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15 Gorgeous Colored Christmas Trees

Feel like shaking things up a bit this Christmas? Why not go for a tree that's pink, red, turquoise or even black? We're intrigued by these uncustomary colored Christmas trees.

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Glitter Silver Christmas Tree with Frosted Tips

This tall, silver stunner is a great way to dip your toe into colored Christmas trees if you’re not quite ready for a deep dive. This tree retains a somewhat traditional look while out-glitzing the standard green pine.

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Blue Pencil Christmas Tree

Gold and silver ornaments will make this bright blue tree the perfect combination between bold and classy. The slim shape makes this tree perfect for the corner of a large room or as the focal point in a smaller space.

Here are 12 cool traditional Christmas tree alternatives.

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Periwinkle Christmas Tree

This flocked, periwinkle-blue Christmas tree comes pre-lit with 600 warm-white LED lights. As a bonus, this tree also comes with an off-season storage bag and gloves to protect your hands while decorating. Check out how to flock a Christmas tree.

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Slim Black Pop-Up Christmas Tree

Can you ever go wrong with black? This daring addition to the colored Christmas tree trend features a super slim shape and a sassy attitude. Bonus: You can use it for Halloween, too!

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Red Glittery Christmas Tree

Remember last year when Melania Trump caused a stir with her nontraditional cranberry-colored Christmas trees? Mix things up in your own home and spark conversation with this stunning, slim shiny red Christmas tree.

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Champagne Christmas Tree

This plump and opulent Christmas tree celebrates the season with its beautiful gold hue. This shiny tree stands 6-ft. tall and has almost 1,500 tips. Make sure the season is merry and bright with these helpful Christmas tree decorating tips.

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Rainbow Christmas Tree

Feel like completely breaking with tradition this year? If so, this rainbow Christmas tree may be right up your alley! Perfect for a fun holiday party or an additional tree in the kids’ playroom, this colorful Christmas tree may not be for everyone, but it sure makes a statement!

Why do some people hang a pickle on their Christmas tree?

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Moonlight White Christmas Tree

On the other end of the spectrum, this iridescent white Christmas tree features clear lights that give it a wintery glimmer and a timeless elegance.

Need a super-sturdy Christmas tree stand? Here’s how to build one.

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Pretty in Pink Tree

Pink Christmas trees are having a moment. This eye-catching tree will be right on trend when decorated with gold, silver and white ornaments. For more inspiration, take a look at our roundup of 10 pink Christmas trees that’ll make you rethink holiday traditions.

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Silver Shadow Ombre Tree

If you’re into black, but don’t want to fully commit, this ombre tree may appeal to you. It features clear lights and you can bet this tree will be a conversation starter.

If you can’t get enough ombre, check out these ombre wallpaper options.

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Purple Christmas Tree

We’re thinking that Prince would’ve loved this purple tree. Make a big statement this year with this bold color choice. If you’re unsure, here is how to choose between a real or fake Christmas tree.

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Turquoise Christmas Tree

Bring in the beach vibes this season with a turquoise Christmas tree. Dress it up with some sand dollar and starfish ornaments in white and pale pink for a sweet ode to summer and warmer winter climates.

All pet owners need this Christmas tree.

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Soft Lime-Green Christmas Tree

For those who want something just a little different, consider this cheerful lime-green tree. It’s small in stature, making it perfect for a bedroom or entryway.

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Pre-Lit Multi-Color White Christmas Tree

This petite 4-foot Christmas tree is lit from within by soft-colored lights. It looks ethereal in a dimly lit room. Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to string Christmas lights.

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