to do.

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Best windows

The AlpenTyrol Serieshasthe highest NFRCwhole window rating of anywindowmanufacturedin North America.The frameis made from aproprietarycombination ofuPVC andfiberglassreinforcement thatis forminga high-tech composite(similar to material you would normally seeonlyin race cars or jetaircraft)this high-tech compositecombinesstrength and insulating performance. Alpenthenaddsadditionalinsulation in theframe, then ahigh-performanceglass.

With theseEuropean stylefixed frames,or tilt turn/hopperwindows, you can expect whole window valuesranging fromR-5.6 to R-10, depending on what glass option you go with.Thats almost as much as some wall assemblies!

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What makesAlpenshigh-performance products unique?

There are a fewveryimportant (and unexpected!) things you should know about windows before selecting the one thatwill work best for you:


-In North America, the most recognizedperformance-ratingsystem for windows is a labellistingthe windows verifiedcapabilities. Thisinformation is also maintained in the product directory of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).
-The NFRClabelprovidesenergy performance measurements based on rigorousstandardizedtesting andwas designedtoprovideverified informationto consumers.This allowsconsumers to be confident in any energy performance claims made by a manufacturer. This is non-bias testing thatwontallow anyone to fluff their numbers.
-Alpen windows have the highest NFRC certifiedwhole windowratingsof any window manufactured in North Americaat R-10(U-factor of0.10).Alpen also maintains ratings/certificationsfromthe American Architectural Manufacturers Association (forverifiedstructuralintegrity), Passive House (for high performing buildings) andtheLiving Building ChallengeDeclare Program(for super-healthy buildings).

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Custom-craftedin the factory

Alpendoesnot stock any pre-made products. Everywindow shape, jamb, color,and stylearemade for specific projects.And each glass package is unique as well.A(sunny) west-facing windows shouldn’t be exactly the same asanorth-facing window. Every Alpen window, door and glass unit is custom-crafted to exactspecifications.There are less expensivewindows on the market, but it would be tough to find a betterone.