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6 Christmas Inflatables Your Neighbors May Not Like

Let's face it—not all holiday decorations are worth celebrating. Some decorations can actually be a real eyesore. Here are 11 Christmas inflatables your neighbors probably won't appreciate this holiday season.

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Outhouse Santa

Who wouldn’t want a giant Santa coming out of an outhouse in their front yard? While it may be funny to you, holiday bathroom humor may not be as funny to the family across the street! These nine handy decorating tips will help you get ready for the holidays.

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Dog vs. Hydrant

This 6-foot Christmas inflatable of a dog doing his business on a fire hydrant just screams “Happy Holidays,” doesn’t it? You’ll probably get some eyerolls if you put this in your front yard! Deck the halls with these 14 amazing DIY Christmas decor ideas.

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Santa on Fire

Oops, Santa’s pants are on fire! But don’t fear, firefighter Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer is here to put out the flames. There’s a chance you might traumatize the neighbor kids if you put this in your yard! If you have these holiday decorations, watch out for these fire hazards.

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Holiday Unicorn

Christmas is the most magical time of the year so why not decorate with… a magical unicorn? If you put this Christmas inflatable in your yard, you should be ready to answer the question, “What does a unicorn have to do with Christmas?” Check out these 15 last-minute holiday decorating ideas.

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Snowman vs. Dog

Happy holidays from the dog doing his business on the snowman! This Christmas inflatable may be funny to you, but there’s a chance your neighbors won’t all agree! Keep your home safe when decorating for the holidays with these 12 tips.

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Santa Gets Pantsed

There are a lot of Christmas inflatables on the market that feature dogs doing bad things. Here’s Fido going after Santa’s pants as he tries to escape while climbing up the Christmas tree. We love the expression on Santa’s face! Check out these 50 tiny homes decorated for the holidays.

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