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10 Cool Pool Water Features

Your pool will be the talk of the neighborhood when you add one of these fun pool water features.

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Backyard Swimming Pool water features Gettyimages 155377305 Bball PoolTimAbramowitz/Getty Images

In-ground Pool Water Features

If you’ve got the space and the budget, an in-ground pool is an investment in your home and your family’s lifestyle. There are a huge range of swimming pool options and pool water features to customize your pool to fit your needs.

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Bar in swimming pool Gettyimages 1058458344 Pool BarYurich84/Getty Images

Swim-Up Bar

If you have a knack for entertaining, consider adding a swim-up bar to your pool plans. It will give your guests a fun space to hang out and enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

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Infinity PoolCaroline Mowry/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images

Infinity-Edge Pool

If you want to take a standard in-ground pool up a notch, head to infinity and beyond! An infinity-edge pool essentially has water flowing over one edge, creating the effect of the pool blending into the surrounding landscape or setting. The water cascading over the edge makes a super-relaxing sound, too.

But buyer beware: Adding an infinity edge to an in-ground pool can increase the cost by as much as 20 percent.

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modern swimming pool with hottubGettyimages 186412362 HottubBCFC/Getty Images

Pool and Hot Tub Combo

A hot tub and pool combo can be a great addition to your home and relaxation routine. On cold nights, jump into the hot tub for instant calm. And on hot days, dip in the pool to cool down. Having both options just steps away is the ultimate backyard experience.

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Boy looking at brother jumping in swimming pool on sunny day water slide Gettyimages 961076954 SlideCavan Images/Getty Images

Water Slide

Who doesn’t love a good water slide? The little ones in your life will certainly thank you for this pool water feature addition. Water slide options for your pool are limitless — just use your creativity.

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Pool Water Fountain

A pool water fountain will make a decorative addition to your pool. Enjoy the fountain’s relaxing sounds for a sense of calm and serenity.

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Boy (5-7) jumping into pool diving boardGettyimages 200490282 006 Diving BoardJon Feingersh/Getty Images

Diving Board

Perfect your cannon balls, belly flops and swan dives by adding a diving board to your in-ground pool. A diving board adds loads of fun to your swimming experience. Get your scorecards ready!

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Idyllic Mansion House With In-Ground Swimming Pool and Patio Deck basketball hoop Gettyimages 184350675 HoopJamesBrey/Getty Images

Built-In Game Time

Is your family full of sport-fanatics? There are many fun pool water features to add to your pool if you would rather play games than work on your tan and relax on a pool floatie. Consider a basketball hoop or a water volleyball net to get the competition rolling.

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Plunge poolCavan Images/Getty Images

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is a small pool for relaxing and refreshing.  Plunge pools offer homeowners a quick-to-install, easy-to-maintain alternative to traditional in-ground pools. It’s too small for swimming. Instead, it’s an area for getting wet and cooling off, for kids to play, and for aqua-aerobics or water rehabilitation.

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Pool movie night party Gettyimages 511598518 Moviesvetikd/Getty Images

Pool Movie Night

To throw a pool movie night, outfit your pool area with a movie projector and screen. Fill the pool with fun floaties for guests to relax on and enjoy the movie. These pool water features are removable so you can put them up or take them down when needed.

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Swimming laps in a poolAgrobacter/Getty Images

Lap Pool

If your motivation for building an in-ground pool is primarily to exercise at home, then a lap pool might be a smart option. Lap pools are long and narrow and typically the same depth throughout — deep enough to allow average-sized adults to swim and do laps without kicking the pool bottom. A lap pool is also a good choice to consider if you’re building a pool in a narrow or shallow backyard.

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