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10 DIY Easter Wreaths to Brighten Your Home This Spring

Add a touch of spring to your home with a DIY Easter wreath. No matter your skill level, these 10 wreaths can be made with just a few materials and a little creativity.

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Simple Eggs and Herbs Wreath

This minimalist Easter wreath start with a thin, painted grapevine wreath. Gather from your garden, or purchase, some fresh rosemary and other herbs and tie them to the wreath with a ribbon. Hot-melt glue white wood or plastic eggs and then either hang your wreath on a door or set it on a table.

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ChicksJacek Korzeniewski/Shuttestock

Fuzzy Chicks and Buttons Wreath

This simple Easter wreath is very DIY friendly. Start with a foliage wreath from a craft store and then use chicks and craft buttons to embellish it (just attach them with hot-melt glue). To finish it off, tie a bow around the top or bottom, or add a bunny cutout, as shown here. Here are 50 Easter egg traditions you’re probably never heard of.

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Egg-Shaped Wreath

Start with an oval wreath and embellish it with eggs, feathers, greenery and ribbon. What’s more Easter-y than that?! Check out these 13 parent-child DIY projects they’ll love.

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Daisy Alexander Raths/Shutterstock

Daisy Wreath

Create this DIY Easter wreath with some plastic daisies and foam Easter eggs. Start with an artificial boxwood wreath and place the daisies throughout, securing them with hot glue. Then attach some ribbons to a couple eggs and hang them from the top.

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FlowerBarbara Neveu/Shutterstock

Spring Flower Wreath

Welcoming and colorful, this Easter wreath is a sure sign of spring. Recreate the look by starting with a natural twig wreath from the craft store. Adorn the wreath with faux daffodils and other spring blooms along with coordinating eggs and filler flowers.

This is the best way to hang a wreath on your door.

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Tulipalicja neumiler/Shutterstock

Pansy and Tulip Wreath

A simple, yet festive option for the front door, this DIY Easter wreath features matching flowers and ribbons. Start with a grapevine wreath and spray paint it white. Then, attach real or faux pansies and tulips and a flourish of ribbon. Make a bird feeder wreath from seed heads and a grapevine wreath.

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ColorfulOleksandr Schevchuk/Shutterstock

Colorful Wreath

A colorful, cheerful option, this wreath features vivid flowers, ribbon and miniature eggs. Start with a straw or grapevine wreath, then add brightly colored faux spring flowers and embellish with Easter trappings. Here are 100 easy crafts you can do right now.

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Greensalicja neumiler/Shutterstock

Flower Wreath with Greens

To make this Easter wreath, start with a plastic or real boxwood wreath. Then, add some spring flowers in Easter colors and mini eggs on floral picks. Add a bow and hang this beauty on the front door. Get ready for spring with this spring cleaning checklist.

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Bunny Wreath

This Easter wreath starts with a grapevine wreath from a craft store or a DIY wreath made from thin, bendable branches from some shrubs or trees, formed into a circle. Add some fresh or faux green foliage and decorative pom-poms. (Do you know the history of the pom pom?) Attach a small stuffed bunny and plastic Easter eggs, ribbons or whatever other Easter doodads you like. Get inspired by these 15 stunning, colorful ideas for front doors.

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ribbonAlexandr Kazharski/Shutterstock

Subtle Country Wreath

To recreate this Easter wreath, start with a wreath made from excelsior (as shown here) or a straw wreath from the craft store and a wide, satin ribbon. Simply wrap the ribbon around the wreath and attach a cutout bunny on the bottom with hot-melt glue. Finish with a bow. These 14 crafts will add cheer to your home next winter.

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