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15 Breathtaking DIY Fairy Gardens

Looking for DIY fairy garden ideas? Here are 15 miniature beauties that can add whimsical fun to your landscape.

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Retaining Wall Fairy Garden

This detailed DIY fairy garden is built into a retaining wall. And check out the little bridge, patio furniture and the walkway up to the home.
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Campsite Fairy GardenHous Furniture

Campsite Fairy Garden

Who says fairies can't go camping? This DIY fairy garden uses a camper, Adirondack chairs and even a canoe for a different take on the traditional fairy garden.
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Fairy Garden House

Similar to a dollhouse, this DIY fairy garden home is built upon a log and has multiple levels with walkways and ladders. And small pebbles and flowers complete the whimsical look. Check out some enchanting fairy garden kits you can buy.
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Gnome Home Fairy Garden

This DIY fairy garden has a gnome home nailed into the side of a tree. And note the little steps going up the side of the tree to the house. Next, check out fairy garden statues we love.
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Rock Fairy Garden

Rocks make the base for this fairy garden in an old wood bucket. To get the look, you could repurpose a small watering can as the home and don't forget the mushroom tic-tac-toe game on the side.
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Raised Bed Fairy Garden

This sweet DIY fairy garden uses a raised garden bed for the base. And it even has a church, gazebo and chicken run! Next, check out even more amazing fairy garden supplies.
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Planter Fairy GardenJenn Huls/Shutterstock

Planter Fairy Garden

Grab three flower pots and you're on your way to a multi-level DIY fairy garden.  And use some sticks bound together with thin wire for walkways to connect each level for an outdoor fairy garden.
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Terrarium Fairy GardenOlga Savina/Shutterstock

Terrarium Fairy Garden

This DIY fairy garden, built in a terrarium, is small enough to keep inside. So find a container and use succulents, mosses and African violets which all do well in terrariums.
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Backyard Patio Fairy Garden

Check out the backyard patio theme of this DIY fairy garden. And there's everything from tiny DIY fairy garden furniture, planters, a bike and even a small water feature.
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Hut Village Fairy Garden

Welcome to the DIY outdoor fairy garden hut village! Each of these homes has its own unique style, including small details like the unique front doors.
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Snoozing Gnome Fairy Garden

This gnome is taking a nap in his fairy garden. And try using some netting to create a hammock and staple it to two sturdy sticks to recreate the look of this and other gnome garden ideas. Or take a look at 12 really tacky lawn ornaments.
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Backyard Pond Fairy Garden

Try building your DIY fairy garden around a backyard pond. And this one features a small sitting area and many well-maintained plants to complete the look of a fairy garden pond.
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Container Fairy Garden

An old container, even a wheelbarrow, can be the perfect container for a DIY fairy garden. And this container garden has easy-to-maintain succulents for the greenery, it's one of those great fairy garden container ideas that are easy.
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Fairy Garden in the Woods

Take your DIY fairy garden to the woods! Use some rocks and pebbles for a walkway. And you can even add a miniature street light like the one seen here for a beautiful outdoor fairy garden.
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Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Don't throw away that broken flower pot or any of these things either because you can repurpose them. This DIY fairy garden uses several broken clay pots for a multi-level fairy garden. And use slow-growing plants along the sides and complete the look with a little fairy home and figure on the top.

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