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11 Colorful Plants to Brighten Your Home Office

Plants add life and color wherever they grow. If your work space is drab, consider one or more colorful houseplants to brighten it up.

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Woman sitting in home office with plantThomas Barwick/Getty Images

Plants to the Rescue

Indoor plants can be a simple and relatively inexpensive way to bring a boost of life and joy into your home. Green plants are traditional favorites, but perhaps now’s the time to switch things up with pops of color from plants, especially in your home workspace.

Studies have shown that people seem to concentrate better when they’re around plants, and the plants provide a calming effect. From this we can conclude it’s a great idea to have plants in your workspace!

In addition, colors have psychological effects. And while green is calming, look for work space plants with energetic, happy orange, joyful, creative pink or cheerful yellow leaves to spice things up a bit.

Here are 11 colorful work space plants to consider.

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Spiderwort plantphotoshkolnik/Getty Images


Sometimes called Spiderwort, this is an excellent hanging houseplant that wants room to grow. The patterns and colors will vary based on the variety, but keep an eye out for white and green striped leaves with purple undersides, as well as purple and pink striped leaves. Tradescantia doesn’t love overly-bright light and prefers to dry out between waterings.

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OrchidAYImages/Getty Images

Phalaenopsis Orchid

They may look delicate, but colorful Phalaenopsis orchids are actually tough to kill and don’t require much care. Some simply require three ice cubes per week to stay alive. However, be warned that some orchids can be on the fussy side.

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Croton plantMentalArt/Getty Images


Typically, yellow leaves are a sign that the plant is struggling. However, a bold, healthy Croton plant shows off bright yellow, red, orange and sometimes black leaves. Croton grows outdoors in warm, humid climates and is an excellent houseplant everywhere.

According to Gardening Know How, don’t be surprised if some or all of the leaves drop off a croton plant shortly after you bring it home. They don’t like to be moved! Be patient and the new leaves will grow and you’ll have a thriving, colorful houseplant.

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Ruby rubber plantCrystal Bolin Photography/Getty Images

Ruby Rubber Tree

The pink version of the classic rubber tree (a.k.a. ficus elastica) features striking deep pink variegated leaves and grows well in medium, indirect light. Maintain the glossy leaves by misting your plant and wiping each leaf with a cloth when the leaves look dusty. This plant gets bonus points because it is regarded as an air purifying plant.

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Stromanthe plantCrystal Bolin Photography/Getty Images

Stromanthe Triostar

With variegated foliage in shades of cream and pink with burgundy underneath, you won’t be able to pass up this unique tropical plant! Native to Brazil, these vibrant plants can grow two to three feet tall at maturity in bright, indirect light. Learn about houseplants that are perfect for every room in your house.

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Purple Passion Plant

The purple passion plant has been admired as a houseplant for hundreds of years. It’s intriguing. Although the leaves of this plant are technically green, they are covered in fine velvet-like hairs that give the leaves a bright purple sheen.

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Anthurium Plantcynoclub/Getty Images


You may recognize this waxy scene-stealer from cut-flower bouquets, but you can also keep one in your workspace. And lucky for you, it blooms all year round. Keep this plant up high because it can be poisonous to pets and children.

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Polka dot plantNalin Prutimongkol/Getty Images

Polka Dot Plant

It’s obvious how these cheery plants got their name. Liberally spotted with pink, red, or white against dark green leaves, Polka Dot plants love a sunny window and regular watering. Learn some great tips for keeping plants healthy throughout the winter.

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Earth star plantferlistockphoto/Getty Images


This sweet bromeliad, also known as an Earth Star, grows wild on the rain forest floor. These plants are easy to grow, available in a variety of color combinations and are not toxic to pets.

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Fittonia plantYippa/Getty Images


Also known as Nerve Plant, this little drama queen isn’t one of the easiest plants to care for, but certainly makes up for it with stunning good looks. Originally from Peru, Fittoni plants have vivid veins that run through the leaves, typically in hues of red, pink or white. While these can be temperamental plants, keeping them in low light with high humidity should keep them healthy. If you’d like to make a DIY terrarium, consider including a Fittonia!

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Red aglaonemaChansom Pantip/Getty Images


Also known as Chinese evergreen, this is a great plant for beginners because they are super-low maintenance. The color depends on the variety, so look out for “Red Aglaonema” (shown here), “Anyanmanee” and “Pink Dalmatian” for a splash of color in your workspace. Check out eight clever tips for setting up a productive home office.