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13 Curb Appeal Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Whether you're putting your house on the market soon or simply want to make the exterior as beautiful and welcoming as possible, follow these simple guidelines for adding curb appeal to your home.

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If it isn't in your budget to replace the windows, try adding shutters instead. It's much more affordable and helps to give the illusion of larger windows—and you can do it yourself! Salvage shops are a great place to look for gently used shutters that you can refinish with paint in your home's accent color.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating the pathways and entrances to your home promotes safety and security, and potential homebuyers appreciate that. It also looks amazing in the evening and early morning. Solar lights are a good option, as they are efficient and low maintenance. Another option is installing low-voltage lighting.

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Colorful Planters

Colorful Planters

Potted plants and hanging planters are a simple and inexpensive way to add a lot of color to the front of your house. You can also change out the plants with each season for even more variety in color and texture.

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Welcoming WalkwayArtazum/Shutterstock

Welcoming Walkway

A clear path from the street or driveway to the front entry is paramount in creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential homebuyers or guests to your home. And possibilities are endless for shape, material and more.

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Flower Beds

Flower Beds

Flower beds are a simple way to introduce different textures and colors into your front yard. Pay attention to shaded and full-sun areas and plant accordingly. Also, boulders, birdbaths and other hard-surface elements add contrast to flower beds.

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Creating a symmetrical look around a home's front entrance is pleasing to the eye. Simply adding identical planters and wicker chairs on either side of the front door gives this home a balanced, all-is-right-in-the-word vibe.

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Well-Groomed Lawnromakoma/shutterstock

Well-Groomed Lawn

The condition of your lawn can give a good impression or bad impression to potential homebuyers before even setting foot inside the home. Keep grass looking healthy and well-groomed with these tips.

Check out our favorite front yard flower bed ideas here.

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Garage Door and Driveway

Garage Door and Driveway

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for your garage door. Touch up the trim paint, add stylish light fixtures and new hardware and get instant curb appeal. Take it a step further and upgrade your driveway for an even greater impact. Learn how to repave a driveway yourself here.

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Stylish OverhangArtazum/shutterstock

Stylish Overhang

Spruce up your front entry overhang by adding paneling to the ceiling. The overhang in this photo features wood that matches the door. In addition, the little details of the architectural molding along the overhang and the exterior walls creates even more visual interest.

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Window Boxesgoldenjack/shutterstock

Window Boxes

Simple wood window boxes brimming with colorful flowers can add instant charm to a home. Coordinate the color of the box and the flowers with your home's other exterior colors for a polished, well-thought-out curb appeal plan.

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Entryway Furniture

Entryway Furniture

Welcome visitors to your front door with comfortable chairs, side tables and other furniture pieces that encourage relaxation. This porch brings several indoor features outdoors: a tiered plant stand and throw pillows.

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Colorful Front Door

Colorful Front Door

Painting your front door is possibly the simplest yet most effective curb appeal upgrade that you can do yourself. Choose a contrasting color for the biggest impact and give your home instant pizazz. Follow these tips for a successful front door paint job. We'll walk you through how to pick the best front door paint.

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Exterior Paint Color

Exterior Paint Color

A bold and fun exterior paint color can breathe life into a home. This sky-blue home looks fresh and charming set within tall green trees and flowering shrubs. Check out our tips for painting your home's exterior yourself.