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Cookie Cutters for DIY Enthusiasts

From a hard hat to a sewing machine, these cookie cutters will please all sorts of DIYers.

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A Sweet Set of Tools

These cookie cutters can be given to your favorite DIYer in their gift box, or you could buy these cookie cutters, bake the cookies, decorate them (they don’t have to be as fancy as these!) and give that handyperson a cookie plate to remember. Check out these 15 things every homeowner should add to their tool collection.

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Drill Cookie Cutter

Surprise the family member who loves home improvement with this drill cookie cutter. You can also use it as a pancake mold, or for fondant, soft fruits, bread, sandwiches or, cheese! Here are 13 Amazon items that every DIYer will want.

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Art-Themed Cookie Cutters

Whether for the young artist in your life, or someone who has been painting for years, these art-themed cookie cutters are a fun addition to any cookie cutter collection. The set comes with a paintbrush, paint tube, palette and easel stand. Here’s how to create inexpensive DIY artwork in minutes.

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Watering Can Cookie Cutter

This is the perfect gift for gardeners! The cutter even comes with decorating ideas and a recipe for the cookies. The cutter is made of heavy-duty tin-plated steel to withstand years of cookie cutting fun. Take a look at these 26 incredible gift ideas for gardeners.

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Lawn Mower Cookie Cutter

For the friend who actually loves to spend their Saturday out in the sunshine mowing the lawn, bake them an adorable batch of lawnmower cookies. They’ll love the thoughtful gift. Maybe write down these 10 handy mowing tips and put them in the cookie tin!

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Hard Hat Cookie Cutter and Stamp

This cookie cutter is for the hard-working construction pro. You’ll also get a stamp, which is made as a separate piece to account for any cookie thickness. Bake a batch for the crew working on your house! Here’s the safety gear every DIYer should own.

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Hand Tool Cookie Cutter Collection

This set of cookie cutters is made of copper and the cutters are pretty enough to use as decor! As a gift to the handyperson in your life, consider baking a delicious set of “tools.” They’ll not only love the cookies, but enjoy looking at them in the form of pliers, a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, an open-end wrench, a hammer and a box-end wrench! Take a look at these 23 hand tool gift ideas for DIYers.

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Charcoal Grill Cookie Cutter

This charcoal grill cookie cutter is sure to put a smile on the face of your family member or friend who spends countless hours flipping burgers in the backyard. Take a look at these 30 grill tips you wish you knew sooner.

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Chef Hat Cookie Cutter and Stamp

Maybe you don’t like to cook, but for the person in your life responsible for creating all those delicious meals and scrumptious baked goods, gift them this adorable chef hat. It also comes with a stamp! Check out these 10 cooking tools you can get cheap at the hardware store.

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Sewing Machine Cookie Cutter

For every pair of pants hemmed, every button sewed back on and hole patched, there’s someone you can thank for that! The person responsible for keeping your clothes intact deserves a thank you, so why not show them you care with a batch of sewing machine cookies?!

Check out these 12 gifts for kids that like to DIY, including a beginner’s sewing machine.

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