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Best DIY Cabin Décor Ideas

Dreaming of a cozy getaway in the woods? Let us help you beautify your rustic or modern cabin with these DIY cabin decorating ideas!

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Rustic Bathroom Walls

These bathroom walls received a rustic cabin makeover using rough cut 1×6 lumber boards (supplied by @estemerwalt_lumber) and galvanized steel. The durable materials are great for a cabin bathroom where you don’t want anything fussy. And what’s a cabin without antlers? Add them in unexpected places, as seen here in the mirror and light fixture.

Builder: Zaffino And Son Construction.

Lumber Supplier: Estemerwalt Lumber Products.

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DIY Kitchen Island

This kitchen island by @thegincabin was once a TV console! The original piece was stripped and sanded to achieve a natural wood finish that fits better with the modern cabin decor. Then brass castors were added so the island can be moved around as needed. The finishing touch, the slab of white marble on top, makes it perfect for food prep.

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Painted Bedroom Ceiling

Wood paneled walls can be gorgeous in a cabin. But if you want to break up all that wood grain, try painting the ceiling, like this cozy cabin interior by @campgolddust. The solid gray-green ceiling adds a modern earthy element to the bedroom while complementing the wood walls and furniture.

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Glass Garage Door

This cabin getaway from @overbrookcollective features wide open views thanks to the glass garage door. A solid wall with a small window was cut open to fit this gorgeous automatic door, which opens to the porch. An advanced DIY project for sure, but so worth the effort!

Cabin Getaway: @overbrookcollective.

Design and Development: @Sport_and_Country.

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DIY Kitchen Mini Cabinet

A cabin kitchen is often smaller than the kitchen in your main house, but creative DIY solutions can help with the lack of storage space. This small cabinet made by @thecabinproject utilizes leftover wood and butcher block top. The once useless space is now custom fit to hold wine, cookbooks and other kitchen essentials.

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Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are great for small cabins because they take up less space than traditional doors that swing out. Plus, the look of a barn door blends seamlessly into rustic cabin decor. These black double barn doors by @sweetcedarbigbearcabin fit nicely in this small bedroom and provide a pleasing focal point.

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Cabin wall artCourtesy of @adirondackdesigner

Boat Oar Art

Think outside the box when decorating cabin walls. Vintage pieces from antique stores or Facebook Marketplace can add striking décor. In this lakeside cabin by @adirondackdesigner, boat oars become wall art. Other rustic wall art ideas include cowboy hats, wagon wheels and antique window frames.

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Shiplap Walls

Shiplap definitely had a moment in the interior design world these last few years. And while it may lean a little too farmhouse for the style of your main home, it’s a fitting choice for a cabin. This cabin living room by @alpenglowcabin is all the more cozy and charming thanks to the white shiplap walls.

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Built-In Pantry

If your cabin lacks kitchen storage, build a DIY pantry like this one from @our_cozy_cabin. Wood shelves and a sliding door turn this narrow, shallow space near the kitchen into useful storage. We love the choice to seal the wood for a beautiful grain finish instead of painting it.

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Work With What You Have

When the owners of @stonycreekcabin first set eyes on their cozy cabin kitchen, they weren’t fans of the mauve counter tops. But rather than tear them out, they turned them into an opportunity. They embraced the mauve, designing around them with painted white cabinets, new hardware and updated accessories.