20 Scary DIY Halloween Yard Decorations

These creepy Halloween decorations will get you in the mood for Halloween.

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Zombie Head

Keep zombies at bay by having one on your door. It’ll let the other zombies know to stay away since there’s a zombie already there. This Halloween door decoration will encourage trick-or-treaters to stop by. Swap it out for a fall wreath after Halloween.

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Frankenstein Light Switch

Replace your smart light switch with something spooky. Flipping the light switch seems a little more ominous with this old-fashioned decoration. Although it is just right for a Frankenstein-themed Halloween party, this subtly spooky decoration works year-round.

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Creepy Doll Scary Halloween Decorations

Imagine having this doll staring you down all the time in your house, pretty creepy. It’s the perfect addition to your haunted house or Halloween party.

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Jacine Voorhees

Turn your home into a real-life haunted house with this handmade doll. Jacine Voorhees is an alternative take on the Friday the 13th character Jason Voorhees and this one is just as scary.

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Baby Snakes

Slithering snakes can spook any unsuspecting person and a bunch of baby snakes can surely scare someone.

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Running With Scissors

There’s nothing like a little fear to learn a lesson like never run with scissors.

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Animated Hanging Grim Reaper

Fear the reaper—especially when he’s hanging out on your front porch! This life-sized, five-foot grim reaper, who has busted through his shackles, will stop house guests dead in their tracks when he lets out a sinister screech or a creepy cackle while gesturing with his bony hands.

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RIP Graveyard Tombstones

Invite trick-or-treaters to enter through the cemetery. These lightweight foam tombstones look so realistic, it’s scary. These last-minute Halloween yard decorations come in a pack of four—including “engraved” skeletons and epitaphs—with metal stakes for slaying vampires…um, we mean securing the tombstones into the ground!

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Zombie Garden Statue

You’ve heard of The Walking Dead, but do you know about the crawling undead? This ravenous stone/resin zombie is emerging from your front lawn in search of brains to feast on, but he’ll settle for the terrified reactions he elicits when he casts his menacing gaze on passersby. Add some DIY Halloween projects to complete your yard’s look.

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Cocoon Corpse

A caterpillar in its cocoon is preparing to become a butterfly, but this cobweb-wrapped dead body is just preparing to scare the bejeezus out of your neighbors. The 7-foot corpse comes with hooks for hanging from an awning, a tree branch, or any other spot that can support less than a pound.

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Realistic Hairy Rats

Scatter three of these furry rodents on the porch after dark, then invite a few friends over and prepare for some serious shrieking. As if the straggly hair were not enough, each 5-inch rat looks up at you with a pair of beady eyes and two little fangs.

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Giant Spider

Arachnophobia is an understatement when it comes to a 6-1/2-foot spider on your front lawn. This hairy beast can’t be stopped—it comes with secure attachments, so it can even survive strong wind and rain. It’s very adjustable, too; twist it into a different position each day to really freak people out. Another spider decoration idea? Try carving one into your Jack-o’-lantern!

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Giant Bloody Window Posters

You won’t find these window treatments at Bed Bath and Beyond (maybe Blood Bath and Beyond…we couldn’t resist)! This 2-piece plastic mural broadcasts ominous warnings to onlookers through an obscured window with bloody silhouettes pressed up against the glass. It’s a classic Halloween window decoration.

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Animated Talking Witch

Double, double toil and trouble! This battery-operated witch will cast a creepy spell on the neighborhood. Her eyes glow when she moves and speaks, and you can give her a tray of candy (or a fake bloody brain) to hold!

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Tree Ghost with LED Flashing Eyes

Enlist the trees on your property to scare the wits out of everyone who walks by. A plastic face—camouflaged to look like bark—adheres to the tree trunk and uses 2 AA batteries to make the red LED eyes light up.

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Zombie Garden Gnome

This evil little creature with light-up eyes isn’t your mother’s garden gnome. Like a pint-sized extra from Night of the Living Dead, he’s a flesh-eating version of the classic lawn ornament—so watch your ankles!

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Halloween Haunters

Spinning Circus Clown

Creepy clowns are having a moment. And if Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s It is your idea of a living nightmare, then this sinister character is the Halloween yard decoration for you. Not only do his evil eyes double as strobe lights, but his entire head spins around in 360 degrees, Exorcist-style.

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2-Headed Girl Doll

Remember those ghoulish twins who were slaughtered at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining? If you smooshed them together into one creepy doll, it would be this life-size two-headed creature. The foam-filled rubber doll, standing 4 feet tall, makes quite the welcoming committee when positioned outside your front door. This is a unique Halloween decoration for your home that the neighborhood kids will love.

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Scariest Monster in a Box

This DIY monster in a box falls on the elaborate side, considering it uses pneumatics to spring the monster from the box. This project used an air compressor for the pneumatic air supply. The electrical design might take some additional work but it’s spelled out pretty well.
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Mouse Trap Decoration

If you want to see a jump out of someone, this giant mouse trap is sure to do the trick. Don’t worry, it isn’t actually spring-loaded but those who get close enough might think otherwise. The wood from this project came from a bathroom remodel. You never know what you can make out of a pile of old wood.