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7 Best Wireless Security Systems for 2022

From solar powered devices to AI learning, these systems have it all.

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Why Get a Wireless Security System?

Wireless security systems are much more common today than wired systems. This is because they offer important benefits:

  • There’s no need to hire a professional installer. Just about anyone can install a wireless security system in an afternoon. Some wireless home security systems can be installed without any tools.

  • Because you don’t need to hire a professional installer, you can save $150 to $500.

  • Wireless systems often have Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning to make your life easier.

  • No wires mean no holes in the walls, which is perfect for renters.

Here are seven top wireless home security systems for you to consider.

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People love Vivint, and it’s easy to see why. This home security company has an almost staggering amount of security devices, from smart locks to flood detectors, and a wide range of packages to choose from.

Vivint features 24/7 alarm monitoring, and systems that can tell the difference between your pet and an intruder. Plus, their devices can be paired with other smart devices in your home, like Google Home and anything controlled via Alexa. And the system’s AI can learn your habits so it can help run security operations better.

Prices depend on what type of system you custom-build with the help of a representative, but monitoring services start at $19.99 per month.

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SimpliSafe wireless home security system packages offer the most quality and services for the least amount of money.

The company provides live monitoring and a wide range of device options and package sizes. The sensors are pet friendly, meaning they detect human movement only. The company also has a feature that filters out false alarms with visual verification. Their packages range from less than $200 and top out at less than $400.

You may custom-build a package, which can save you money by including only the devices you need. In addition, you can save 25 percent by purchasing refurbished devices. Monitoring fees range from $15 to $25 per month depending on the package.

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Ring offers the most devices powered by solar, including outdoor cameras, floodlights, yard lights and doorbell cameras. That’s great if you’re looking to save on your energy bill, avoid changing batteries, or just want to help save the planet.

Solar isn’t the only perk with Ring, though. It has one of the best security apps on the market. The app is easy to use, doesn’t glitch out and includes a service where you can connect to your neighbors to increase community awareness and safety.

Kits range from $200 to $330, but these only come with a base station, contact sensor, motion detectors, a keypad and a range extender. You’ll pay extra for doorbell cameras, security cameras, lights, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and other devices. Video storage for all your devices and 24/7 monitoring for your Ring alarm runs $10 a month or $100 a year.

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Like other wireless security systems, Cove has lots of devices and 24/7 monitoring services. But two particular features make it stand out. One, it automatically calls police if the panel is smashed, so even if burglars disable your system the authorities will still be on their way. Two, their RapidSOS emergency dispatch integration can “reduce emergency response times by an estimated three to four minutes,” according to Cove.

Basic packages start at around $200, and monitoring packages start at around $15 per month.

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Abode is a DIYer favorite because it is simple to buy and install without any outside help. No need to call a representative to build a system, like with Vivint or Adler, and the devices can be set up quickly without any tools.

Kit prices start in the $350 range and can go as high as $425. The monitoring fee is particularly inexpensive, just $8.33 per month, although you must pay for the months upfront each year ($100).

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Frontpoint may not be one of the best known security systems, but it is one of the smartest.

Its system learns your routines so that it can detect abnormal activity in your home and alert you to it. If you’re at work at the same time every day and someone enters your home while the system believes you’re at work, you’ll get a notification. It can also tell the difference between a pet and a human, alert you to dangerous weather and even set up alerts to tell you when your kids are home from school.

Packages start at around $100 and can go up to around $500. Monitoring fees range from $45 to $50 per month. Some experts say that Frontpoint is the best wireless home security system.

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Adler describes itself as the faster wireless home security provider. According to the company, “In 2017, our monitoring center responded to 2,376,033 medical, fire and burglary alarms in an average of 3.4 seconds or less. That’s 10x faster than other alarm companies!”

Beyond that, the company has a wide selection of devices that cover everything from home security with sensors and cameras, to personal security with medical alert devices and smoke detectors. Prices depend on what type of package you build with the help of a representative. Monitoring services start at around $40 per month.

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