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Best Wireless Security Cameras for 2020

There are a lot of wireless security cameras on the market. Here are the best indoor, outdoor, budget, doorbell and smart lock cameras out there.

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Security camerakrisanapong detraphiphat/Getty Images

Choosing a Wireless Security Camera

Wireless security cameras are super fast to install because they don’t need to be wired into your home’s electrical system. They easily connect to your home’s internet network through WiFi or Bluetooth. When purchasing, make sure to look for cameras with a wider field of view (how much area the camera can “see” — it typically ranges from a 130 to 180 degrees), night vision and HDR (high dynamic range) capability for the best images possible. After all, there’s no point in having a security camera if you can’t identify what it shows. Also, consider a camera with extra security features like an alarm, floodlight, emergency calling and two-way audio.

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Blink security cameravia

Best Indoor Wireless Security Camera

The Blink Indoor Home Security Camera rates higher than any other wireless camera meant solely for indoor use. Motion detection is one of the many options.

“When the camera detects motion the alerts come super fast,” said a reviewer on Amazon. “There is zero hassle to install. In my basement I installed one on the ceiling so I can check my boiler and water heater when I travel. Every camera comes with a multi angle mounting bracket. I am SOOOOOO happy I bought these cameras! I am planning on getting more!”

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Wyze security cameravia

Best Indoor Budget-Friendly Wireless Security Camera

The Wyze Cam is only $26, yet comes with a lot of great features that leave other budget cameras in the dust. While many inexpensive cameras just record, Wyze Cam has two-way audio and free cloud storage. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Lockly cameravia

Best Indoor Wireless Smart Lock Security Camera

Hands-down, the best smart lock with an integrated smart security camera is the Lockly Vision. This lock has unparalleled features, including six ways to unlock, fingerprint detection, voice control and innovative security features to keep your home and data safe. The camera on the lock has HD color footage. And while using the camera, you can talk to whoever is at your door.

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Ring cameravia

Best Indoor/Outdoor Combo Wireless Security Camera

The Ring Stick Up Cam has more features and a better app than any other wireless indoor camera on the market, but it can also be used outdoors. Top features include two-way audio and Alexa functionality. It can also be mounted on a wall or placed on any flat surface. Plus, it has a 140-degree field of view with clear HD video quality.

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Arlo cameravia

Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

The best wireless security camera on the market is the Arlo Ultra. With a 180 degree field of view coupled with 4K HDR video quality, this camera will capture a largest area around your home with the highest clarity of any other. It also comes with night vision, a siren, and two-way audio that lets you hear and talk to people in your yard.

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Wansview cameravia

Best Budget-Friendly Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

At $37, the Wansview Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera is much less expensive than other cameras on this list. But it still has a lot of great features and draws 4.3 star rating on Amazon. It connects with Alexa, comes with night vision, and the video can be viewed on its app.

“I tried this camera and I couldn’t believe how good image resolution (it) has, even on the night vision mode,” wrote an Amazon reviewer.

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Arlo floodlight cameravia

Best Wireless Security Camera with a Floodlight

By far, the best wireless security camera with a floodlight is the Arlo Pro 3. It features a 160-degree field of view, color night vision, an 80-decibel siren and a great app. The main feature, though, is the adjustable 2,000- to 3,000-lumen floodlight — the brightest available in a top-of-the-line security camera — which can light up your entire yard. Overall, no other floodlight camera can beat this one’s light power and features package.

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Ring Doorbellvia

Best Wireless Doorbell Camera

A doorbell camera is basically a smart doorbell with a security camera built-in. The best of the pack is the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen. Why? Ease of use, its great app, the crisp HD video, and the ability to let you talk to anyone who rings the doorbell.

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